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Bits and Pieces: Aunt Leeza's Box

I was perhaps 12 years old when Big Mama gave me this 'jewelry' box as she called it.  I loved it right away just because it was old and Big Mama had a habit of giving me things that had belonged to others and had some special meaning for herself.   This box was Aunt Leeza's.  I am spelling her name phonetically at the moment because I'm not sure how it was actually spelled.  I was given several of Aunt Leeza's things because, as Big Mama put it, "She was so taken with you."

Aunt Leeza was my great great great great aunt and I did indeed meet her once when I was perhaps 5 or 6.  I clearly remember meeting her at Big Mama's home.  I was sort of 'taken' with her too, firstly because she was without a doubt the tiniest adult I'd ever met.  Second because she was dressed in a pale blue peignoir that was without a doubt the finest and most beautiful nightgown I'd ever seen outside of a magazine.  And third, because she was so very old.  I&…

Frugal Friday

My 'new' wall in the living room, redone with things I had on hand and the thrift store pictures (the two long ones) I bought several months ago.

Saturday:  A quiet day at home.  I cooked food yesterday and needed only to reheat today to eat.  Microwave reheating is a lot cooler than turning on the oven.

I finally have the summer measures of food down.  Maddie likes about 1 1/4 cups.  Trudy is a 1 1/2 cup measure.  The cat prefers just under 1/4 cup.  I seldom have leftover food these days to pour back into the container.

Sometimes doing nothing at all is the biggest money saver, lol.  I watched a couple of programs on the food channel but for the most part I spent the day reading, thinking about the week ahead, planning meals, working on goals for next month, planning a small grocery shop to restock pantry items that were out or low and were advertised as sales.  Besides the Air Conditioning there was little electricity used this day, no gasoline used and because meal and snac…

July $25 Grocery Challenge Week III

Week III July 16-22

Monday:  peach pancakes/sausage*
lunch: Submarine sandwich, john's treat we were out doing errands chips, ice cream*
supper: Cheese omelet, sliced tomatoes, grits (leftovers t and g) toast, turkey bacon
all ingredients except turkey bacon on last weeks cost line-up.  Turkey bacon purchased end of  May and stored in freezer.

Tuesday: breakfast: cereal with peaches, toast
dinner: Broiled sirloin, corn on cob, salad
supper: Turkey sandwich wrap, chips
,turkey deli sandwich meat leftovers, steak purchased last month and frozen,

Wednesday:  breakfast: me: raisin bread and cheese toast
John: 2 eggs, toast
lunch: John: turkey sandwich wrap (same as last night), chips, granola bar, nuts, cookies
me:  out with Mama (turkey salad plates with black berry cobbler)
*paid for out of my allowance
snack: Frozen Cherry Lemonade
supper:  leftover sub sandwich, chips/queso dip leftovers

Thursday:  breakfast:  John: Peanut  butter toast
Me: ??I think I forgot to eat this particular morning

Iced Tea Chat

Before July gets away from me completely I thought we'd sit down for another Iced Tea Chat. I've not been baking this week as you can see.  There are however, some German chocolates in the jar on the counter and Honey Roasted Peanuts.  I'm afraid things get a bit low the day before our bi-weekly shopping trip.

John and I spent the first part of last week recovering and catching up after our weekend of guests.  We had to run an errand on Monday to the home improvement place for heavy duty ant poisons.  I really like the Terro traps but I confess I'm completely unnerved when the tiny trail of ants suddenly increases to epic super highways of ants coming in to gather that bait.  It just seems to me it's not working, though I suppose it is.  John got some stuff to spray around outdoors, more of the ant traps and then decided to add in a bottle of stuff from Hot Shot that is natural and supposed to be safe for children and pets.  That made me feel good  because I do wo…

Basil-Peach Chicken


Frugal Friday

Of the gifts we bought for our grandson this one was the cutest and the least expensive.  He has a thing about trains.  John found this at Toys R Us: a bandana neckerchief, conductor's hat and a wooden whistle that sounds like a train...

