Gathered Fragments and Menu Plans: 2nd Week of May


In the fridge:

2 Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes

1 zucchini

1 large piece cubed steak

1 cup of canned table cream    This is very rich thick cream, more like heavy whipping cream than what I'm accustomed to in canned milk which my family always called 'cream'.

1/2 bottle of expired French dressing.  I opened it just last week so it's not 'expired' in that way, just by date.

about 4 cups of Farro  I bought this for soup ages ago and made it and we liked that recipe a lot but I haven't made it in a year.   Aside from that soup, we never eat Farro.  I'll have to look around for some recipes that call for it.

1.5 cups of cooked brown rice

a jar of Artichoke hearts

about 8 flour tortillas, small size

Feta cheese

Sliced Turkey breast

4 slices of Pizza

hardened Hawaiian Sweet Rolls


Turkey salad

1/2  of Chicken Broccoli Alfredo casserole

Strawberry Jello with Peaches

Just a few pieces of frozen Cheese Raviolis

4 Hard boiled (still in shell) eggs

I also have some turkey salad but frankly, ladies, I'm over it.  It's been in the fridge now for five days and I'm just not keen to keep serving it.  So that shall go to the doggies.   Ditto for the leftover Broccoli Cheese Rice.  It's been in the fridge longer than I care to keep anything so out it goes to puppies, too. (these on Monday morning to the dogs).  Just as an aside the dogs get about 1.5 cups of food daily and if these two items total more than their daily portion they will only get the daily portion and the rest will serve them the next day.

Saturday:   Had bagels with cream cheese for breakfast.  Must make more bagels this week.  I gave Sam at least half of what I made last week.

Pizza using the hamburger and tomato sauce from fridge.  Also used some onion, opened a jar of Pepperoncini, more of the frozen julienned sundried tomatoes and the last of the frozen bell pepper.  Had 4 slices left over.

Beef  Burritos (from the freezer) with a Chipotle Cheese Sauce, Salad, Sliced Cucumber,  Pineapple Upside down cupcakes. The Chipotle Peppers in Adobo sauce have been in the freezer FOREVER.  I'm trying to be very mindful about using them up. This was an idea I picked up from an Instagrammer @savingfoodforeating who made a cheese sauce to go over her burritos.  I just jazzed mine up with the chipotle and it was soooo good!

So that starts my week off rather well, having used up a few items from the fridge and made a dent in the older freezer stock.  Now to plan for the rest of the week, keeping the fragments  in mind and how I might use them.

Sunday:  John surprised me with lunch out today.  Yeah he did!  So we brought home leftovers and that will be our meals for the day today.  And by the way, it was wonderful.  We went to our favorite out of the way restaurant and were second in a line which trailed around the parking lot by the time the place opened.  Management had put on extra help today and they were lined up and ready to take people to tables.  Even though some weren't assigned to work until an hour later they'd arrived early and went right to work.   Service was excellent and the food was perfect.

And for the record, this is highly unusual.  John usually makes me breakfast for Mother's Day and that's what he'd done this morning so I had no expectation we were going out to lunch today.  It was a complete surprise to me.  Go John!

Monday: breakfast: Biscuits with Cubed Steaks

Lunch:  Leftover Pizza, Tangelos

Supper:  Pan Seared Burgers,  Zucchini au Gratin,  Roasted Potato Wedges, Gelatin with Peaches

The Zucchini au gratin calls for heavy cream and Parmesan cheese.  I'll use some of the canned table cream as the cream in this dish.

Tuesday:  breakfast:  Breakfast casserole Using Hawaiian Rolls.  This may be moved further into the week depending upon how many eggs I find I have when I check the fridge.  Since I know I'm low on cheese, I'll likely make the French Toast Breakfast Casserole and serve with sausage on the side.

Lunch:  Turkey Sandwiches, Chips

Supper: Black Beans and Rice, Salsa, Tortillas, Pineapple Upside Down Cakes

Wednesday:  Breakfast:  Hard Boiled Eggs, Bacon slices, Toast I reheat hard boiled eggs by pouring boiling water over the cold unshelled eggs.  I never have problems with them when done in this way.  They shell easily and they are always warm in the middle.

Lunch:  probably pick up deli.  I'm expecting to get groceries this day but we shall see.

Supper:  Kale and Farro Soup with Feta Cheese topping,  Garlic Toasts, Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf cake

Thursday:  Breakfast: Pancakes, Sausage

Lunch: Leftover Soup

Supper: Chicken Artichoke and Pesto Calzone, Salads

Friday:  Breakfast: Cold Cereal, Fruit, Toast

Lunch: Leftovers

Supper: ???I'll plan this meal later in the week, as we get nearer Friday and I know what leftovers we have, etc.


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Terri!
Your children are blessed to have you.
Much love,
P.S. So sweet of John to surprise you with lunch, and to get there in such a timely manner as to avoid the wait! That man is a keeper to be sure.

Donna said...

Happy belated Mother's Day! Actually it would be very sad if folks only honored their mothers one day a year. You had a very good day, with John preparing breakfast and then having a nice meal out (with leftovers to boot!).