Another Glorious Autumn Day...

 It was another glorious autumn day.  Just beautiful with sunshine, blooms, cool breezes, blue skies...October is definitely putting on her best for us on a daily basis right now.  John suggested we 'Go somewhere,' and so we did.  We chose our destination at the last minute, packed up and headed out.  Through rolling farmland with far sweeping views...

 Past those hay fields with great huge bales of hay that makes my heart feel lighter and gladden, though I've no clue why.

We spied a bit  of autumn color here and there.

 And lots of lovely little ponds, most of them natural, bordered with blooms.

And gorgeous old houses...This one could use a bit of tender care, but I suspect if I could find out a thing about it that it predates 1850...

We lost our way.  We have every single time we've been to this destination but we've been lost often enough now that we can find ourselves with some ease...

Ft. Benning's Infantry Museum was our destination.  We didn't get to finish this tour last time we were here.  That day we toured the first level, but didn't see the upper levels.

 The figures here looked very Unreal in person, but apparently these displays were made to come alive with a flash camera because honestly some of these look like real guys reenacting these wars... Just look.

 This was the reason we didn't finish the tour last time.  We toured the old barracks area.  We skipped that this time but I saw it from the upper windows and took a photo.

 A miscommunication meant we had no sandwiches along...I was sorry as could be for the misunderstanding but this place has the BEST burgers.  We ordered the Junior size because the Ranger burger is so huge two grown ups can't eat it all.  Well Junior must be a pretty hungry fellow.  The Junior burgers were too much for one to finish.  I think if we visit again I'm just going to order the kiddy burger.  I wonder how big that one is?

 One of the long views of our ride home.  The ride back was along this route, full of sweeping hilly views, lots of ups and downs and absolutely beautiful all the way.

 If hay bales make my heart gladden, it's absolutely nothing compared to seeing a flag fluttering in the breeze.  That brings tears to my eyes and makes me feel uplifted all at once.

Back in our home county, we discovered this field of peanuts had been turned for harvesting.  It looks like a good crop this year, which is great news.  It also brings back a world of memories of my childhood when we were allowed to pick up peanuts from the field after harvest, then we'd head home and start a huge pot boiling.  They had to boil forever it seemed but oh the hot salty goodness of freshly boiled peanuts eaten on a hayride around country roads on a frosty autumn night!

Beautiful, glorious day.  Lovely way to spend a vacation.

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Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

It was absolutely beautiful today! We sat outside and watched Corey run around and just be a playful doggie. We went out to lunch to our favorite Mexican restaurant and now we're all too full for dinner. I'm thinking popcorn and a netflix movie would be a good way to end a day.

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