Menu Monday

Well  here we are with just one more day of January left.  My pantry and freezer challenge was successful in that I used what I had on hand from December 26, 2011 forward except for needing eggs, bread, milk and fresh lettuce, fruits and pet foods.  I didn't save one penny of my grocery budget this month however.  Not one penny.  I spent it all and then some stocking up the pantry and freezer in anticipation of all that I thought I'd use this month.  Here I am with two days left in the month and in my freezer I still have several items from that inventory back in December that weren't used.  So I'm offering up a continued challenge for another two weeks of Pantry/Freezer challenge, bringing my total to 8 weeks.  And this time around I mean to save the budget beyond what I'll need to purchase in milk, cheese, eggs, lettuce, and fruits.  John will require a couple of loaves of store bought bread but I also mean to make bread.

In fact, baking is big on my list for February.  I meant to learn to make English muffins and bagels this month but due to illness never even went near my baking center at all.  John has been busy today with a DIY project.  I moved my small freezer into the craftroom closet I use as a pantry area.  We had to have a way to plug in the freezer, and didn't want to run an extension cord.  Since the outlet was on the opposite side of the wall, we put a hole in the wall about a foot below the outlet, complete with a nice plate cover, ran the plug and cord through the hole right to the outlet.  Voila!  I now have the second freezer ready to be up and running.  And that means I must begin to fill it.  I thought baking bread and making doughnuts and bagels and muffins and such might just be the thing to start with, don't you?

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