In My Home This Week: Choosing To Save

The pillows I bought at thrift store a few weeks ago. I'll use them if Katie doesn't want them for her new sofa.  They are feather filled and very nice.  I paid $2 and change for each of them.

Saturday:  A cooler morning with no humidity.  These days don't come often enough in August in Georgia!  You can bet I took myself out to the back porch along with my pretty tea cup and pot of coffee.  The cat sat on the railing and the dog lay at my feet and the birds sang.  This was one of those idyllic moments we must seek or lose them.  Blissful peace.

The medium eggs feel so tiny in my hand compared to the large ones we're accustomed to using but I still used just the one in my squash casserole.

Lovely to heat and eat dinner and not have to do more than assemble the casserole.

We ate prior to going to my little great niece's party.  I felt more comfortable with my own food choices here at home.  My indulgence was one tiny mini cupcake, a two bite portion just right for me.  The savings?  I skipped eating a fruit serving to 'save' for those carbs in the cake bite.  I've planned a lowered carb meal for supper, too.

Living Well: I so enjoyed my great niece's birthday party this afternoon.  She was so sweet with all the company and happy with her gifts.  But there was one gift, a comforter and sheets set, that thrilled her no end.  She laughed and crowed and cried and hugged it to her.  Every adult there had a huge smile watching her.  It was the highlight of the day.    

Sunday:  We had the cornmeal pancakes I made late last week for our breakfast this morning.  They reheated well at a low oven setting while I cooked the sausage.

I don't know just what made me check my blood sugar this afternoon after church but I did and it was a good bit lower than usual.  I was glad John insisted on my bringing along a snack bag...and a glucometer.

John went into the grocery which is far less expensive than my walking through.  I feel perfectly justified in adding this or that to the buggy or thinking of one more thing that we're out of and I'd meant to put on my list.  John tends to stick to my written list.

He bought extra large eggs for $4.49/18.  Compared to the local store's prices, not bad.  It's still a big jump in price...And for the record I'd suggested he look for medium eggs as they'd be cheaper over all but the extra large was the only dozen and half packaged eggs.

John confessed he'd been very tempted in the deli but heeded my issued warning last week that we weren't buying anything that we didn't have special funds set aside for.

We came home where I made a late lunch for us.  I used what we had on hand here at the house.  It was enough.

We ate so late, we had supper of cereal and toast tonight.

Living Well:  I had a lot of things on my heart and mind today.  I hadn't written in my journal in a few weeks and I finally took a few minutes this morning to just sit down and pour out my heart.  I needed that little session, a sort of private counseling session, between me and pen and paper.

Monday:  My day out with Mama.  She wanted to look at sandals.  We'd been to every decent store in our area and I suggested we visit a Belks in a small town in the foothills that is still a very nice store.  She found her sandals. I found two pairs myself which were 70% off. I paid less for two pairs of sandals than I would have for one cheap pair elsewhere.  I should get several years wear from them.

I came home and washed a full load of clothes and hung them all to dry.

I washed a full load of dishes in the dishwasher.

Living Well:   I came very close to not buying those sandals today.  My reasoning was that I while I needed them, medical bills need to be paid as well. John gave me some money to spend as I chose some months ago and I've held on to it for all this time.  I decided I'd buy the sandals with those funds...and when the clerk told me the total I was very surprised to find there was an additional 40% off the reduced prices.  I love pretty shoes...but I love a great bargain even more!  I won't get to wear the sandals for long this year but they are good well made shoes and should last me a few years.

Tuesday:  I have put off buying groceries, except for bread and eggs for ten days.  I have guests coming in tomorrow night and John is having oral surgery.  Time to get some foods in the house that he and the baby can eat.

I did very well and remembered cat food which I've forgotten multiple times.  I estimate I've spent about $75 overall which is half what we'd normally spend in this pay period.  Had eggs not been so costly I would have done better still.

