The Week Ahead: Blooming Season

The roses began blooming yesterday.  It was a surprise to me because the previous two nights and mornings had been quite cool.  But as Bess was heading back home, I stepped off the back porch to look the pots over to see if maybe the basil or oregano was going to make an effort to come back (yes for the Basil) and there were deep red roses blooming on the lower half of the branches.  We walked over to the Rosemary bush and the yellow rose was blooming as well.

As I looked out the kitchen window later Friday afternoon, I saw a small patch of honeysuckle had bloomed.  There is no lovelier country bouquet than old fashioned roses and honeysuckle vine in a simple glass jar together.  You can't buy that at any store!


The shed awaits...I need to move things off the back porch into the shed and I need to organize the back end of the inside of the shed.

Clean the front porch.  This will not be as big a task as the back porch was, thankfully.  It really does just need a good wipe down and then I can play about putting out plants and such as I'm able to get out to get them.  I'd like to add extra seating there but think I may just bring the chairs up off the patio since we never sit there.  But then there's the decision of what to do with the table which is too big for either porch...

I have so many things that need to be repotted.  The Christmas cactus and the rooted off springs...Dianthus that needs a bigger pot, Angelonia that needs more soil.  I've got the odd pot of used potting soil as well as having filled the hole Maddie dug beside the rosemary bush with some of the old potting soil last year.  Between that and compost I think I can manage a few repottings.

Clean up the grill.  Most of the cleaning is the outside thankfully.  I had gotten quite good about cleaning the grills while still warm and easily cleaned.  I'd love to fire it up this week.

Paint the inside of the chifforobe.  I bought paint to do that job last year and now that it's mostly empty, I'd like to tackle it.

Make an apron.

My first week as an assistant homeschool teacher.  We're going to start Monday and I will also have Josh on Thursday.  We're figuring an hour to hour and a half.  There are papers from school and Gammy sent him a Kindergarten work book and I think between the two we can manage fine.   We had a sample start today.  Josh and I worked on clocks, learning how to tell the HOUR.  Then he wrote out his ABCs and 1-20.   I settled him with the Kindle and he watched a video about Black Widow and Brown Recluse spiders.  All in all he worked about 40 minutes.  So I feel pretty sure we will manage nicely on an hour and half of time and told Bess that likely he'll need only about that much daily.  We are agreed if he expresses an interest in anything in particular we'll figure out a way to incorporate it.  Can you tell I'm a little excited by the idea of this?

Harvest Week this week.  It's a whole new proposition as it's basically working on paper until bills actually come in.  I learned my lesson in February when I missed a bill, and have taken to looking over bill box and checkbook weekly.  It keeps me very aware of where we are financially and on top of any bills that come in.

I've started a grocery list of 'would be nice to have' items.  Nothing expensive but I seldom remember them when I'm shopping.  Things like  Green  chilies, Tahini, garam masala, sesame oil or poppy seed.   That may sound odd, but more and more of the recipes I'd like to try have those ingredients in them.  They aren't part of my basic pantry yet, but once I've added and begun using them, I could easily manage to use them up.  They wouldn't be single use items bought for just one recipe.  I'm going to try to set a dollar amount and add one or two items each month to my pantry.

And because I keep avoiding it: READ every day!


Meals last week were all over the place and not one of those new recipes were made.   Items weren't available for some of the menus I'd planned and others went by the wayside because we were busy working and wore ourselves out.

This week I'm going to try something new!  I mean it!  And I'm going to start incorporating some ofo our warm weather favorites, too.  I did say I'd love to fire up that grill.

Mongolian Beef, Rice, Broccoli
This is something Bess introduced me to when they lived here in 2016.  It's a lovely spin on a chuck roast.  You top it off with tender green onions...Which led me to suggest to Bess that leftovers would be lovely wrapped in a tortilla.  My roast is a small portion, so we'll see if there are any leftovers but if there are I'll definitely be trying them in a tortilla with more green onion and cucumbers.

