You've Been Very Patient With Me...

Well you have been.  I know I've not posted anywhere as much as I used to do.  I've let myself get busy, too busy, really, and writing took a backseat to everything else.  But I'm ready I think to put writing back at the front side of my life.  I've been feeling very very antsy of late about writing, feeling I simply have to sit down and really share with you all.  Oh the posts I've missed due to being 'busy' all the time!  Thoughts I'd meant to share and didn't, photo opportunities I let pass.  But I've learned time is like money, once spent it's gone.  Money at least will replenish itself but time moves steadily forward, it won't be dammed and held for another day as we used to do the creek here on this place.

Thrifty Thursday

Friday:  John agreed to work an extra shift.  This wasn't planned ahead but a fill in for a co-worker who was out. 

I'd made plans for Wednesday and Thursday because John was supposed to be at class, but that was cancelled.  I simply moved all my plans over to Friday when he agreed to work.

Spent about an hour and half organizing the food cupboards, writing down an inventory of what we have and noting what needed to be used right away.  I also jotted down a few menu ideas as I looked over the goods and thought of future meals.  I organized the items so that the expiration dates were in order of need to use.

There's a Mouse in My House

Last night about 9:30pm, well after our little town has rolled up the sidewalks and shut off the red light on Highway 96, I sat here in the living room minding my own business.  I had my laptop and was snuggled down in my favorite chair.  I happened to pause long enough to change channels on the TV and that's when I saw something out of the corner of my eye.  A little shadowy figure that hesitated as though it knew I had spied it and then when I focused fully upon it ran for all it was worth...a mouse.

Sigh.  We looked high and low for the mousetraps we'd bought last year but couldn't find them anywhere.  All we could find was the old fashioned wooden spring loaded type that nine times out of ten snaps the finger of the person who is trying to gently place it on the ground.  We struggled with that for a bit and finally gave up, after watching it pop about like it was possessed as we'd place it on the counter. 


From the September 1936 Farmer's Wife Almanac

I'm Rich

I have the sunset and the dawn,
The dew that skips across my lawn,
The birds that nest among the trees,
The quiet whispering of the breeze---
Each one is mine.

The velvet petal of the rose,
The talking brook that onward flows,
The hills, the clouds, the deep blue sky.
Ah, who is wealthier than I?

The sunset, dawn, the birds and breeze,
The rose, the brook, the hills and trees---
These are all mine, but best of all
I have the God who made them all.

by: Rich, at 24, Pennsylvania

Thrifty Thursday

Friday:  I was tired after yesterday's round of fall cleaning, too.  I meant to have fun, but never got time to have fun, lol.  However, this day has been slower paced and while things have been accomplished I had less to do than yesterday.

Pulled out that pretty butter yellow tablecloth Virginia gave me when she last visited.  I also found a tray, candles, napkins that just set that cloth right off.  What a pretty Shabat table it made!

Hung the picture I framed the day before.  I'd meant to paint the frame cream and hang the picture in my bedroom but the gold made the autumn colors in the old picture stand out so nicely that I felt I just had to hang it in the living room, right near my chair where I can look at it often.  That frame was from the thrift shop and came complete with a mat that just fit my old picture.  Love thrift store finds and frames that are sturdy are always a good thing to have laying about.

Make Do and Mend

I've had an old picture for about 3 years or more.  I found it in the local 'antique' market (a real junk shop).  There was no frame, only the old fashioned paper mat (you can't see that in this photo) which had stuck to the glass, and the picture, also stuck firmly to the glass.  It sat around just like that for three years.  I'd take it up and look at it now and then and tried once or twice to find a frame that fit, but didn't and so I forgot it.

This past year, I found a picture at the Goodwill store that I didn't like at all, but the frame and the mat around it suited me.  I have this belief that one can never have enough frames and a mat or two is always handy.  I brought it home and the picture I'd meant to put in the frame didn't fit, so I shoved it in the corner behind my bedroom curtain and forgot all about it.

Busy Weekend, New Week Begun...

It was a beautiful day Friday...Perfect for having windows open in the morning hours (which I did) and perfect to watch the lovely flag blowing in the breeze.  I couldn't help but take a photo of it while I was out on the back deck taking a few other photos.  I thought I'd share some of my activities this past week in my home and then tell you my plans for this week as well.

Thursday I really worked myself too hard.  Entirely too hard.  I paid dearly for that the next day with aches and pains and general tiredness.  Which is why, when Mama came by at 10am I was still wandering about the house in my pajamas.  I'd piddled about doing little tasks, but didn't bother to dress.  I showered after she left and went outdoors to gather my materials to work with...I had plans you see, to become farmer Terri.

Thrifty Thursday

Friday:  Home all day long and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Yesterday's fall cleaning work took its toll on me.  I needed a quiet day of work to recuperate. 