I spent an hour and half this morning washing another section of the front porch railings.  I have one small section and a portion of the floor to get done and I'll be finished with that front porch.  It will be ready for painting.    Unfortunately I noticed the back porch railings need to be cleaned.  Fortunately they are not as badly covered with mildew and algae and should cleanup with just a spray of cleaner and then rinse.

I chopped up a chicken breast and dressed with chili sauce and a red pepper salad dressing that I didn't like very much.  It made a decent barbecue like sauce.  I made sandwiches of shredded chicken.
John washed a full load of clothes.  I had stripped the bed this morning so he could wash his uniform and bedding and make a full load.

Made a batch of Ginger Peach Muffins for breakfast in the morning (and John's snacks).

Used three very ripe bananas and made Banana Poundcakes.  No, it's not diet friendly but it's nice to have on hand for company.  My recipe made two so I'm sending one to a family member that is having surgery this week.

Living Well:  I was a bit jolted yesterday morning by a local weather forecaster's reminder that August was nearly half over.  Summer is fleeing!  I saw golden rod blooming on our own roadway and that is a very early blooming for us.  So at the grocery today I noted they had these cute little watermelon called Personal melons and they were $1.58.  I got one for John and I.  We haven't had watermelon all summer long.  My but it was sweet and fresh tasting and so good.  I was happy I'd indulged in that little bit of summer.

Wednesday:  John had a dental appointment today.  He paid cash for his appointment, which I didn't expect but appreciate.

I went by the grocery to fill his prescriptions.  While there I picked up more soft foods and eggs.  To date I've spent $100 on groceries this pay period.  I won't likely shop this way again anytime in the near future.  I'd rather plan hard and shop smarter but it did work out all right for us this pay period, only because I worked hard to stay focused on what we really needed right away.

I baked a whole chicken in the oven and cooked a corned beef in the crock pot.  I roasted the chicken before I left home this morning, but left the corned beef cooking when we left.

There was a lawn elf who came by and mowed our entire yard while we were gone today.  We are pretty sure we know who did it and appreciate his kindness and thoughtfulness.

Bess and Josh arrived shortly before we did from the dentist.  I felt badly about forgetting to leave my key hidden here for her.  She'd forgotten to ask Sam for his key before leaving home.  As it was, it was pleasant on the back porch and the baby nearly dozed off in the rocker while she rocked him.
They looked so peaceful sitting there that I had a feeling she didn't mind half as much as I did.

John and the baby ate jello and yogurt and the baby had crackers and milk.  Bess and I had a piece of chicken and a salad (I had a half tomato sandwich but called it salad).

I bought some cinnamon capsules which is supposed to help with blood sugar control as well.  I'll talk to my doctor about them, but I feel sure he won't be against my trying them.

Living Well:  Josh is getting more comfortable with me, I think.  Tonight as his Mama and Grampa chatted in the living room, he crawled into the kitchen where I was clearing up and sat at my feet playing with a whipped topping bowl and a pair of sunglasses.  Every time I looked down he'd look up and give me his sweet grin.  If I opened a cabinet door to put something away, he came t inspect.  If I walked across the room to do another task he followed.  I was one happy Gramma.

Thursday:  Up at my usual hour this morning with a smile on my face.  I heard Josh crawling across the floor right away.

I made French toast.  At John's request some months ago, instead of setting the leftover custard aside, I'd add an egg or two to the mixture and scrambled it.  I did the same this morning and we all had eggs with our French toast.

Josh didn't finish his yogurt this morning but knowing how much he likes it, I packed it in a container and put on ice with his milk.  He might prefer that later since he wasn't feeling well.

I steamed cabbage, potatoes and carrots today to go with the corned beef.

John pointed to the peaches in the bowl last night and told Bess "There were summers when I'd get a few peach cobblers..."  Message heard, Mr.  I peeled all the peaches tonight.  I packed one into a freezer bag and froze it for smoothies.  The rest I made into a modified Upside Down Cobbler.  I cut the sugar amounts in half, as well as the butter and I used half whole wheat flour.  I think I could cut the sugar down a little more, at least if the peaches are nice and sweet like these were.  I'll keep that in mind for future cobblers.  I measured my portion of the cobbler carefully, getting more peaches than cobbler portion.

