My February to March Capsule Wardrobe

I struggled a bit with this capsule.  The weather has been more than usually all over the place in February here in Georgia.  I never really know if it's going to be cool outdoors or 80F which is most assuredly not cool and can be downright unpleasant if you'd made the mistake of going out in a pullover sweater with a blouse and cami underneath.   And it's no use saying to watch the weather because I do and I've found the forecast changing remarkably from hour to hour at times.  There's no planning ahead.  I'm finding it best really to just dress lightly and then add layers accordingly when I step to the door and discover what the weather feels like.

In the last two capsules I've made up I had problems.  I found pieces I seldom wear and noted why.  Quite a few things went into the donation pile.  I have a lot of empty hangers at present.  When I started this capsule journey every hanger had an item on it, so that should tell you how I've reduced and eliminated items.

I've also been looking at the capsule wardrobes of others.  I found a new YouTube vlogger, Mirror and Thread.  She is not a capsule wardrobe person but what she does do is buy pieces from various sources and shows them in her videos.  She does feature possibilities for capsule wardrobes.  I especially liked this work wardrobe which she bought at Walmart and I was very surprised at her high end look...Proof positive that it's not how much you spend but what you buy that really does set the pace for a workable capsule wardrobe.  I also noted that she might spend less on clothing and more on shoes and bags or outer wear, which reminds me a great deal of the way my grandmother approached her wardrobe. 

I finally set myself to just go through my clothes and pull a few items.  I have deleted the black jeans at present.  I lost weight to get into them, they remained a little snug.  Over the last month they've only gotten increasingly snug and uncomfortable. I tried on the Olive green jeans and realized that they fit very well and are far more comfortable.  This became one of my base pieces.  I chose these tops to go with the olive pants.

What I am not showing is my black t-shirt.  I think I'd rather wear that instead of the olive green shirt but I have worn that olive green shirt only once.  And part of my purpose in pairing up capsule versions within my closet is to use what I haven't worn in the past.  All but the shirt on the lower left will go nicely with blue jeans, too.  So I'm getting a lot of mileage out of these pieces which is my main goal when creating a capsule.

While I added necklaces and a couple of scarves to pair with these pants I felt I pretty much played it safe with my choices.  I could have tried other pieces and likely will go that further step in the next few days when I am feeling more myself.

The shirt in the left front area is a thrift store purchase and is a silky knit fabric.  Directly behind that is the ruffled sleeve self belted floral blouse you all liked so well.    The next shirt is a pale grey which is shown often on Pinterest with this color jeans.  The olive green is next to the grey and on the right front is a white t-shirt.  This particular shirt has a knot tied front that is okay looking but I'd really like a good classic white t-shirt.

I paired the grey paisley scarf with the grey and white t-shirts.  The scarf atop the white t-shirt is a Target purchase that has evergreen, teal and olive mixed along with the mustard yellow on the background.  I think I could pair that scarf with my black tee as well.

As light outer wear for this set of clothing I'd used the tan sweater cape, black cardigan or blue jean jacket.

I included the really dark wash jeans and the skinny leg medium wash jeans in this capsule.   I also included this navy paisley shirt which is fairly sheer and paired it with an orange tank top to be worn underneath.

I also noted as I was digging in the closet that the teal cardigan played well with the floral print top.  I love the color of the  cardigan but dislike the long tails in the front of the thing.  I'd like to see if I might alter this cardigan in some way.   I do like having an option to use the shirt with this cardigan though and look forward to wearing this.

Last I decided to pull out the maxi skirt I purchased from an online clearance sale at Cato last spring.  This skirt is heavier than the black maxi and if it's a truly cool day I could easily wear a pair of capri length athletic pants underneath.

I paired the skirt with four different tank tops, though I'm showing only two.  I'd wear my jeans jacket with this skirt over the tank tops.  If I had a very snug fitting short  sleeved t-shirt I'd wear that on it's own if it were really warm. 

I'm showing my grey and white tank tops with this skirt but black works well as does a stormy gray blue tank that I have in my closet.  I have even contemplated using my pale grey crew neck pullover sweater on a cooler day.  I think it would look rather nice but need to try the two pieces on together.  What I've already mentioned pairing with this skirt definitely works together well.