 What a full week it was!  I am just now getting all caught up once more. I'll try to walk back through the week just past and see where we saved money.

Friday:  The last of the housework done, I headed into town with my lists.  Three of them: grocery, dollar store and local packing shed.

Dollar store: I bought two extra towels and four pillows.  Two of the pillows were down alternative pillows and I'll be honest with you, I think they are better quality than the ones I bought at Target for half again as much money.  I'll be going back next month to buy about four more pillows to replace some on our bed and we should be set for pillows for quite awhile.  I paid just $7 each for the down like pillows and just $7 for a pair of fiberfill p…

Week II Challenge Week/Company Meals

Week II of my $25/per person challenge was uninspired and strained my imagination a wee bit  having guests.  I don't really know how to count the overage.  I know I'm in budget with the number of people we had through the weekend but I don't really know how to figure it other than in breaking down the costs overall.  Friday afternoon I had four adult guests, 1 toddler and two infants in the house and fed six adults and 1 toddler supper.  Breakfast the next morning totaled the same number of people fed, but dinner was for ten adults, 1 toddler.  Supper that evening was leftovers from the noon meal and consisted of feeding 5 adults and 1 toddler.  Sunday morning breakfast was for 5 adults and 1 toddler.

I confess that the week was super busy, the weekend was super busy times three and Sunday at noon when we sat down to lunch it was grab as can and then melt into nearest easy chair repeated for supper.  I've included Sunday in this week's lineup even though it makes …

Whee! Time is Flying By...

I finally figured out today how to shut off the date on photos.  This one taken two weeks ago one morning around 6:15am as John left for work.  It's surprising how dark it's already getting these early mornings, even on non-cloudy days.

I feel as though I've barely had time in the past few weeks to even bother to write at all.  I've been very busy of late, as I shared.  It's been another full and busy week and another weekend filled to the brim with family.  I do believe God is giving us a season of family time to enjoy our kids before we are moved into a new field of ministry.

Since our sabbatical time from synagogue ended a month ago we've had some changes in our life.  John and I are no longer attending the synagogue we'd been part of for four years and indeed have not yet visited a church or synagogue anywhere. It was not intentional on our part to step away from the ministry work John had been doing but it was God's intention and brought about by H…

Thrifty Thursday

Friday: I had big plans for this day...and my plans were shortened considerably by Mama's announcement that she was coming to stay for three or four hours!  Nothing like an unexpected visitation to make you hurry up and finish up the business of homemaking!  I had meant to cook ahead for the weekend.  I did manage to put together a casserole of Spaghetti Diable which calls for cooked chicken.  I split the called for amounts between two dishes and froze half.  I had a  meal that Mama and I could share (and enough leftovers for John to take to lunch the next day) and a casserole for later when John and I need an easy meal.
While the morning went rather fast I did begin rather early.  I started immediately with a pan of biscuits for breakfast meals and put flour, salt, sugar and oil in another bowl to begin pizza dough a bit later.  I measured out the last of the yeast (just enough left in my jar) and added warm water and sugar to the cup later in the morning.  I pinched off a bit o…

Iced Tea Chat

Well here I am... I guess you thought I'd gone away, hadn't you?  Not at all.  For some reason my time these past two weeks has been premium.  And then this week I just felt the need to shelter myself a little, not even realizing until now that it's the anniversary week of Granny dying....It's been quite a journey since this time last year.  Quite a long journey it seems.  Maybe that too is why I felt the need to shelter a bit.

John's last week off seemed particularly long.  He started with a day of class, finishing up the CEUs required to be licensed another two years as a Paramedic.  We're glad that is done.  Then we shopped for groceries a day later than usual and the very next day, on Friday, we packed up,  left home early and went down to visit our son and daughter in law and the grands! 

John was a bit nervous about seeing the grandchildren.  After all, it's been a deep desire of ours now for six years to see something of some of our grandchildren …