In My Home This Week: Another Month Gone

In my home this week...

I announced to John on Saturday morning, when we had unexpected time alone together, that I meant to stay home on Sunday.  He knows well that I listen to endless sermons on the Christian channels if I stay home on a Sunday, but he shook his head.  "It's never gonna happen..."  "But I'll have a chance to mop and vacuum deeply and..."  "It's not gonna happen.  But I'll help you get all the work done this morning so you at least don't have that to do tomorrow."  Well, he was quite right.  No real time alone.    The house rocked hard all morning prior to Bess leaving for church with the boys.  Sam decided he must stay home from church and rest a bit more.  I realized dinner was going to be wanted when everyone came in from church.  I set to work doing laundry, clearing up after breakfast, starting dinner prep...I managed a quick blog post.  Ta da.  Day alone wasn't a rest day at all, as John thought it might be.  

Sunday Morning Coffee: It Isn't What I Expected

Good morning all. Yes, I really ought to be in church but truly I have been listening to some sermon or another since about 8am this morning.  Bess courteously turned to TBN where we listened to Father Cedric Pisegna...and so started the morning of worship, which was following a rather dicey Bible reading and prayer time.

Dicey?  Yes.  Josh snuck into my bedroom this morning and said "Let's read the Bible..." so I proceeded to read him Psalms while he puttered about the room and before I'd finished his Mama had come in.  He'd interrupted my prayer time which became more a scanning of prayer needs and a silent prayer that indeed God would know my heart for each concern.  I managed a chapter or two while he and his mama went to check on the new chickens they brought home yesterday.  Then they came back and Josh crawled into the bed, Bess brought in the smiling baby, and they got in the bed and then in came Sam who also crawled in.

In My Home This Week: Roaring Winds

In my home this week, I... continuing onwards, as we all must.   It's been a decent week overall.  One day very hard, others just merely hard and then one that was frankly, quite good.  It was a sign I think that we are all settling down together rather well.

Time is at a premium.  I slip off to my room for an hour here and there and get all done I might online and that is it for the day.  Come evening, all adults sit about looking stunned and creep off to bed far too early for adults but then dawn comes far too early too and the children are up at the very crack of first light.

Quick Morning Coffee: The Life That Got Away

Hurry right in.  It's cold this morning and the orchids are too near the back door.  John is often prone to stand at the door, leaving it open.  Last time he did, the buds fell off the orchids and now that I've one blooming and one nearly there I'm anxious to rush everyone in and out so they don't drop off once again.   It's my only bit of floral splendor at the moment aside from the Iris in the yard.

The boys are up an starting to make their usual early morning roar.  I've been sitting here for over an hour, not reading my Bible, not praying but trolling about on the internet leisurely and then it occurred to me Id meant to sit and chat and here I'd wasted the only hour I'm likely to have alone.  So come in, have coffee, I'll make you toast with butter and honey and let us have a quick chat.

Coffee Chat: Winter, Boys, and Dogs

Hello dears.   It's early morning and perhaps you too could use a pot of coffee or more.  I'm on my second cup.  Come join me and we'll watch the sunrise together.  There's a baby chattering at the other end of the you hear him?  He woke up a few minutes ago.   His parents will attend to him and Gramma shall keep to herself for a little bit longer.  Alone moments are few and far between these days.

I tried to have a coffee chat yesterday afternoon...but Bess wanted to chat, and the baby and Josh both refused to nap and I wanted to sit with my feet up and computer on my lap but two little boys were continually poking and jabbing and twisting cords and grabbing the mouse and I eventually realized I was losing that battle and put things away and promised myself I'd catch up with you all this morning.   I thought I'd have a big broader window of opportunity but I know that if I stick my head out the door I'll not have any window at all.  I'm learning to let the household run without me for a bit and take the time I need to prepare myself for day.  It's not the lovely quiet start to the day I've most enjoyed but that day shall return soon enough.

This Week In My Home: Spring Green

This week in my home, I... doing my best.  We are all doing our best.  Josh is slightly more accepting of his status.  He insisted I write Mrs. Melonie the sweetest response to her sweet letter in last week's comments.  Y'all must read what he had to say.

"Mrs.  Melonie,
This is Josh. I am getting old. I need a new house. I have a dog and his name is Rufus and Maddie. I need a bird house. Thank you for writing to me.
Joshy Richard Blackstone"

In My Home This Week: Agony and Ecstasy

In my home this week, I... dealing with overwhelm and tiredness.  Josh has not liked moving.  At. All.  He wants his own home, his own furniture, his own toys, his own cats,  his own routine...and who came blame him?  The only thing saves Gramma from whining over the same things is her mature years.  Ha!  Not to say there isn't some whining going on inside her head!  It's more difficult for Josh to control his emotions at this age though he's heard it from plenty of us adults to 'get over it'...and well, you know, so should I get over it and stop my own whining, internal though it may be.

The renovation on the house began this week.  It's looking like it might be a little longer than hoped, as I'd suspected it would be because every reality reno show I've ever seen has proved to be just so.  That is my full extent of experience with such but it's enough.   Bess came back from a couple of hours of work on her own feeling a bit discouraged.  There are missing walls, and problems in floors and a myriad of other things that must be dealt with and that's just one small portion of all that needs to be done.  At this point Sam is again questioning the wisdom of even attempting to sink any money at all into the project.  He'd meant to do only a portion of the work.  The rest was meant to wait until they move in but it's now looking as though most of it must be done to just make it acceptable as a house.  And it's  hard to see devastation and believe it's going to be home.

In My Home This Week: Life As I Know It

In my home this week...

...  Well the time has arrived at last.  Bess and Sam are packing up their house and will be here before the weekend is started.   They officially will move in here as they bring the little house across the field, where my niece previously lived,  up to snuff for a short term (2-3 years) place to stay and give their family plenty of time to determine if they shall buy a mobile home or build a new home .

In the meantime, all my routines are blown out of the water and I am dog paddling away trying to keep afloat.  I'll pop in here when I can but please don't expect a lot of me.  This year has promised to be 'different' and so far it has been!

I spent last night alone with the boys while John worked and Bess and Sam went back to Screven to begin the furniture removal.  I knew the likelihood I'd get a broken night's sleep was really good.  So as soon as both boys went to sleep, Gramma did, too!  I told John 9:15 is awfully early even for me but at 2:30a this morning, I was rather glad I'd played it smart.  It was 4:30 before I got Isaac deeply to sleep in his own bed once more.

Coffee Chat: Chasing Clouds

Hello dear.  Coffee's on.  We had cloudy skies several  mornings and rain, but now the skies are gray and the wind roaring down from the North... March does roar in, doesn't it?  My heart shaped puddle was back earlier this week.  It's probably putting in another appearance in the next couple of days.

The daffodils started blooming last week and looked so bright and brave on our dark rainy days, and then they were done and the iris and peach trees have bloomed.   Josh gifted me with the sole white iris that bloomed overnight.   I am waiting on more flowers to come into bloom from the fat buds I see everywhere.

In My Home This Week: All Routine