In My Home This Week: Menus and Job Plans

Shame on me...Or not.  I sat down early this morning to look up a couple of items I'd pinned so that I could work on a project or two...and I was happily pinning away still at 5pm this afternoon.  Good thing it was Shabat and I had nothing but free time, huh? lol  It is so easy to get lost on that site.  I enjoyed it.  I spent a lot of time reading and got inspired for a new post and then I finally remembered why I was there and went off to do what I sat down to do.

Now I have a list of recipes I mean to try this coming week and I've put together three outfits to wear the next few times I leave home (my original purpose in sitting down to Pinterest, ha).

Eggs and Toast
Cheese Grits, Apple Raisin Biscuits
Hash brown Egg Nests, Bacon, Toast
Waffles, Sausage
Oatmeal, Peanut Butter Toast
Cheese Eggs, Toast
Bagels with cream cheese

Egg Salad Sandwiches
Toasted Cheese Sandwich, Tomato Soup
Steamed Dumplings, Egg rolls
on my own x2
Vegetable Soup, crackers
Peanut Butter Sandwich, Apple or Banana Slices

Hamburgers and Fries, Cookies
I made this meal in the oven.

Butter Baked Chicken, Biscuits, Coleslaw, Green Beans with Mushrooms
From my Pinterest board comes an old recipe I haven't made in a long time.  It's basically an oven fried chicken with a cream gravy that bakes in the pan.  My former recipe called for placing unbaked biscuits in the gravy and baking them with the chicken.  I look forward to trying this recipe once more.

Meatball Heroes, Green Salad, Chips
The last time we had this I made it as little sliders, one meatball to a Hawaiian roll.  Yum!  I may do the same this time, depending on when we go for groceries.

Two days on my own:  Leftovers in the freezer will do just fine

Honey Lime Enchiladas, Yellow Rice, Santa Fe Salad, Cherry Almond Cupcakes
A new recipe from Pinterest and a fancy name for salad: lettuce, grape tomatoes, black beans and whole kernel corn with Ranch dressing.

Black Bean Soup, Mexican Cornbread, Avocado and Orange Salad
If avocado doesn't look good or is available at Aldi, I'll make a salad from Orange, onions and black olives with french dressing.  Pretty tasty stuff.

Job Plans

You might note that this list is last weeks...It rained all week long.  In fairness to myself, I was out one day with Mama, one day with John, and spent a third day feeling like much of nothing.  Out of a six day work week that's three days down and nothing to show for it.  I have a longer than usual list this week and this is just a portion of what I HOPE to get done!  If I can knock off everything on this list, I'll likely try to hit a few of those other items.

deep cleaning  the kitchen  in increments.
This stays on the list this week.  I did get one section of cupboards cleaned out.

Put things Christmas things in shed.

Write a letter and get a package off to my oldest grand daughter and daughter.

Hem 2 pairs of jeans and set up as outfits with my list of possible 'looks'.  

Mop floors (if it isn't raining).  Absolutely!

Wash and freshen napkins, tablecloths (if not raining).  I'm going to hang them on the line and put the drying rack on the front porch too.  I may have to wash in increments.  

Pay bills, run local errands.

Grocery Shop

Tag and place a few new items in the booth.  I pulled some things from the stash for this.

Take a bag of things to donate.

Return a purchase I made last week.

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a8383 said...

Terri, Will you share your butter chicken recipe. Thanks, Angela

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