I use the last of the roasted chicken (it was a small chicken) to make sandwiches for us tonight.  I put the bones and skin in a bag for broth making later.

I repaired three necklaces this evening.

John had a hole in his work pants pocket.  I've repaired these pants so many times.  John assured me they are getting near 'retirement' lol.  The hole wasn't really repairable due to it's location in the fold of a narrow pocket meant for an EMS utility knife.  I managed to get iron on patches positioned back to back over the hole.  I hope it holds up well for him.

Our dryer has been cutting off after a few minutes running.  We usually have to restart it two or three times to get it to run as it ought.  This morning, John pulled it out and vacuumed inside and out, disconnected the venting tube and vacuumed that, too.  It was one of the 'fixes' suggested online.  We hope it fixes the problem...and we've discussed what we'll do if it doesn't.  Our dryer is 18 years old and at that stage where it's limping a little.  I've got my fingers crossed it goes on working a while longer.  We don't use it a lot or for long when we do use it, but it's a mighty nice convenience to have.

Washed a full load of dishes in the dishwasher.

Shopped the pantry for decaf and regular coffee, and maple syrup this morning.

John washed a full load of clothes, which included one of the quilts.  We hung them to dry on the clothesline.

Living Well:  Josh didn't feel well this morning.  He groused and fussed and complained and cried.  He was running a bit of fever. I felt sorry for him, but I couldn't help but be amused by him, too.  He came over to the storm door while I was on the porch and we played peek a boo.  He meowed at the cat.  He was happy for a few minutes at least and I relished those moments.

Friday:  Packed John's lunch for work.   Made him breakfast.

Sat down this morning and planned meals for the weekend.

Went to have blood test this morning. I took off trash, picked up mail, went by the peach shed for one last bag of fresh peaches...and found the place shut down and packed up tight.  NO PEACHES, boo hoo...

Went into Hobby Lobby.  I so wanted to work on my back porch decor today and at least finish up the two craft projects I've started, but gracious goodness...All I wanted was black vinyl letters and numbers, about 3 inches high for the numbers, perhaps 4 inches for the lettering.  Well...Once I located them in various areas (paper crafts, school projects) I found that what I wanted was either paper and not at all weather proof or tiny, take my choice. I chose neither.  I will look when we go to Lowe's to see if they have what I want.  I did at least come out of Hobby Lobby with the two plate hangers I needed.

And  a basket for my magazines.  I'd been using the old coal scuttle which is a fun magazine holder bu it wouldn't fit under the little table near my chair and I was constantly banging my leg against it.  The basket I purchased was half off and the magazines fit nicely without falling over and the basket will slide neatly under the little table (where I keep my computer when not in use).

I was getting into my car and noted a girl walking across the parking lot, chatting on her phone.  She dropped her keys and change clattered out of the coin purse attached.  The girl kicked the money aside.  I was just one parking space away, so pulled forward and got out and picked up the change.  $.50 will go into our charity box tonight.  I can't fathom someone too lazy to pick up change they've spilled, but I know that it will go to good causes now, so I thank her.

Washed a full load of towels and cloths and hung them to dry.  The cloths went on the drying rack, which I sat outdoors on the back porch to catch afternoon sun and breeze.

What to do for dinner tomorrow?  What to do for my supper tonight?  What to do for Sunday dinner?  I give up fretting over weekend meals.   John wants to go out tomorrow which is unusual for a Saturday but I'll lay odds it's dinner time while we're out.  It usually is.  I'll be ready with suggestions for what we can have at HOME, unless he's treating in which case I'll have a few suggestions for eating OUT, lol.