I opted to use this skirt because I can wear either my athletic shoes with it or my black ankle boots, or  a pair of grey suede pointed toe flats depending upon the pace of the day and occasion.

I have the option of both wearing more layers or decreasing layers with most of these outfits so they should suit our all over the place weather in the weeks ahead.

I will say that while I got frustrated with last capsule having based it largely on the black jeans which were increasingly uncomfortable, I gave myself a break from wearing capsule pieces for two weeks until I finally pieced this one out.  I found myself often staring at the rack of clothes, unable to make up my mind, feeling I had nothing to wear.  Once I took the time to piece these things together, I realized yet again that I have plenty to wear.  Narrowing down my choices actually increases the wearability of  the pieces I have.

More and more I'm discovering that sticking to a classic silhouette is also the most long lasting and often more flattering look for a long term wardrobe.   So as I go to replace pieces, I'll look for classic lines that don't go out of style and leave the accessories as my trending pieces.

I'm committing myself to six weeks of this capsule and will plan another at the end of March.  I have purchased three tops and a scarf online at a clearance sale.  I'll add that scarf to this wardrobe set but the tops will hold until I plan my spring wardrobe, I think.  I plan to go to the thrift store and one other store to peruse the clearance racks and see what other pieces I might add for Spring and Summer.   I do have a list to help keep me focused.

So there you are.  My third capsule wardrobe for the 2019/2020 year.

The Week Ahead: B'day Number 5

Isaac's b'day was Thursday.  He did not take kindly to turning three.  No indeed.  He scowled, he yelled, he turned a cold shoulder to everyone. 

Turns out he was upset because his daddy informed him Thursday morning that he was a big boy now and  not a baby any more.  That on top of a new baby coming into the household pretty much spoiled his day on Thursday.  Mind you Daddy meant it as a compliment and a joyous thing but going from being the baby of the family to being a middle child is not an easy transition.

 The boys were here Friday afternoon to make Valentine's for their Mama.  Gramma learned two things.    Glue sticks and not a bottle of Elmer's is the way to go and just skip the superfine glitter entirely because it covers a lot of surface but doesn't necessarily stick to the card its meant to go on.  By the time they left, Isaac was covered head to toe and Sam sported a whole cheek of glitter, lol.  I'll buy a few supplies to keep on hand as Sam mentioned having the boys make Mother's Day cards later in the spring.

John went to the men's breakfast at church Saturday morning.  Katie left little bud with me while she picked up Taylor.   She came in with her later and related this incident which she shared in a Facebook post:

"Had to explain to Taylor today that when she’s an adult she had to work for money and then pay other people to live comfortably. She was not impressed. “Mommy I just want to keep my money, paint my nails and drink coffee.” Same kid.. same."

I think that's just hilarious...don't you?

Saturday afternoon was Isaac's birthday party.  He was far more receptive to a birthday then, if it meant cupcakes and presents.  The day was absolutely beautiful, so the children (Josh, Isaac and Taylor) played outdoors. At first Taylor was afraid of the free ranging chickens, but she apparently got over that fear because later she came in the house with Josh and his two great aunts and they were all holding eggs they'd gathered from the chicken pen. 

I didn't touch the wee little miss since she's so newly born and I've still got remnants of this cold, but Caleb has had his first vaccines and has been exposed to illnesses several times now. 

I must say that I was quite tired by the time we found our way home this afternoon.  Meal plans listed below are already off kilter as I failed to take out meat last night, planned to catch up this morning and then had baby here with me and did nothing but hold him.   Fortunately I bought frozen pizza the other day at the grocery  for $2.25.  Nice to have such an easy fix meal for the evening.

Work week ahead:
Third verse same as the first...This past week had nothing really creative in it except for that little Valentine making session with the boys Friday afternoon.  Nor did I spend much time reading.   I had quite a shock the other day in a store when I overheard someone say, "This weekend makes February half over!"   It brought me up short as I realized that indeed she was quite right.  Where did it all go?!

I felt I did little last week but in reading over the list I found I did fairly well despite my cold and our frequent days out of the house.   I don't have as much to carry over as I did...

I need to make time to go over to see Mama.