Polska Kielbasa, Pierogi with Caramlized Onions, Cabbage
The hardest part of this meal is the caramelized onion.  

Black Bean Burgers with Chipotle Mayonnaise,  lettuce and tomato, Oven Pub Fries, Apple Slices
I haven't made black bean burgers in a long time, but I think they will make a nice change from the usual beans and rice.  Pub fries haven't been on my plan for a long time either.  They are just home fries, baked in the oven at a high heat but served with v
vinegar and chopped fresh parsley 

Shawarma Chicken, Lemon Pilaf Rice, Cucumber and Tomato Salad, Pita Bread
I really want to make the sort of sauce that I had at the Greek Restaurant but I do not have tahini.  This recipe doesn't call for it in the sauce, hence why I'm choosing to use this one.  If I've time, I'd like to try to make my own pita bread, but if not  I'm going to try flatbread, which sounds a great deal like a tortilla dough.  The link for the flatbread is on the same page as the Shawarma Chicken.  

Beef Tortellini Casserole, Green Salad, Garlic Knots  
I've never yet made this recipe as written.  The recipe calls for 1 1/2 pounds of beef.  I generally use 1/2 pound.  I will use shelf stable tortellini which tends to be less pricey than 'fresh'.  I do have tomato soup for the first time ever when planning to make this dish and instead of using basil leaves, I'll use a tbsp of jarred pesto.   I do urge you to try the recipe.  We love it and find it adaptable in so many ways.   This will make a gracious plenty for two casseroles with leftovers from the first one so that will be two meals this week....I'll serve with Green Beans, Wedge Salads, Easy Tiramisu the second time around.

Grilled Steak, Armenian Potatoes, 24 hour Salad
I know that I have a nice sized piece of sirloin in the freezer that will serve 2 nicely.  I will also grill hot dogs and  two burgers (rest of package of venison used in the Tortellini casserole should make two burgers.  These will make nice lunches or an easy supper if we shouldn't have enough leftovers at any point.

Breakfasts:  Sausage biscuits; Pancakes with Chicken sausage; Raisin Cheese Toasts, Omelet, hash browned potatoes, toast; Bran muffins and yogurt with strawberries; Oatmeal

Lunches:  Generally speaking leftovers.  I did make a homemade pizza and there's always extra of that to make another meal.  BLT's are in mind as well, and another day I think I'd like to have a big bowl of salad with boiled egg and cheese bits.  No real plan for lunches overall but loose planning.


All this staying at home is not good for me on some front or another.  Self care is part of the problem.  Just check out my list of things I mean to do this week below:

Wash and moisturize my face each morning and evening.  I can't name the number of times I've neglected to do just that since we've been home so much and I've worn so little makeup, especially if I haven't been outdoors working.

Put on a little makeup each day.  I can tint moisturizer with foundation, put on a little mascara, do my brows.  I don't need full on makeup but I'm so over looking in the mirror thinking I look worn down when it's just lack of makeup!

Start pulling the very stained shirts out of my home clothing drawer. I may not be replacing but I have plenty of them and no need to keep wearing things that are just not looking good even when fresh and clean.

Shave my legs.  Now that I'm older it's not as noticeable but I haven't given myself a proper good shave in a few weeks.  Just quick slapdash ones.

Fresh pedicure. Manicure, which may or may not include polish.

Read...I've been forcing myself to finish books that don't interest me at the moment.  I'm switching them up today for books I do want to read.  I've been just longing to get into Jane Austen.   John mentioned The Honor Girl the other day which is one of my all time favorite Grace Livingston Hill novels.  I never have trouble getting caught up in an Emilie Loring mystery.  I think I'd really like to visit with Mitford folks once more or spend some time in an English village with Miss Read's books, to name a few.

My choices at present:  An Old Fashioned Girl by Louise May Alcott, Return to Thrush Green by Miss Read, Emma- Jane Austen, Throw Wide the Door by Emilie Loring.

I've been coloring for moments each day.  I'm currently working on a mandala page that has multiple sizes and I do a little at a time on one of them until it's finished then go on to another.  I find it very calming and quiet work.

