Charm School: Pretty Is As Pretty Does

Etiquette, just like fashion sense, may be learned but no amount of learning either one will carry you through if your countenance is always a storm cloud and your tongue known for it's sharpness.  So let us begin now with how to dress that inner woman.

Do you like people?  Do you really like people?  Do you find them genuinely fascinating and generally likable?  If no, then I'll ask you this: do you like people to treat you pleasantly?  Then you must learn to be pleasant in return.  If you do like people, then most likely you have some form of pleasant attitude but as with all things, we can polish up what we have.

We'll address a few areas of etiquette before we're finished with our Charm School but common courtesy is always good etiquette.

What is common courtesy?  It's saying "Please" and "Thank you" and "You're Welcome" to those who provide you with any form of service whether they are paid to do it or simply do it because th…

Charm School: Confidence

I have to share this comment that came in last week.  I share it because it illustrates a point.
Debby in KS: This post made me flash back to a comment a woman made to me at the Y pool. I was going to the lap pool and walking down the side of it to get my kickboard. Then I walked back. After I got in with an ungraceful jump lol, she swam over to my lane and said, "My gosh, you have the BEST posture! Do you practice walking that way?"
Honestly, I had never considered it!! But! A pool sighting many years before has affected my poolside walking ever since! Firstly, I am fat. Not chubby. F-A-T. I don't say that to speak lowly, but to be honest. Well, before I got fat, I was once at a public pool and saw 2 just chubby women walk by. I immediately noticed that one had her shoulders pulled back and her chin up a little. The other was slouched forward a bit. Well, they were of similar size, but the one with her chin up looked SO MUCH BETTER!
In what I think was an …

In My Home This Week: Pressing Towards Summer

In my home this week...

...I have been thinking long and hard about the summer days just ahead.  Not rushing from one season to the next, no not at all.  It's already hitting 90f routinely outdoors.  Fortunately, low humidity means that it's fairly nice outdoors if you can stand the gnats and flies long enough to be outside.  

I cannot abide the smell of Skin So Soft so no using that to keep the gnats away for me.  It gives me the fiercest sort of headache.  Any other helps for keeping gnats at bay?  I'd sure love to hear them!  I'm going to get a spray bottle to put some Pinesol and water in.  My boys both assure me this is the way to keep flies off porches.  I assume they have some experience with this.  You mix up the two and then spray about the floors and rails.  I like the smell of Pinesol so it's not a hardship to me to smell it outdoors.  I also have a good supply on hand but cannot use it on my new tile floors which require a non-oily cleanser.

I appear to…

Sweet June

June is just around the corner this week.   With six birthdays and a Jamberry party planned for one week it seemed best to plan ahead for June. 

Jamberry Party:

I've set the dates for this party for June  -  .  If you'd like to join then please let me know.  You will need a facebook account and I can send you the link there for you to join the group.  Bess will conduct the party.  Generally there are some fun games, lots of information about the wraps and other products. It is a sales based party but there is no obligation to buy.  You can request a free sample and you can win mani or pedi packs or half sheets of wraps,  while playing the games.  I'm not planning to become a representative but after nearly twelve months of using the products and loving the compliments I get,  I thought I'd give anyone interested an opportunity to try the product and see if you like them, too. 

Front Yard and Outdoors Projects: 

This month I will start work on my front yard.  I'm s…

Frugal Friday: Reining In

Saturday:  My plan today was to have bagels.   Again this Saturday morning, John took over breakfast duty and made eggs to go with the toasted bagels.  Again, I made no complaint.  After all, if he wants to cook for me who am I to argue?

I planned a dinner of leftovers.  John wasn't particularly happy over that meal idea.  I opened up the last package of hot dogs and made French Fries.  I brought out the cupcakes from Family Day that I'd set aside and frosted them with a quick to mix up buttercream frosting.  That was a second meal planned and ready in under 20 minutes which made me happy.

John opted to open a can of baked beans and eat leftover hot dogs for supper. I had the originally planned leftovers.  There was enough of the Chicken and Dumpling casserole to have Monday when he goes to work.

I monitored the portion of mixed nuts we ate today.  My man wasn't terribly happy.  He tends to think he works hard and he ought to be able to eat as he wants and normally I'…

Charm School: Additional Items to Contemplate

I thought you'd enjoy a repeat of these old vintage things.  I've posted before.  I'm sorry the print on this first one will be small, but if I enlarge it then it overlaps the edges of the blog page.  Enlarge your viewing size on your computer to get a better look at the text. 

Charm School: Best Dressed

Clothes make the woman and man and deny it though we might it's true.  It is generally our outward appearance that draws attention first and how we present ourselves is important.  First impressions are often the lasting impressions and that too is unfortunately true.  We might have opportunity to meet someone again but try as we might if we created that unfavorable first impression that is the lingering ideal they will have of us, regardless of how nicely we present ourselves or act thereafter.

The most common mistake made in dress is that we think the more we have the more put together we shall be.  We do not have to have a room sized walk in closet full of clothes.  We might well be limited at the time to two pairs of pants and two shirts and a single pair of shoes, but we can present ourselves in such a way that while it might dawn on some people that they've seen those pieces before, most won't even be aware that you're wearing the same thing you wore the day bef…