Weekly Menu: The Summer Version

Whew!  I've been hard at work already today and while I'm hardly finished, I've accomplished enough that the end will soon be in sight.  Anything after that is purely 'extra bonus work'.  I've been so busy, I've not bothered to get anything out to thaw for my lunch today.  That leaves me two options: I run into town and buy a Sub sandwich or pick up something frozen at the grocery OR I scrounge about and make a meal from what I have on hand already.  I'm leaning hard on the scrounge part at the moment. I know I have several things that can be either a heat and eat meal or a quickly prepared entree that is frozen and may be baked straight from the freezer.

I thought while I caught my breath between tasks this morning I'd share my menu for the week ahead.  Gracious but this cold water and fan are just the thing to cool me down while I relax for a few minutes!

Thai Roasted Chicken, Cashew Rice, Spinach and Peach Salad
Part of the work this week involved clearing out lots of files on my computer, and that included deleting recipes from my recipe files that I no longer found appealing.  The first two dishes of this menu though, sounded good to me.  The chicken is more or less marinated with basil, coconut milk, ginger.  The rice has similar flavorings with cashews tossed in.  I may have to substitute almonds, I think we polished off the cashews last week.

Black Bean Enchiladas, Green Salad, Mocha Parfaits
I put the enchiladas in the freezer earlier this month and I think a busy day warrants an easy meal.  I'll put sauce over the enchiladas and bake, then stir up instant pudding with a tiny bit of instant coffee and milk, layer in pretty goblets with graham cracker crumbs and whipped cream.  Easy as can be.  I'll have time to put my feet up while the entree heats.

Deli fried chicken, Potato Salad,  Fresh Green Beans, Banana Cake with Brown Sugar Butter Frosting
I can make the potato salad ahead and steam the green beans when we return from the store.  The cake recipe was in my files and since I happen to have over ripe bananas at the moment, it seems meant to make.  It's another new recipe...

Sandwich Platter, Chips, Fresh Peaches
I'll make up a few different types of sandwiches: perhaps chicken salad and pimento cheese and add a bowl  of homemade refrigerator pickles perhaps some salted roasted almonds to round out the meal and make it feel a bit more substantial.  This is a meal we can take with us if we happen to want to travel anywhere or would make a great Shabat day dinner, as it will require very little prep from me.

Au Gratin Potatoes with sliced Frankfurters, Cucumber and Tomato Salad, Butter Beans, Peach Sundaes
This will be a 'low meat' dish, as the frankfurter is meant more as a flavoring for the potato dish.  I know we're looking heavy on the side of peaches this week but they are in season, locally grown and the season is moving ahead rather quickly this year.  I'll be much surprised if they last out the month of July as the free stone varieties are now coming into season and those usually wait a bit later.  I'll slice a peach, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, microwave for about 1 minute then serve the warm peach slices over a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  

Vegetable Lasagna, Rustic Rosemary Bread,  Banana Cake
I have such a variety of vegetables to go in my lasagna (I'll make extra while roasting and then add fresh spinach as well) that I don't think it necessary to add a salad to the meal, although I might if we are especially hungry. 

Meat Loaf, Fresh beans with new potatoes, Squash with Onions, Peach Cobbler
I simply must have a taste of meat loaf!  I like to use cold meat loaf for sandwiches as well, so it's very economical to stretch.  I won't make a big meat loaf as I did in the days when all the children were at home.  I confess this is one of my most favorite summer time meals!


Rhonda said...

Jeff is taking some time off work soon, we will mostly be staying home.
You have given me a great idea to make some pimento cheese and chicken salad to have for sandwiches for some of those vacation days. They both sound so good, I can hardly wait.

Susan in SC said...

We could all live off cucumber and tomato salad here! Yummy!

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