Speaking of quiet work, any sort of handwork is also calming.  I've pulled out my little stash of fabric circles to make into yoyos.   I know I'm taking forever working on that project but I do find it peaceful work.  Any sewing is peaceful work for me, really if it's just mending or easy stitching.

Set up a handful of outfits just for the fun of seeing how I can make some of my old stuff look fresh.  Eventually we will be going somewhere for groceries or even just for a ride. And now that we're under orders to cover our mouths/nose (Surgeon General's statement on Thursday I believe, and he said to use anything at all even a t-shirt if you must, when you go out), I'll match a scarf to go with my outfit as my face shield.  So glad that I typically keep scarves on hand!

The Week Behind: Patiently Content

Saturday:  An absolutely beautiful day today.  Ever more green with each morning, nature is showing itself bound by no man, no calendar and no virus.

No work for us today.  I do make the bed, but dishes are rinsed and stacked, meals are super easy.  Today we had frozen fried chicken.  It was okay.  Not horrible, not great.  This was an item we used to buy years ago as a treat but the quality is not the same.  It was edible but I'll not purchase this particular brand again.

Worth Sharing: Perfect English

In my searching this week on Pinterest I came across this article by Leta Austin Foster.   I knew I'd found a designer I could follow when I read her tip on using books you read and love and collect in your interior design.  Seriously.  I'm so over the backward books, the coverless books bound with twine, the designers who suggest you put the books away. 

While Leta Austin Foster is based in Palm Beach, her style is described as traditional...I think it looks very upscale British.    I LOVED this tip:

5. Forget the colour of the year! What an advertising gimmick that is, beloved by paint companies who would love for you to feel you needed to repaint all the time. But you want to decorate for the ages, not just today. Choose colours which you love and can live with. They needn’t match your fabrics – in fact, I almost never match fabrics to the paints, but of course, you would like them to look good together. And don’t tell your friends the colours you have chosen. Usually what is your favorite is not their favorite.

Coffee Chat: Rainy Day At Home

Hello and hurry right in!  Hot Coffee or Tea?  It always seems appropriate when it's pouring rain to have a cup of something hot to drink, agreed?  I've got  fruit cake in the freezer.  I'll slice a few pieces and we'll let them thaw while the coffee makes and the water boils to steep the tea.

John is at work...Now I'm both sorry and not sorry if you know what I mean.  For one thing, I have puttered about doing things as I felt like rather than having someone make me aware that it's mealtime.   Lest you think he won't fix his own food, he can and will.  But he's very aware that I often have a plan and he is willing to work with it rather than spoil them.  I appreciate that he's rarely fussy or insistent upon a plan other than my own.

The Week Ahead: Home Is Our Weapon

I think it was Friday morning when I woke and asked myself:  "Is this even real?"  Unfortunately/Fortunately it is.    Yes, I do see it all as a mixed blessing.  I see so many saying how much they love being at home, people who normally don't get to be home.  I see many women enjoying baking.  So many feel compelled to bake: bread, cookies, muffins, cakes, bagels.  There's a sense of comfort in filling a home with the warm scent of yeast or sugar.

This morning, I woke earlier than John.  My first task each day is to open the shades and in doing so I discovered that overnight the world was no longer birthing green but is fully green.  I stood gazing out at a world that looks so normal and not in the least bit scary or dangerous.  I had coffee and had put my tea to steep when John got up.

The Week Behind: Get Wisdom

Saturday:  Sam stopped by this morning to bring us some Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding he'd made.  It tastes pretty good.  The texture is a little different, somewhat closer to what I always thought a Blancmange might have (I've never had Blancmange by the way, just read recipes for it).

We had bagels for breakfast, some of those I made last week.  They are so easy and so good.  I'll definitely keep making them at home.

Worth Sharing This Week: If Not Now...

Last week, several social influencers, as vloggers, bloggers, and instagram personalities are now called, determined to increase content in order to give their audience a respite from the news and situations surrounding CoVid19.  I admit I freely partook of their extra content and I appreciate the great amount of work that went into those added activities.  Especially the vloggers, who have a longer editing process after filming.