Living Well:  So it's over.  I took the woman at her word that they'd be open 'thru next Friday' and planned to go by there today.  I postponed going by until early afternoon, simply because I had lots of errands to run and I didn't want to have peaches sitting in the car all day long...The day hadn't gone well overall. I was later leaving home than I'd thought I'd be,  I had to wait longer for lab work and they had to stick twice.  I went to Hobby Lobby to find a short list of items and came back with one, sigh.  I wanted to eat out but forgot my diabetic medication.  I had no cash on me and couldn't get any at HL because that isn't an option.  I followed signs for an estate sale that apparently didn't exist or they closed up early and went home, but failed to take down the signage on the highway.  'But at least I'll get peaches..." I said to myself on my way home, weary and let down.  "I'll have a fresh peach with my dinner today."  I drove home thinking about how short this season seems to have been.  And then when I looked up and saw that the packing shed was closed, I wanted to cry.  No more peaches.

I'm grateful John let it be known he hadn't had a peach cobbler Wednesday and that I went on and made him one.  I'm glad that I bought peaches every week from the moment the freestones starting producing.  I'm glad I ate a peach for every single day of the season. Next year.


a8383 said...

Thank you for your post Terri. I was having a wee little pity party for myself (we owe for a new AC which you know is not optional here in GA) so I can't do other things. I know how fortunate I am to have a lovely old home though decorated in the thrift and elbow grease style. I am glad you bought shoes! I almost didn't order 2 pairs of into fall shoes from payless ($38. for 2 pair after discounts and taxes- free shipping). I look forward to their coming so! What are your Aldi egg prices? Ours are still $1.49 for large. Well this week anyway. Angela

Becky L said...

I look forward to your posts. They always make me feel better!

Wendi said...

I know how you feel about the peaches. That is how I feel when the sweet corn stand shut down around here. I heard on the radio this week that egg prices should start to drop as the bird flu is under control. I haven't noticed as drop yet, but I am hopeful.

Janell in Georgia said...

I finished my last two peaches yesterday. I wanted to cry also. I still have 3 tomatoes left that I will need to eat in the next couple of days before they spoil. I seem to eat as much tomato as lettuce. I was so bad last night. I noticed an offer on a Krystal coupon page that said it you text to this number you can get 2 Krystal and small drink with purchase. Hubby and I went to Krystal. I had the 2 and maybe a fourth of a small sprite and a few bites of his chili cheese fries. Why is it soooo good when you aren't supposed to eat it? My daughter and I were also at Belk Monday. We did look at the shoes (for her since I can only wear certain shoes), but didn't find any wedges she needs in her size. Purchased hubby a Chaps tee shirt for $9.62. He really likes their tees because they don't shrink.
I shopped the 4 day sale at Kroger and got 4 chickens at .69/pound and had hubby cut them up for me (he worked as a meat cutter in high school and for a while after we married). Also purchased a pork loin. I figured after we packaged it the cost per meal for it will be $2.20. Not too shabby.
Can you have chickens where you live? Just a thought. We can't in the city limits and my bulldog would think they were a snack. I did notice organic dozen eggs at Kroger were $2.79 this week. That's not a bad price.

Lana said...

We have had a hard, hard week with some issues with our adult children. It seems that they are better at breaking our hearts now than they ever were. I can understand why some retire to distant lands and topical islands!

I have not gotten much done at all this week as an old car accident knee injury has flared up. I am thankful that there is nothing pressing and I can just stay off it and rest.

Our artist daughter and steady handed husband have done quite a bit of lettering around our house with those little bottles o acrylic paint. We print off what we want in the size we want after picking a font on the internet. Then use a soft lead pencil to completely color over the letters/numbers on the back side. Tape the paper where you want it and trace over the outline of the letters. The lead on the back will transfer and you can then just take a fine brush and fill it in with paint. It is practically free! Daughter lettered the screen porch in 2009 and is still looks as good as the day she did it! We did the walls of the grandchildren's room a few years ago and husband did our front door just about a month ago. It really sets our door apart from the norm. We did use some house paint that we had on hand for that one. Our daughter has done this in trade for a whole year's worth of chiropractic care for her family!

