Diary of a Homemaker's Week: Hot and Cold

Saturday:  A very relaxed day at home.  We did a few chores and then we settled in to rest as we'd more typically do on a Saturday.  How lovely it's been to read, play games, talk and not feel pressured to DO anything more.

We watched two movies today.  "The General" with Buster Keaton was a silent film but so fun to watch.  I laughed out loud several times.

Thrifty Thursday: When the Grocery Budget is DONE...


Friday:  We kept Caleb and Bella today.   Katie very nicely provides us with lunch on these days when she finishes her appointments up around noon.  We had a nice meal today.  We weren't feeling particularly hungry this evening when suppertime rolled around but I was feeling snacky.  

Iced Coffee Chat: Mid-July


Hello loves.  Come in and have something icy with me.  I'm opting for coffee.  I'm still eking out those cold brew sachets that John bought me a couple of months ago.  There's lemonade, tea, or good well water over ice.  We are so blessed to have such clear water without any mineral taste at all.  

How've you been?  It feels like I haven't sat down to talk in ages.  June and the first part of July were busy days.  This week is blissfully wide open with only one library visit if the kids even care to go and a day out to visit Mama.  Those are all my commitments this week.  

Ideas for Using My Expired Pantry Items


Earlier this year, I took six weeks to eat my way through all of the things in the freezer that had been there for a bit longer than they ought to have been.  It was rather a fun period to be honest because we ate really well.  I have seldom been as creative a cook as I was during that period, and I especially enjoyed it from that aspect. I am learning to date meats and entrees, broths and such when I put them in the freezer these days and that's helped me stay on top of using those items.

But I knew the pantry held secrets.  Things I'd passed over last time I was doing a pantry inventory.  And probably four or five times prior to that.  

The Homemaker Plans Meals: Expired Pantry Items Pt 1

I made up my list of recipe possibilities last week to use those expired pantry items and I've gone over it again today before I started planning meals.  Then I went over my freezer inventory list.  I've a couple of frozen meals from April I'd like to go ahead and use.  I also sorted out my fridge and gathered all the leftovers in a basket there.  

I wasted a pot of cooked rice and a dessert I'd made July 4th that got pushed to the back of the fridge and forgotten.  I'm going to do better with these forgotten things and get myself back to as near Zero Waste as I can.

Gathered Fragments

The Homemaker Plans Her Week: Hot, Humid, July


I am starting this on Friday afternoon and feeling particularly lazy at the moment, so take that in consideration as you read, lol.  It discolors my perception and makes my disillusionment with summer higher than usual.  

Diary of a Homemaker's Week: Fresh Start


Saturday:  Just about the time we were leaving home today to head to the park, the clouds came in dark and heavy.  Katie was obsessively checking the weather and telling me how the chances of rain kept increasing.