Coffee Chat: This New Normal

There's coffee dears...and tea if you'd like and ice, too if hot drinks seem too much on this sunny afternoon in the South.

Welcome to my second 'New Normal' of this year!  Seriously, how many 'new normals' can we cram into one year?  There was retirement with John home nearly all the time and now this self isolation thing which is necessary.

The Week Ahead: It's A Season...Bonus Tips

The last few years we've been through stuff.  Some of it was pretty doggone hard and in each bout of hard things, I got through it by saying, "It's a Season..."   From experience I know that seasons never follow dates by a calendar's markings.  Seasons last as long as they will last.  That's true in nature and it's true in life.  But despite that seeming fleeting or lasting time, the fact remains that seasons always change.   It is why, I think, I have always loved the opening verses of the Ecclesiastes 3.  "There is a time for every thing and a season ..." it begins.  And what it goes on to list is not spring or summer or fall or winter, no nor even rain or sun.   What it lists are life seasons.

The Week Behind: Blooming!

Saturday:  A lovely day at home today.  It began with some alone time.  I rose shortly after John left for the men's meeting at church.  I had coffee and sat in the kitchen sitting area in the swivel rocker.  I am very comfortable in that spot.  The sun shone in the windows, the orchids are growing and blooming and the sun fell across us both as I sipped coffee and had my crisp toast. 

I noted that one of the white Iris had opened.

Worth Sharing This Week:

I don't know if any of you read Rebecca Newman's "Reanaissance" blog.  I've been reading since way back when she had just two littles to tend to.  She has six now.   She is hosting a Community Baby Shower for a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Pennsylvania and is collecting items to donate.    Now this is something very close to my own heart.  John and I used to donate routinely to a Crisis Pregnancy Center in a nearby town and it was lovely to buy diapers, baby wipes, cute outfits off clearance racks, etc. to donate.  Often enough one of the women in the church would ask for extra donations on their birthday. 

Our Calling: Do The Best We Can!

As I have worked about my house this morning, my thoughts kept going back to the news about the virus.  I've stopped trying to follow any but the local news which has the best and most concise information without a political slant or inane headlines (How Cvd will affect the Fashion Industry Forever).  I am not slandering vloggers and bloggers who share posts of what to wear to work at home, or how to do makeup for same, or how to help children with schooling or even how to cope with being home with children full time, because they are doing their best to inform the public of what they know...but the news really should focus on passing along news and for once, if there's nothing new to say then just report what is known about current situations without trying to create sensational headlines.  Here's the deal: life at the moment is pretty sensational as far as I'm concerned and that's about all I need.

The Week Ahead: Keep Calm and Carry On

The world looks a bit different and all the same at once, doesn't it?  I can't seem to get away from all the news about the virus but I am amusing myself.  I don't mean that in a smarmy way.  I spent Saturday watching vlogs as various ones stocked up.  Seriously...some people have no clue.  There seems to be two camps: buy ALL the things regardless because the apocalypse has arrived and  the opposite camp that buys just enough food to feed two for two days and consider themselves well done.

Worth Sharing This Week: A Little Different

I had a post started but somehow it just seemed silly to put it up.  However, there's plenty worth sharing this week all the same.

Take some time out this week and read a good book, or watch a good movie. 

Spend time with your family...

And finally, know that this too is a season and it shall pass. 

The Week Behind: A New Path

Saturday:  A few changes afoot here in my week behind posts.  I'm going to be sharing more than just how I saved money but including thoughts and reflections that I might have had during the week as well.  I get too unbalanced when I'm all about being frugal.

A couple of months ago I asked John, before he retired, "What are we saving for?  Death?  Or do we try to continue to save but also spend wisely in getting some enjoyment from the life we're leading?"  It changed our thinking entirely about how we'd retire.  We'd never  really planned for what we'd do in our retirement years.  We just had a vague 'some day' idea of retirement.  With it looming on our horizon it was time to think about what we did want to do. 