Eggs were 2.39 for a dozen large at Aldi this week. Last time I bought them they were 1.99. I am still hoping to get to canning peaches but time is getting short and my knee will not allow me to do it. We did take along a half bushel when we went to Alabama to see our oldest son and family last weekend and we ate them for every meal all weekend. I was allergic to peaches for 27 years so they are such a treat to me and I still can't hardly believe that I can eat them again.

Anonymous said...

Your holding back on your fruit serving to 'save' for those carbs to use in the cake bite made me think of the book French Women Don't Get Fat. I hope I have the title right. I was curious so bought a used copy of that book One thing the lady said was they do have deserts or fatty foods and such. They just cut back one place in the meal so they can indulge occasionally on the 'not so good for you' foods. Or only perhaps sharing a desert or such. It was all very interesting and the women had a good writing style to me.
We buy our eggs from a friend who has chickens but lately have been given quail eggs. Now those are small eggs!
I have many times thought of making a different type of journal. One to be read by my children when I am gone. Things I want them to understand or know about me or our world. Our family memories. My belief's. Even things that they would love to know about their father. I gave each of my parents one of those memory books to fill out and when they died they had not filled out one page. I wish they had even done one page in it or on a piece of paper left for the family. If I just wrote things down as it came to a regular journal, anything I wrote would be something I would wish them to know so anything,....any amount would be precious. I know my children and they would appreciate it. I would like to include through out thoughts of our relationship with each child and how special God made each of them. So now is the time to start it and stop just thinking about it. :)
It is amazing to us the number of times we see people drop change and not stop to pick it up. We see it happen so often. What are they thinking?
I have a pocket to repair too but this time it will only be fixed if I make a new pocket. It has been fixed other ways too many times to redo it again! :) Yes it was a tool that punched through this pocket too!
Those pillows are beautiful !I I bet they are comfortably cushy too with those good feathers in them. What a bargain! It was good to hear from you... Sarah

Rhonda said...

Hello Terri, as always I enjoy your online visits. I have lost interest in so many blogs but I don't think I'll ever get bored with you :)

When Gavin was born, we were waiting at the hospital with Jeff's parents. We were sitting near a bank of vending machines, a young man tried to buy something but dropped his handful of change on the floor. He cursed, walked off and left his money, we all looked at each other in disbelief and my almost 80 year old father in law walked over and picked up all that change, We put it in Gavin's piggy bank.

My parents and their truck are supposed to arrive at the retirement home in just a couple hours.

Grammy Goodwill said...

I always enjoy reading your posts. I just want to add that I will bend over to pick up a penny. I can't understand how people walk away from coins like that.

Kathy said...

Ok, I made a peach cobbler today after reading your blog. So good! Probably not as good as your GA peaches cobbler, but we enjoyed it.

A few months ago, we drove from VA to FL, and I kept seeing signs for places that you mention on your blog...I remember Kingsland, I think. GA is so flat compared to the Blue Ridge mountains where I live in VA. :D

Love the pretty!
Hope that John is doing ok after his dental appt, and I hope your grandson is feeling better. He sounds like a cutie...Gramma had a shadow that day.

What a thoughtful lawn elf.
Hope you have a good week.

Crystal H. in Nevada said...

When I shop at Smiths (Kroger Affiliate) I see high school kids tossing their change on the ground in the parking lot. Smiths is across the street from a local high school and the kids are on lunch break. I watch and the little girl who brings in carts for the store picks up lots and lots of change. Good for her. One day she was off and I picked up several dollars in change. Maybe if these kids had to work for it they would value it more. So Sad.

Sarah, I saw you wrote about writing for your kids. I decided I need to do this and tell them the stories they won't hear from anyone else like things that happened when they were little. My grandma and mom both wrote a paper for me when I was in high school and took a Womens Class. (yes, a long time ago) Grandma practically wrote a book, lol) They were writing what they had seen change in their life time and I wrote the same about me. Grandma went a little more into family history and I treasure both of them.

Anyway, glad to see new posts when I checked today. The week has been crazy with sickness and weird things going on so normal was very nice.
Have a great week.

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