Thrifty Thursday:


Friday:  I went into the local store this week.  I haven't been in two or three weeks now, having shopped at Publix or Kroger.  But I really wanted to NOT spend my weekend grocery shopping and truly needed a handful of items. I'd also noted meat was getting low in the freezer and I wanted to check local prices against what was available via ads at the other stores.  

I was really pleased overall.  I'm fairly sure of some prices at the other stores, like what Caleb's lactose free milk runs. It was a good bit higher, by almost $1 at the local store, but since I asked them to carry it, I do feel obligated to go in and pick up a half gallon now and then.  However, the cost was offset by the good prices I found on other items today, namely in the meat department.

The Homemaker Plans Her Week: Slowing Season?


We had a busy week behind us.  It didn't appear it would be all that busy when I was making my plans for the week, but things changed when the boys both separately with their Grandparents' Day invites.  You wouldn't think it would upset a week, but it was just the beginning of a whole slew of changes that came up following their visit.

I'm not going to say I did everything on my list last week, but I did make a really good attempt to do something in the zone work and made most of the meals on my menu plan.   We do what we can do, right?

Diary of a Homemaker: Well Done!


Saturday:  I was on my own this morning when I woke...Not really.  John was just off to do a service day with the church.  My plans had been to meet him for lunch, but he made it plain there would be no lunch except at home.  I said I'd just go get myself some more flowers for the house, return those sparkly jeans and pick up his prescriptions.  Just an errand day all by myself.  That makes the third time this week I've been out all by myself.   I wonder if we're developing a new pattern of life?

Katie and Caleb were home.  It was clear that Caleb was in a very contrary frame of mind.  Anything he was told to do resulted in "NO!" from him.  I was a wee bit glad to leave home and go tend to my errands.

Thrifty Thursday: Broken Record


Friday:  We worked hard today.  My big push was to make bread this morning in between doing good steward work on the Keurig.  I ran vinegar through the machine.  Then I poured that hot water down the freshly treated drains.  Two for one on that deal!

I cooked a roast today and used up a jar of homemade Teriyaki marinade that had been sitting in the fridge.  Do I have plans for the roast?  No... but I figured it would be good for sandwiches this next week.  

Coffee Chat: The Ending

Hello dears. 

I shall offer you coffee.  I've a lovely Gingerbread blend.  I'm not a fan of pumpkin spice...Or rather I am of the spice part but not of the pumpkin part. Well, not in my coffee!  I do like pumpkin just fine in pasta sauce, ravioli filling, pie, muffins, enchiladas...But please don't put it in my drink nor my milk shake or my ice cream.  

 So Gingerbread coffee for me.  However, it is HOT outdoors and if you'd prefer a nice cold drink, just say the word.  I can offer you Lemonade, Iced Water, Iced Tea with Mint, or even a poorly made Cold Coffee.  I say poorly made because I've yet to find the right combination to make a good homemade Iced Coffee.  I suggest you stick with the hot coffee or one of the other cold drinks in my house.  Those are generally good.

Childhood Memories of September

Donna spurred memory when she remarked that she used to start school after Labor Day.

One of my standout memories is of a Labor Day when Mama loaded us children up to go buy school supplies in Ft. Valley.  The old store building where we stopped was torn down long ago, but I can still see it in memory.  I was so pleased with the blue denim notebook, the Blue Horse lined paper and my new pencil case with lovely new pencils and that nice box of crayons!

The Homemaker Plans Her Week: Do It Again

Last week, I accomplished only minor things aside from the basic meals, housework and childcare.  Granted those three things I listed were enough.

What I did get done last week: visited Mama, planted three of the six plants I brought home, cleaned and deadheaded about half the flower and gardening pots, sorted out the refrigerator freezer icemaker, cleaned off the top of the fridge, removed all the excess medications from the kitchen now that colds have passed, cleaned up the last few boxes, ran vinegar through the coffee maker, refilled my canisters, cleaned the drains.  My family got busy and sorted out the crowded back entry and boxes as they'd promised they would do.    Gee, it looks like a lot more got done than I'd thought!

Thrifty Thursday: