Oooh A New Do!

I haven't really mentioned hair since last Spring when I got mine cut short.  I loved it.  My husband did not.  I compromised:  I'd keep my hair short through the heat of the Spring/Summer and let it grow out again come September.  I kept my word, not getting it cut after July until September when I went to a more or less shag type style which was my only option due to the super short sides and longer back.

For one reason and another I've been unable to get to the local salon with the stylist I like so much.  And I was beyond need of another cut.  I don't know about you but when my hair looks bad I feel worse, lol.  So this past weekend I broke down and colored my hair for the first time in nearly 3 months.  That was all the incentive I needed to push me to find a salon and get a haircut.  The boost in color (washing away a lot more gray than I can credit my children giving me) was just step one in regaining my hair confidence.

So, due to a shorter than usual shopping list and only two stops to make, I decided that I simply had to find a salon while time was all my own.  First I drove over to an area where I'd used various salons over the past 30 years.  Do you know every single salon I recalled was out of business? I guess the economy is to blame as some had been in business for quite a number of years and I am sure did not fail due to poor management.

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