It was a very cool morning.  Cool enough to warrant opening windows and taking full advantage of that cool air.  We didn't turn on the AC until after 4pm when the house just got stuffy and too warm to bear.  But all those morning and early afternoon hours of 'free' air didn't do a bit of harm to our coming bill.

We washed clothes, hung to dry.

Washed a full load of dishes.  I turned off the auto dry feature on my machine.  Instead I open the door once the last cycle is completed and let the dishes air dry for an hour or so.  This works very nicely.

Time Out - Working a Routine

This morning, I was about to start my day and my mind began to race.  "I'm going to paint the back door, plant mums, oh look the flower bed under my window really needs to be weeded, I'd like to start fall cleaning, I want to make yogurt, pizza, cook those short ribs I thawed on Monday, write a blog entry, work on the newsletter, find those fall decorations..... and I want to get the house clean."

Too much planning going on!  I brought myself to a fast stop as I realized that the last line "and I want to get the house clean," was really my first priority.  Why?  Because the house needed a proper pick-up and straighten so that it would look presentable.  I know from past experience that jumping feet first into projects means I will be worn out by the end of the day and if routine work has not been done, then I shall be exhausted beyond words by the time John comes in from work because I will not rest until that routine work is done, too.

Tuesday Morning Chatter

The fresh air is blowing outdoors now and though it has warmed up a bit, I'm quite liking the weather all the same.  John washed and hung out a quilt to dry yesterday and I've felt compelled to change out my summer quilt for my beautiful Cathedral window quilt which I love for the rich autumn colors.  Our weather is seasonable, just right for this time of year and not lingering in the high heat temperatures we've had for the summer months.

John and I were at the garden center at Lowe's yesterday.  I always dream big in the garden center...then I look at prices and adjust my dreams to the someday list and determine what I can do for today, lol.  I suspect most of us are that way.  I bought eight of the $.50 pots of mums, which will nicely fill two pots for the porch.  Next pay period I'll buy a few more and perhaps a fountain grass and put on the back deck.  I also bought a huge bag of 40 daffodil bulbs and a smaller bag of grape hyacinth bulbs.  These have been on my someday list for far far too long.  It was definitely time to put them on the TOday list yesterday, and I felt the prices were just right.

Ten Years...

This post is going to be a bit different.  Yes, it is about 9-11.  It is in remembrance of all those who died, no matter their faith, in remembrance of a day that changed the world,  and what it has meant to my life.

This morning as I read the last chapter of Hebrews, I came across the words "Bring a sacrifice of praise to the Lord."  And that's just what I'm going to do today.  I'm bringing a sacrifice of praise to the Lord for what 9-11 did to change my life.

Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty Thursday

Friday: woke up with a plan...A great grocery sale in another small town.  This particular little grocery has a great produce counter, wonderful tender Black Angus beef at prices that vie other stores 'plain old generic' beef prices,  and a good sale on a couple of favorite snack items.  Since the sale ended on Saturday I decided Friday was a good day for my weekly shopping trip.  I am tending to shop more weekly and yes, it does save money. I'm averaging about $70/week.  Since this falls directly in line with what my budget will now allow, I'm all for continuing the weekly trip!

Thinking in terms of one week instead of two it's surprising how often I'll scratch an item off the list because I simply don't need it that particular week, especially items that aren't on sale.  The savings more than covered the gasoline required to drive that extra distance and truly it was not as far away as the place I normally do my bi-weekly grocery shopping.

Make Do and Mend Monday

Click on the link above to go to Heidi's blog and let her know you've joined in her Make Do and Mend Monday...

I admit it.  I've been a little slack about the make do or mend part in my home.  Until this past week.  Suddenly, I'm on a roll again.  This is just a portion of what I've done.  I thought I ought to save something to show next week, just in case I slip up again, lol.


After going through a sort of dry spell for a few weeks, I suddenly felt a real longing to read Grace Livingston Hill's stories.  I started with A Daily Rate the story of a young boarder who finds her ministry in the boarding house where she resides.  There's a lovely aunt, a little romance and a lovely story of transformation for more than one of the household members.

I meant to pick another book but found myself drawn to a compilation of works called  Wedding Treasury.  This contains three novels from the 1930's which all begin with a planned wedding...and end with the bride planning another wedding.

Thrifty Thursday

Oh my. It's September! And I for one am happy to see this month. It brings Autumn a little nearer. I saw the forecast for next week and we're supposed to see temperatures about 10-15 degrees lower next week. Ask anyone who has seen 100F temperatures how much cooler a ten degree drop feels, lol. It's like air conditioning is working outdoors!

Air conditioning outdoors...That's something I wouldn't like to do. But you know we did it almost all of one summer? No kidding. I'll have to tell you that story one day. But not today. Today, let's talk about savings made during the week.

Thursday evening we went to practice for worship service. John carried along our gas can so we could stop and get mower gas on our way home. That saved us an extra trip into town. He offered to buy our supper but I had plenty of edibles at home in the fridge. There was no need for that and I assured him coming home to eat would work just fine.

In My Home This Week: All Routine