Worth Sharing November 9-15

It's November when Fall truly makes her presence known here in the South.  The town criers, those trees that change early in the season,  have come and announced her coming and then disappeared and we wait about, tapping our foot, impatient for autumn's actual arrival.  And then one day we notice a tinge coming to the trees across the forest in the river valley...and the next day when we top the hill, there she is dressed in her golden, crimson, magenta, and flame colored glory.  Never late, always right on time.  My heart swells, and at least inwardly, I cry out a welcome.  "There you are!  I've missed you.  I'm so glad to see you once again!"  I throw open the curtains at the windows and try to watch the daily progression on our bit of land, but even so, it changes each time I blink.   It's impossible to drink it all in, but I want to be aware as much as is humanly possible, to enjoy and embrace this third season of the year.

A Week of Wardrobe: Capsule Style

Week one of a Capsule Wardrobe is easy enough.  I mean, it's just one week of wearing the same pieces over again...I'm curious to see how it goes on from here!

The photos are poor ones and I apologize.  I had a hard time getting the camera to focus properly and at the same time to show you the full outfit.   The camera often blocked details I wanted you to see.   I don't have a proper full length mirror in the house, so am relegated to using the long mirror above the tub (which is a rather stupid place for a mirror if you ask me...).

Worth Sharing November 2 - 8: Boys!

Did any of you receive the Amazon toy catalog?  My grandsons were over the moon about it! Isaac's face had a look of pure wonderment.  He oohed and ahhed.  It was magical for him.

November 2019 Goals

My goals for this month are not big hard goals ...However, after spending October with no goals and the second half of the month with John on vacation I am a bit antsy to DO something and goals are the best way to motivate myself.

First, I want to start with our grocery budget.

I often overspend or add in extras, etc. when I'm in the grocery and so my spending is often above my budget.  Sometimes sales are really good, sometimes John wants extras that I haven't bought in a while, but mostly I buy because when it comes to groceries,  I'm in the habit of buying.   Ouch!  That hurts to admit but it's truth.  Every two weeks, regular as clock work we go shopping and I spend.  And that's all fine and well if I really do need things or I'm concentrating on stocking up an area of my pantry or freezer that has fallen behind,  but mostly that is not what I'm doing and I shop anyway.  When we're on a retirement income there will be less budget and less wiggle room in my budget.  And that means making sure what I spend fits what we have chosen to set as our budget.

Worth Sharing This Week: October 26 - November 1

Thefrugalgirl had an interesting article this past week in which she asked the question: Would you rather be good at saving or good at earning a lot of money?   I know what my answer would be and wasn't surprised to find she had a similar opinion.  Her reasoning was: If you are good at saving, then even a little can become enough.

Now John is always saying to me, "You can't earn $100 and spend $101..." and he's soooo right.  This year we've experienced a season where we've consistently spent a little more than he's earned most pay periods.  This was true mostly because I insisted upon continuing to put money into savings despite having a higher pay out each payday.  My reasoning was that once money goes into savings I am so loathe to spend it for any purpose except why it was set aside that I knew it was truly SAVED.  

Autumn 2019: A Possible Capsule Wardrobe.

The weather is finally being autumnal here in our area.  Next week we've the promise of sweater worthy weather.  So I finally settled into figuring out a few outfits for the season.   Up till now it's been summer repeats.

I've been watching a number of capsule wardrobes and honestly I'm interested.  I just happen to have a good number of clothes on hand that I really like at present, so I won't be culling just yet, but the idea of a 10 piece wardrobe (which isn't a hard and fast number) does appeal to me.  The Daily Connoisseur relies on a small wardrobe and I'm impressed with how well it works.  It reminds me a great deal of the wardrobes that I see featured in my vintage magazines, where they start with a suit and overcoat and two or three blouses and a pair of slacks.    It would be a very economical wardrobe and any fear of boredom with so few pieces isn't really a valid concern as the pieces are incredibly versatile and accessories and sweaters and such are additional pieces to the major players.

Coffee Chat: End of October Autumn Rain

Hello dears.  It looks drear and colder than it is outdoors, but never mind.  We'll sit inside and look out the windows and you'll be convinced that cup of coffee or tea in hand is the perfect beverage for such an autumn day.

Worth Sharing November 9-15

It's November when Fall truly makes her presence known here in the South.  The town criers, those trees that change early in the...