I Don't Wanna Work! 10 Methods for Busting the Mood

One morning not too long ago, I could see my house needed work...but I was so not in the mood to attend to my home needs at all.  I wanted to sit in my chair and watch YouTube or read or go back to bed instead of doing what needed to be done.  I had one weapon though:  I have a whole list of things to do when I don't want to work.   So I pulled it out and found the inspiration to get busy and get the jobs done.    Would you like for me to share?

#1.  Get up a little earlier.  Often when I've gotten into the habit of sleeping to a certain hour each morning, I tend to take up this sort of vacation/holiday mood.  I ease about the house not getting a lot done and the next thing I know it's 10:45 and I've not even begun the day.   One thing I've found really helpful, if I know I need to tackle tasks, is to set my alarm and get up just a little bit earlier.  It's surprising how much more energy I have and how much more I can accomplish in a morning if I just get up an hour earlier.   I don't even have to do it every morning but I do find that if I do it once, I'm likely to wake just a half later than the previous morning and suddenly I'm back into my higher energy working mind set.

The Week Ahead: A Little Sun!

It is these sunny weekends that fuel me for the weeks of rain we've had of late.  We've got rain coming in again this week but hopefully there will be more of a mix of sun, as well. 

As we headed out the door on Friday I immediately experienced stuffy ears.  I'd had my allergy meds, too, but then I noticed that the region on my bottle was completely different from the region I'd thought I was ordering...Phooey!  No wonder I'm getting only mild relief!   I sat down on Saturday morning and ordered from another company and yes, I did indeed order the right one this time around.

The Week Behind: Getting Ready for March

Saturday:  Easy approach to meals today.  Bagels for Breakfast with fruit (banana for us both) and for lunch, I cleared stuff from the fridge and we ate what we had.  We'll have Stew and Cornbread for our supper tonight.  I'm more and more coming around to cutting back on my cooking time on weekends and making it all as easy as I can.   It's a nice break for me.   Funny thing, when planning for retirement I hadn't realized how very much I appreciated those two days a week that I didn't have to spend in the kitchen and I've missed having that extra bit of time!

Worth Sharing This Week: March

Our first week of March was supposed to be sunny...If February is fickle with weather, March is just as much so.  In all the years of my life, we've had snow more often in March than any other month.  We've also had March days that topped 90F.  There is really no telling what may come from day to day.  What has come thus far are inches of rain.

Coffee Chat: Reverse

Come in, come in and just pop your umbrella there in the corner atop that towel.  It's been raining steadily since Monday afternoon...And no, it wasn't meant to rain but there it is. It said plainly we'd have a sunny week but I've yet to see any sun.  The sky has lightened up a bit but it hasn't stopped raining and then the sky darkens all over again.  John got a little blue yesterday.  He's been longing to get outdoors and mow but  it would rain. And rain.  And rain.

This Week's Menu Revamped

When I sat down to plan meals this weekend, I thought I did a pretty good job.  Saturday and Sunday went along just fine.  However, I needed several items that weren't in my pantry/fridge/freezers.  I thought I'd pick them up at the grocery store and then I didn't.   So Monday night's menu became something entirely off the cuff, using a recipe I've made many times and revamping it to what I had just purchased.

Today (Tuesday) I put my fridge in order and discovered I had leftovers that I hadn't planned to use.  Rather than freeze these things and use them later, it would be more convenient to use them NOW, since I had to re-plan my menus anyway.

The Week Ahead: Leap Ahead Into March

This year, Easter falls in March...Yes, it does! No it doesn't! You all are sooo right.  I was following something someone else said and leaped to a conclusion rather than check my calender!It doesn't happen often but it falls in March every once in a while.  It feel in March the year I was married the first time.  In fact, I married on Easter Sunday that year.   The house was glorious with flowers that Daddy picked at roadside: peach blossoms, daffodils, violets, wild orchid (just a pretty weed), old fashioned spirea.  I carried a bouquet of violets so large I could barely hold them in my two hands.    It was lovely and I'll give kudos to my parents because I didn't tell them we were getting married the next day until 11pm the Saturday night before!  Mama cooked a ham and made a pound cake which was frosted with white icing and decorated with violets.

