A Year of Savings: 2013

June 15:   Day of our roadtrip.  I'm glad I packed the water and snacks and extra coffee for this weekend because the meals out cost more than we expected.  Our final stop was the grocery store where we bought milk for my coffee...Only to discover at the hotel that we had no fridge!  John took advantage of the free ice offered as an amenity.  We put the insulated picnic bag we'd purchased last year to good use.  It worked remarkably well, keeping the water we'd brought from home frozen for nearly 24 hours. 

June 16:  Had breakfast at the hotel FREE saving $12. 

 Carried the milk with me to my son's home and took advantage of his fridge.  When we left that evening I took only as much milk as I wanted for my before bedtime drink.  I left the rest with them.  No need of wasting it when the babies will drink it right up.

June 17:  We headed home this day.  We had coffee at the hotel: savings $2.00.

Mindful of how much money we'd spent Saturday on meals we were careful to choose $1 menu and budget wise options.  Savings: $15 over what was spent Saturday.

We arrived home after noon.   We'd turned up the AC Saturday before leaving to 80F.  When we came in we turned it down to 77F.

I had leftovers in the fridge that I'd planned to have for dinner today.  No need to pick up a 'quick meal' in town as we often do when we've been away from home.

June 18:  Shopped at home for a gallon of milk(freezer).  I set it in the sink to partially thaw.  I also took out a pound of sausage, a partially prepared casserole dish and luncheon meat for sandwiches.  I also shopped the pantry and brought peanut butter, mayonnaise, salad dressing, and mustard.  I figure my shopping at home saved us a small bundle, not to mention the time saved in NOT going to town.

I left fruit in the fridge during our trip.  I pared and pitted the peaches and put in the freezer(savings $5), sliced strawberries (savings $.99) and put half of them in the freezer, a portion in a salad for our dinner and diced a few and lightly sweetened to mix with yogurt.

Cashed in another bunch of Swagbucks for a gift card.  Savings $5.

June 19:   A day out with Mama.  We went to a store we seldom visit, simply because we haven't been in so long.  I was taken aback by the prices and it was easy to hold on to my allowance and not spend it.

Bought my first Christmas gift today.  It's never too early to start shopping. Now that we're through the heaviest of the birthday months we can begin to pick up little gifts here and there when we see them.

Stopped at the farmstand for fresh corn.  I'll shuck this tomorrow and then grate it for cream corn.  This will go in the freezer, in flat packets to take up less space.

Bought a watermelon too.  This will insure we have fresh fruit through our next grocery day.
June 20:  Checked with my son to make sure he'd received his birthday gift card via email.  He hadn't...I was able to resend the card and he received it just fine the second time.

I shucked the corn I bought yesterday and cut it off the cob.  I got 3 packages of cream corn for the freezer. This particular form of 'cream' corn isn't like the canned stuff at all.  A package the size of the ones I put up would run for about $4 in the grocery store these days.  I paid only $4 for my bag of corn.  Savings $8.

I also went ahead and pared and pitted the peaches I bought early last week.  There was enough for 2 packages for the freezer.  They never get eaten once they look wrinkled but are perfectly good and juicy.  I added a tiny bit of lemon juice to keep them from turning dark, using what I had on hand, rather than buying Citric Acid.

I'd been deeply regretting my current lack of pocket money and the empty pots on the deck.  Today I decided the thing to do was to move all the petunias to the strawberry pot since some of those plants had reverted to their original wild cultivar.  Then I put the rest of the  Dusty Miller in the pot the petunias had shared with a few plants of Dusty Miller.  That filled the pot nicely  Finally I clipped the ivy and brought several vines indoors to root, since the ivy was looking very leggy.  Out of pocket cost me nothing.  Savings was small but helpful, about $4, what I probably would have paid to fill the Strawberry pot.

June 21:  John mentioned two months ago that he'd really like sticky buns.  He didn't want me to make them, just wanted ONE he said, but we never did see any.  So I flipped through my cookbooks and found several recipes which all required one item I didn't have on hand.  Yesterday I found a recipe for Pecan Rolls...which happened to be a baking powder risen Sticky Bun.  The only time we saw a sticky bun was in a bakery window in St. Augustine.  Prices were steep, about $4 per bun.  I think my recipe came in under $2 for TWO pie pans of sticky rolls.  I put one in the freezer for a future meal.  John ate all he wanted from the first panful and we still have rolls for another morning.  Hmmm...my 18 sticky buns came in way under budget for $2 didn't they?  Savings $2...but I'm so tempted to count mine as a bigger savings when they wanted $4 for a single roll!  Just because: savings about $70!!!

John has mentioned Deviled Eggs a dozen times or more over the past month.  Hint hint hint, right?  Well this homemaker finally took the hint.  I want to serve a meatless meal at least twice a week these days, to help my limping budget regain it's strength.  Today's meal was a big salad with Deviled Eggs and Corn Fritters as sides.  You know what?  We weren't missing that meat!  I boiled 1 dozen eggs.  I had two for my supper last night (I do like boiled eggs), used four to make egg salad for sandwich filling for the work week, and made a half dozen into Deviled Eggs.  We've enough of the Deviled Eggs to make a second meal or sevearl snacks.  Cost of those four egg dishes?  $1.49 for the dozen eggs and about $.10 in condiments and seasonings.  Can you beat that?  That's less than $.40 per meal! 

Savings this week: $53.99

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