Retirement Remedies: Stretching A Wardrobe Part III

I went through this last week's clothing with an outfit to spare...but I know that I'll use that last one early this week....So time to stock my closet with new ones if I can.   I went through my closet when I came home Wednesday from my day out  with Mama and pulled out a few tops and pants that I've yet to do anything with.  I'll start with this particular outfit inspiration:
                                                                   photo credit

My version used jeans and this teal shirt I found in the back of the closet. I carried my brown bag and wore the stone necklace with it.  I didn't get a photo of the outfit as a whole but at least you can see the shirt.  I staged it this time with a straw bag that will work nicely for summer if I choose not to carry the leather bag.   

I changed necklaces and kept the shirt and bag but styled the shirt with my white pants.  I could use my white purse and silver bangles, hoops and sandals for an alternate look with this shirt and the white pants.

I also found my brown jeans.  I had stopped wearing them because they were just a little snug, but I seem to have lost a few pounds and they fit very nicely at the moment.  I found this inspiration on Pinterest.  I love the touches of blue in the accessories here but I am using what I have.  I may use the cardigan I wore a couple of weeks ago especially when we're traveling in the car.  John has a tendency to freeze me out with AC in the morning and evening hours.  

You'll see I used two different bags...and I like them both.  I'm not at all sure those earrings are going to work.  I've decided I could probably buy some flip flops.  Usually you can purchase them very inexpensively.  However, just as the change in purses here slightly changes the outfit, sandals will dress it up just a little more.

I bought a shirt for Katie's wedding last year and I seriously thought I'd wear white pants with it...In the end I stuck with what I had which was black pants.  

  I liked this photo because it made me think of that shirt I had in my closet.  And it made me determined to try it with my white jeans. 
I paired my shirt (which reads more black than I'd remembered) with the white purse, and a pair of black patent sandals with a silver accent on the instep.  I used silver hoops and bracelets as accessories.  Even though I used my white jeans, I think this will look nice enough for church or a dressier occasion.  I like the lighter pairings for summer, but in winter will wear the shirt with the black pants. 
Note how light the blouse looks in the photo below when paired with the black pants...

I like casual outfits.  Most everything I do is suited to casual wear and I seldom need dressier things.  This outfit pleased me because it looked comfortable and easy to wear.  
 I don't have the colorful purse.  I do regret that!  I think it just makes the above outfit, but I'm still in 'use what you have mode' and my white purse works well enough.  My black shirt is a sort of peasant style, but it works just as well as a plain black tee would work.

The next one is a bonus outfit I put together while I was digging in the closet.  I wore the cafe Au lait colored tee shirt a lot last summer and well into the fall.  It had gotten pushed to the back of the closet, but I think the shirt, faux ivory necklaces and bag lighten up the brown enough to make it suitable for summer.  I also have a natural straw bag that I could use with this outfit in place of the canvas bag.

I have several more 'looks' I can work out with just what I have here at home but with these three posts you all have a good idea now of what I look for in these storyboards and how I pull what I have to use to try and evoke the same style.  I hope this has been helpful to you all.   I think for now I'd like to cease these posts but I'll pick them up again when we're nearer fall and winter needs.  Many of these same pieces will move into that season (luxury of living in the South!) but can be combined with jackets and sweaters and colors more suited to the months when deeper richer colors are wanted.  


a8383 said...

I have so enjoyed these posts! I have tried new color combos. I added a necklace just to go to Sams Warehouse today- I never would have done that before. I felt so good about myself- felt pretty cute for a middle-aged grandma- haha. I look forward too your fall outfits. Angela

Lana said...

Beautiful outfits! I am constantly amazed at what you pull from Pinterest. When I look all I see is---boobs! I never find these nice outfits that you do. You and I are built the same so it is good to see what you are doing. I love the kissing wedding picture!

Tammy said...

Thanks so much for doing these posts! I try to keep in mind how much jewelry does for an outfit, as well as changing up the shoes.
Look forward to the Fall/Winter installment.

Kathy said...

Thank you for this series! Loved the outfits that you came up with. It makes me look at my wardrobe in a new light. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You're doing this series has helped me too. I have begun to rev up my look and feel more put together.
I want to find a colored purse but I wear mostly blues and every time I see a blue purse it is a specific blue and I wear many shades and into turquoise and teal. I will keep looking around for one that will work with all shades. It is fun again getting excited about shopping! Even if it is mainly used stores! I had felt so clunky having to wear orthopedic shoes only. I do have a pair that are like orthopedic Mary Janes I can wear a little. But now I can jazz up the rest of my outfits and if I have to go with clunky shoes....oh well !! :-) Sarah

Lana said...

Sarah-I have the same shoe issue and have worn SAS since my early 30's. Now that I am 55 it seems less an issue but I wish I could wear cute shoes and not suffer for it.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever made your own purse? There are great free patterns on allfreesewing. Not hard to do if you use a Velcro or snap fastener. There are also ones with zippers if you don't mind doing those. Good way to use up some of that spare fabric or even a clothing item that no longer fits, has a stain or tear. I have several that have a number of colors. I don't wear a lot of prints so a scarf in a coordinating color can really perk up an outfit. Have even found scarves at dollar stores, or you can make your own.

Karla Neese said...

I too am really enjoying these posts a lot! I have fallen into some laziness with my wardrobe but now that I'm moving into declutter move since youngest daughter moved out and her room is becoming our "holy of holies" (study, quiet time, craft room in one) I'm able to actually take some time to sort through and put some outfits together. Thanks for sharing your thought processes and inspirations from Pinterest!

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed seeing your outfits and the boards you get ideas from. I have profited from this. I just purchased some new bright colored T's, both long sleeve and short, to stretch my wardrobe and some new flip flops too. I spent no more than $100 and that will do me for this spring, summer, fall and winter. I think about people who spend $600 on a pair of heels. I keep telling my hubs that I'm such an easy keeper. Smile. Pam

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