Worth Sharing This Week: Spring Watch

While fashion week is just done they were busy showing what to wear come fall and winter of 2020...but if you're like me, the main focus right now is spring/summer wear.  I find that for the most part I do best if I keep to the classics but some of the spring trends  are do-able in a classic manner.   I found a handy style guide here. What's in for 2020 that I'm interested in wearing? 

Pearls.  Not the Barbara Cleaver choker type nor the 1920's flapper type but something with a fresh take on pearls.  John got me two sets of pearl earrings.  One set is a sort of charm that hangs from my gold hoop earrings.  Another set is a more natural looking pearl that is on a tiny french hook.  I love both pairs.  I also would love to get these from .

The Week Behind: New...Or At Least New to Me

Saturday:  A quiet day at home which suited me just fine.   I reheated cinnamon rolls and cooked sausages for our breakfast this morning.  I took out a chuck roast last night with plans to make that for today's dinner.  No plan for lunch...and it bites me yet again.

Coffee Chat: Where did February Go?

I'll offer you only hot drinks today...The heat started kicking on again mid-afternoon as the temperature dropped.  Hot cocoa, coffee or tea?   There's a lovely pound cake on the counter that Samuel made.  Have some?  It's light and lovely and fat free, as a bonus.

Cato and Goodwill Spring/Summer Purchases

Many years ago when we were deeply in debt and I needed work clothes, I learned the art of  shopping clearance racks, especially at Cato Fashion stores.  Nothing gave me a greater thrill than paying pennies on the dollar for something that had been well out of my price range.

The Week Ahead: Rain or Shine

This last week feels like a loss time-wise.  I have one more full week of February to accomplish any goals on my list .  There are two factors involved in how much I'll accomplish: How well I feel and rain.  There's more rain to come, no shock there, but sunny days ahead, as well.   I know that these dark cloudy dreary days have taken a toll on my energy.  As Bess and I talked the other day we both agreed we each needed to up our D3 intake.   Regardless of weather or feels, it being the last week of the month, the urge to just get busy and do all I can is very real.  Sometimes, it's the push that gets you through as much as the taking time to rest.

The Week Behind: Went

Saturday:  It was a beautiful day...

John went off to the men's meeting at church early this morning.  I was looking forward to easing into the day when Katie texted asking if I'd mind keeping the baby while she went to pick up Taylor.  Little fellow is sweet company to have and doesn't talk much so I felt it would pretty much be like I was on my own except I'd have someone to snuggle. 

Noted that the birds have finally found my feeder and there were several sparrows, a robin and several red birds who showed up to feed today.  A woodpecker kept them all company, though he didn't want any of the seed tray.

Worth Sharing This Week: Romantical Things

Valentine's Evening John put on Puddles Pity Party...Doesn't sound romantic?  Well Puddles is a clown but he has the most awesome voice.  Check him out on Youtube.  He does standards and new arrangements of some rock songs.  This particular video, he did several old standards including "Charade" which was written by Henry Mancini for the soundtrack of the movie by the same name.

This song is so hauntingly lovely.  I wanted to share Puddles singing the song, but I can't find the video John was playing.   However, Andy Williams recorded the song and he's still my crooner of choice.

My February to March Capsule Wardrobe

I struggled a bit with this capsule.  The weather has been more than usually all over the place in February here in Georgia.  I never really know if it's going to be cool outdoors or 80F which is most assuredly not cool and can be downright unpleasant if you'd made the mistake of going out in a pullover sweater with a blouse and cami underneath.   And it's no use saying to watch the weather because I do and I've found the forecast changing remarkably from hour to hour at times.  There's no planning ahead.  I'm finding it best really to just dress lightly and then add layers accordingly when I step to the door and discover what the weather feels like.

The Week Ahead: B'day Number 5

Isaac's b'day was Thursday.  He did not take kindly to turning three.  No indeed.  He scowled, he yelled, he turned a cold shoulder to everyone.

Turns out he was upset because his daddy informed him Thursday morning that he was a big boy now and  not a baby any more.  That on top of a new baby coming into the household pretty much spoiled his day on Thursday.  Mind you Daddy meant it as a compliment and a joyous thing but going from being the baby of the family to being a middle child is not an easy transition.

The Week Behind: Blue Skies Smiling At Me

Saturday:  I planned to roast a chicken today.  I didn't want to use the pan with a rack, so I made my own rack in the oval casserole: cut up carrots and celery and let the chicken roast atop that 'natural rack'.  These vegetables will also go into the bag with the bones to season the broth I make.

John turned on the propane heater when he got up.  I kept thinking we'd shut it off at some point int he day but the heat pump continued to come on all through the day even with the propane heater going.

Worth Sharing This Week: Room To Grow

The Jane Austen Newsletter recommended this soundtrack from the movie "Emma" this week.

 What a pleasant bit of listening that was!   Since the frontispiece identified the composer of the works as Rachel Portman,

The Week Ahead: All Quiet?

Last week was so full that I could barely think at times.  I had fun with the boys and especially with Isaac but confess that by Friday all I wanted to do was just let him lie quietly with the Kindle in hand and watch Baby Grandpa Dentist.   Doesn't that sound weird, the Baby Grandpa, I mean?

Worth Sharing This Week: Rest and Restoration

This week my post is more a random selection of things once more.  All of which moved me deeply

There are new posts up on The Cultivating Project.

Lancia Smith's post on Rest was so thought provoking.  I've copied snippets here to share but let me urge you to go read this post for yourself.  

The Week Behind: Birthday Week for Three!

Saturday:  Since we agreed to return to eating our bigger meal later in the day, I did only minor prep work yesterday.

Today for lunch I boiled eggs for egg salad sandwiches.  While boiling eggs for that, I added extra to the pot and boiled 1 for potato salad and more for deviled eggs.

As I prepared potatoes tonight I cut up extra for tomorrow's potato salad.  I covered them with water and put int he fridge.

Another Aldi Shopping Post

Image result for aldi

About six years ago, I finally gave Aldi a try.  It had been in an area about a year at that point and I'd heard loads about it from other bloggers who had stores in their areas.  I decided that I had to at least try it out.  I went into the store and purchased a few items and most were to our taste.  I couldn't beat the prices because at that time they were THE least expensive option on many items.  They were also very limited on what they carried and many more items were considered seasonal than they are now.  It was hit or miss with some basic food items at that time, like yeast and baking powder.  I shopped at Aldi for about 60% of my groceries but out of necessity continued to shop at other stores, too.

February Goals: Time to Get Back In Form

January has sailed past and we're about to enter February in a few hours.  I enjoyed January this year.  It was relaxed and easy and we laid a lot of worries to rest as the month played out.  But a new month means that this years is 1/12th gone and it's time to set my goals so that I can achieve the things that I hope to achieve this year.  One little bite at a time is the only way to go.

So let's get started with planning.

The Week Ahead: Birthdays for How Many?

January is done and over...and the first 12th of the year has disappeared.  It gives me pause to think how busy I was most of the month and how little it seems I got done in it!  Yet if I look back over the goals I made for each week most jobs were attended to.  It's the leisurely things I meant to do that went undone: reading, sewing, embroidery, genealogy, making cards, taking time to color, etc...So I'm making it my goal to count creative and reading time into every day this month!

The Week Behind: Clear Skies?

Saturday:   We had a meal plan in place this morning when the boys woke up: their choice of eggs or cereal, bananas and donut sticks.  They weren't so sure of the donut sticks oddly enough (a Little Debbie's favorite).  I know that it's a weakness for their daddy so not likely something he keeps at home but he was pretty pleased when I held up one I'd reserved for him when he came to pick up the boys.

