Gathering My Fragments: Week of June 29-July 3

Since I've been watching YouTube vlogs, I was introduced by Karla to two moms with large families.  One, Amy Maryon does a Friday vlog titled "Gathering Fragments" in which she scours her pantry, freezer and fridges to find items that aren't being eaten or used.  And then she plans what she will do with each item.  It's an excellent way to prevent food waste and those items that just seem to linger on and on that we've bought and never used or saved and failed to plan into meals.   I'm very guilty of the last.  Tossing my old bread end pieces or apple cores and peels into the freezer and putting off turning them into edible items.

The Week Ahead: July Just Ahead

I enjoyed my break.  There were a few days when I did nothing much and a few days when I worked a bit too hard and one day when I went off thrifting/shopping and spent less than $30 including my lunch.  I didn't find 'treasure' but I did find some useful bits for Katie (baby boy shorts and shirts for summer, a microwave plate) and a couple of packets of flower seeds, a nice heavy, large apothecary jar for food storage,  as well as a shirt for myself.  Those were my purchases for the day besides my lunch and two candles at Hobby Lobby.  

I'll share what I saw though in Goodwill, TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby.  There's a whole lot of fall/winter stuff out there.  We know that HL always jumps the gun on fall and Halloween and Christmas but I have a feeling that this year it's due to the same reason Goodwill and TJM are showing winter stuff.  It's what is in ready stock and not dependent upon suppliers who didn't/couldn't produce summer items.  Everyone is offering 'clearance' but truth it's not heavily discounted.   So it was pretty easy to pass that up.

The Week Behind: The Courage to Make Real Changes

Saturday:  Katie out this morning to do her college homework.  She needs internet to log into her classes.  John and I got time with the littlest boy who now sports two bottom teeth which show  up just lovely when he smiles.

I made the Sausage Pizza and used the last of the remaining lettuce to make a salad just barely big enough for three.  I did come to the conclusion today that while the pizza stone is lovely, I really need to halve the dough and perhaps make it into TWO pizzas, as I do not like my crust as thick as it's coming up when done as one pizza on the pizza stone.   The same amount of dough rose far less when spread out on a similar size pan and I guess that's a good report for the pizza stone.

Iced Tea Chat

Take your choice of iced tea, or I'll make you a Dalgona coffee if you can bear the caffeine.  For me it's all one and the same.  Caffeine in tea or caffeine in coffee or Coca-Cola all may or may not keep me awake at night depending upon where I am in my personal unnatural sleep cycle.  The Dalgona is a nice treat drink if you'd like that.  Otherwise there's oranges, limes, and mint leaves you might put in your tea.  

The Week Ahead: Change and Change and Change

This week I'll see a new schedule change.   I haven't really gotten locked into the last wo changes so I think I can be flexible with this, lol.  

I don't feel I accomplished much last week.  I couldn't find the bulbs I meant to plant in the new flower bed.  I couldn't find new seeds to add to the flower bed, either.  I couldn't find any items off my shopping list online.  If the words "Out of Stock" and "Unavailable" don't look familiar to us by now then they never shall I don't guess.

The Week Behind: Made it through

Saturday:  I came into this weekend with absolutely no meal plans at all.  I also came into this weekend very tired and determined not to get worked up about meals.  John wanted eggs, I wanted bagels, we had both.  

Katie stopped by with Caleb.  Here to cut her dad's hair but also to visit as well.  Caleb was really tired.  Kate said he slept until 10:30 that morning and he slept a bit over an hour here.  When he woke he kept yawning and yawning and laying his head on the floor or bed or someone's shoulder.  Poor baby.  Schedule changes are hard at any age!

In My Home This Week: All Routine