I would still like to make out my list of things to do/purchase, etc for the house and personal needs.  I'll need to plan a little more carefully now that John is retired and look hard for sales for the items I hope to purchase.  I need to be sure I have a list of measurements of items needed, etc.  We have more than enough to meet our basic needs.  I'm cutting back mostly so that if John really doesn't want to work part time he doesn't have to...or so he can wait until he finds something he'd like to work at.

Make the pillow for our room.

Clean up the guest room and take things out to the shed that have accumulated as I've culled cabinets and drawers.

Clear the cabinets in the living room.  This is my last stronghold of possible clutter and really needs to be attended to this week.

Determine just what I mean to do with that trunk type bin that John gave me and put it to use.

Clean the fridge and fridge freezer.

Make time to read and be creative daily!

Get back to my pre-Algebra work.  I let it go this past week when I started to feel so bad with the cold.   I just couldn't get my achy head into the work I needed to do.

And of course, all the routine stuff and any unexpected errands John suddenly determines we should do.  I'd like to try to get over to Goodwill this week if I can.

Meals this week:

I realized this past week that I would be better to plan breakfasts and lunches and prep ahead as much as I can for both of those just to cut back on kitchen time.  I don't mind saying that as much as I love to cook and make meals, this 7 days a week, 3 times a day thing can get old real quick.  Remember I'm accustomed to having John gone two or three days each week for work and so to find myself with no breaks at all in meal preparations is a little bit of a drain.  One morning this past week I pulled frozen pancakes from the freezer and that was such an easy morning meal.   Well it's a no brainer isn't it to just work ahead.  I can make biscuits, waffles, muffins, etc., and freeze those things and I can set up oatmeal  as I used to do on work mornings.  So from now on this girl is going to plan all three meals, prep ahead as much as possible and call herself smart.  I'll let you all know at end of week what I've made for these two minor meals of the day.  In the meantime,  let's plan dinners.

Sweet Chili Pineapple Chicken, Rice, Stir Fried Vegetables
 I meant to buy broccoli or bok choy but didn't.  I'll use what I have on hand: cabbage, carrots, onions, celery and a handful of frozen peas.  The chicken has orange, red, yellow peppers in it.  I reduce this recipe so it's more suited to the two of us.

Smoked Sausage and Potato au Gratin, Salad with tomatoes

Black Beans and Yellow Rice, Pico de Gallo, Tortillas and Green Salad

Deep Dish Cast Iron Pizza, Salad

Mississippi Pot Roast, Mashed Potatoes, Coleslaw

Pumpkin Alfredo Pasta, Garlic Green Beans, Green Salad

The Week Behind: Blue Skies Smiling At Me

Saturday:  I planned to roast a chicken today.  I didn't want to use the pan with a rack, so I made my own rack in the oval casserole: cut up carrots and celery and let the chicken roast atop that 'natural rack'.  These vegetables will also go into the bag with the bones to season the broth I make.

John turned on the propane heater when he got up.  I kept thinking we'd shut it off at some point int he day but the heat pump continued to come on all through the day even with the propane heater going.

Worth Sharing This Week: Room To Grow

The Jane Austen Newsletter recommended this soundtrack from the movie "Emma" this week.

 What a pleasant bit of listening that was!   Since the frontispiece identified the composer of the works as Rachel Portman,

The Week Ahead: All Quiet?

Last week was so full that I could barely think at times.  I had fun with the boys and especially with Isaac but confess that by Friday all I wanted to do was just let him lie quietly with the Kindle in hand and watch Baby Grandpa Dentist.   Doesn't that sound weird, the Baby Grandpa, I mean?

Worth Sharing This Week: Rest and Restoration

This week my post is more a random selection of things once more.  All of which moved me deeply

There are new posts up on The Cultivating Project.

Lancia Smith's post on Rest was so thought provoking.  I've copied snippets here to share but let me urge you to go read this post for yourself.  

The Week Behind: Birthday Week for Three!

Saturday:  Since we agreed to return to eating our bigger meal later in the day, I did only minor prep work yesterday.

Today for lunch I boiled eggs for egg salad sandwiches.  While boiling eggs for that, I added extra to the pot and boiled 1 for potato salad and more for deviled eggs.

As I prepared potatoes tonight I cut up extra for tomorrow's potato salad.  I covered them with water and put int he fridge.

My February to March Capsule Wardrobe

I struggled a bit with this capsule.  The weather has been more than usually all over the place in February here in Georgia.  I never re...