Found Josh's library book when I finished clearing up the living/dining room. I  called Sam so he'd stop back by on his way home.  He and the boys had headed off to get haircuts and go to the grocery store.  He's commanded Bess to stay home unless escorted and she stayed home today.

Worth Sharing This Week: Washington Square

A few years ago I stumbled upon several movies, all based upon novelist Henry James works.  I knew nothing of James, but I was intrigued enough by the movies to purchase several of his books.  It was the way James portrayed the complex and often frustrating societal guidelines single women faced that captured my attention.

Henry James is considered by many to be one of the greatest English language novelists of the 19th century.  He was born in 1843 in America but moved to Europe as a young man before settling in England and becoming an English citizen in 1915.  He died in 1916. 

The Week Ahead: January's Last Week

The boys left this morning after a rare overnight visit.  I'm afraid we weren't quite prepared for what is  their normal nighttime routine, even though I was at least a little familiar with it.  Poor Grampa was fully surprised by it all and felt a little put out, lol.

The Week Behind: Cold!

Saturday:  A quiet morning at home that passed quickly.   This afternoon I went off to Macon to Bess' Baby Sprinkle.  John encouraged me to download an app called WAZE which led me along odd back roads but talked me through the whole ride.  That was fine...but when I arrived WAZE didn't stop talking.  In fact, it began to tell me every single touch on my phone screen and every move I made and chattered at me constantly.  I'm afraid my first words at the door were "Where's Bess?!  I need her to fix my phone!"  It eluded her and we ended up cutting  off the phone entirely while I was at the party.

Worth Sharing This Week: Winter

This week we had a bit of winter weather.   For us it means that we were cold with nights below freezing.   I'm not complaining..  We live in a fairly temperate area and any change from warm is usually welcomed with cries of joy from nearly everyone.  What we miss in snow and cold, we generally make up for with plenty of wet weather.  Last week we had rain every day for seven days.  It didn't rain non-stop but it did rain at some point every day or night.   This week we had three lovely very cold sunny days and then it warmed up and rained again and is still raining.

Coffee Chat: Winter Returns in the South

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home. ~ Edith Sitwell

So let us have a cup of hot cocoa or hot tea and spend a few hours enjoying the beauty of winter and the bliss of home.   We'll take our cups to the living room. You can choose a sunny spot near the window or pull your chair a little closer to the propane heater if the chill air got to you as you came through the door.

The Week Ahead: Brrr Winter Returns

We had a lovely weekend.  It was sunny and cooler but not cold Saturday.  I went to a baby 'sprinkle' for Bess, thrown by her aunts.  It was such a nice gathering, small and intimate and lovely, filled with laughter.  Bess looked beautiful.  She doesn't even have to try hard.  Considering how I've played with makeup and hairstyles all my life trying to look half presentable, Bess is one of those who doesn't much care.  I mean she really doesn't.  Appearance rarely comes to her in thinking of what is important.  She is a self-proclaimed tom-boy and loves to hunt.   When the children are all here Bess is out in the yard amongst them.

The Week Behind: Mostly Fair

Saturday:  Gave myself a mani and pedi this morning.  I've been using the Jamberry wraps once again, mostly as accent nails.  I figure I have all this stuff I may as well use it and enjoy it, right?

I have enjoyed using the Clinique products but since winter came along, my skin has not been happy with them at all.  I'm switching slowly back to Cetaphil as products run out.  I'll save a little money and I know that I'm getting a fragrance free sensitive skin product.

Worth Sharing This Week: Tea, Anyone?

If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are too heated, it will cool you; if you are depressed, it will cheer you; if you are excited, it will calm you. -William Ewart Gladstone

In January, I purposely choose to drink tea, temporarily giving coffee a rest. I find I'm quite liking it and while it was meant to be a discipline for me, it's not such a terrible hard one, after all.

Truth is I came late to drinking hot tea.  It took a little getting used to but as I said, my third year in and I find it's really not that difficult to embrace this month or so of hot tea.

The Week Ahead: Blooming Season

The roses began blooming yesterday.  It was a surprise to me because the previous two nights and mornings had been quite cool.  But as B...