The Week Ahead: Autumn Serenade


Here's a 'modern' kitchen for us to examine for the start of the week...

I am not at all sure of the placement of that curved counter there in the kitchen.  It seems odd somehow to me but then I noted those little fold up stools on the side and realized it was meant as a breakfast counter.  I think sitting on those stools would be pretty awkward, don't you?

The Week Behind: Lovely Welcome to Autumn

I've shared this pink kitchen before.  I think perhaps this is an all metal kitchen and each piece was separate standing.  Let's talk first about the fact that the top cabinets are white and the pink ones are all on the bottom.  Here's a modern day trend of two toned kitchens from back in the 1950's...Again, proving that there is nothing new under the sun.

Coffee Chat: Season Upon Season

Do come in and join me.  It's cool enough today to warrant a cup of hot coffee and there are warm Banana Chocolate Chip muffins to go with our hot drink.  Have a seat, won't you, and stay for a chat?  It shall be a totally random sort of chat, the way all good talks between friends so often are.  

I have been saying steadfastly for the past few years now that I am embracing all seasons and finding things to love in them all and I am...but my heart has remained just as steadfast in loving Autumn best of all and never more so than now when I am in what might well be determined to be the autumn years of my life.  

This Week In My Home: Autumn Beckons

I've chosen to make this photo ex-large and I do hope it doesn't play heck with your device parameters for the photo.  The reason I made it so large was so that we might best see the details in the kitchen.

First, let's talk about color.  I love the yellow.  It was not uncommon in days past for rooms to be almost monochromatic.  Here we've the relief of  a deep grey, white appliances and the patterned tile (more on that in a moment) with subtle touches of peach and pale green which do not compete with the yellow in brightness.  It's a very sophisticated color palette really.

The Week Behind: Enough and More

What do you all think about this kitchen?  My first question is always, "Where's the fridge?"  I didn't even note the date on this photo when I saved it.  I do realize that ice boxes often sat on back porches or in a separate entry way near the kitchen and this kitchen may well fall into that era.

Gathering Fragments: Organizing the Pantry

"Let us be in a position so we are able to not only feed ourselves through the home production and storage, but others as well." (President Ezra Taft Benson)

Saturday:  I didn't do much gathering today but I did pull the last two potatoes to use in our dinner, as well as the last two apples.  I roasted a chicken with onions, carrots, potato chunks and apple quarters.  Apple is really nice with chicken.  I just wish I'd had some cider to baste the bird with...And by the way, you could also roast sausages with the same vegetables and apples and it would be lovely.  Pork sausages, Chicken and Apple sausages, or Kielbasas.  All would be lovely together.

Worth Sharing This Week: Send Me Orchids and Pumpkin!

When I was a young and romantic pre-teen, I loved reading those junior romance novels, like Fifteen by Beverly Cleary and oh gracious, I can't think who all else.  There were loads of juvenile fiction authors I read back then.   But I was always curious about what an orchid looked like.  Every girl who ever went to prom or a Homecoming dance in those novels were given orchid corsages by their best beaux.  I was a full grown adult before I saw my first orchid.  I had always heard how difficult they were to grow.

The Week Ahead: Twixt and Tween


I'd say this kitchen is likely from the 1920's based on the freestanding  cabinet next to the stove.  And while it' s just a glimpse of a corner of a kitchen really there's a lot to see in this photo.  The wide tiles used to cover the walls, including that tile border, means the kitchen could easily be wiped down and kept sanitary.  The plaid tile floor is rather trendy, too.   Note the dishtowel rack underneath the window, handy to dry damp cloths or to have clean dry cloths to use to hold hot pans or pot handles.

The Week Behind: See Saw


Now what do you think of that cupboard?  I think it's a little overwhelming at first glance but at second glance it's a lot of storage isn't it?  We'll assume the refrigerator is somewhere near that chair on the right.  

Note there's a baking center and storage for bulk potatoes, apples and 'fruits',  cans, utensils, etc.

 If you enlarge the photo you can see the details a bit better.   The sink is a single sink with a drainboard built in and inset into the black counter top.  And there's a pull out cutting board there above the drawers.

Gathering Fragments: First Week of September


Saturday:  Pulled a container of what appeared to be only a little chocolate chip cookie dough from the freezer yesterday and baked cookies in the toaster oven.  There was more than I'd realized;  I made 18 cookies.

Monday:  I went over the fridge today and was happy to find I was on top of things.  However, I noted that I had a small pint jar of refrigerator pickles (about 1 cup in the jar) that we really should eat, as it was part of the first batch I made earlier in the summer.   I put those on the table with our lunch today and we emptied the jar.  I did reserve the pickle brine, which would NOT be suitable to put into any meat since it's sweet, but could be used for a future batch of pickles.  Not that I plan to make any real soon...we still have a quart jar of them in the fridge!

The Week Ahead: Balancing Acts and Riddles


While this kitchen does have a vinyl floor the pattern is a vinyl rug, something that was very popular in the first decades of the 20th century.   The date on this kitchen design is 1945.   I'll give you this: they were long lasting and they did protect the floor underneath them to some extent.   I recall that Big Mama had such rugs in her living room and dining area.

What I find interesting in this kitchen is the corner work  station.  It appears there's a wagon or something stored under there but it could also be a baking center or sewing area or desk.  The dropped counter in the near left on the sink wall...Not sure about the purpose of that.  I lived in a house that had a dropped counter like that at one side of the kitchen and I never did understand what it was for.

The Week Behind: In September...


This month I'll be sharing old photos from magazines of 1920'2, 30's, 40's ads that feature vinyl floors.  I've always admired the old Armstrong ads with their well designed kitchens.  That appears to be a sewing cabinet there next to the telephone.  Note too that the washing machine is next to the baby's playpen.  Note how convenient the ironing surface is to the sewing machine.  

This is not a big room but they've gotten a lot of uses from it, just the same.

I'm pretty sure that this kitchen was dated in the 1930's.  

Gathering Fragments: End of August, First of September


Friday:  A brand new start to another week of gathering fragments.  I gave two items to the chickens today: 1 cup of grits, half a loaf of homemade bread that was old.  I had plans to use both but just never got to them and I figured it was best to not waste entirely and let it do good to the egg production at the other house.

Iced Tea Chat: September Things


Hello everyone!   Come on in and have a refreshing glass of iced tea.  We'll just take it indoors.  It's not terribly hot outdoors today but John's mower is kicking up plenty of dust.  We've had nothing but little pass over showers here and there of late.  Not enough rain to amount to anything.

Have some of the cake, won't you?  It's called "Old Lady Cake" and I found the recipe last week when I was looking for recipes to use up soured milk.   I'd told Rhonda I'd share the recipe, so let me go right ahead and do that now.  I'm not very good at remembering things because I have so much on my mind at once.  That's my excuse...

In My Home This Week: All Routine