A Brand New Day

Confession time:  I love getting up early but...somewhere along about the fourth day of a work week, it starts to get really hard to get up especially when the week has been busy.  This morning I felt it especially hard to rise when the alarm went off and at one point after John left, I switched off the lights and prepared mentally to go back to bed.  Trouble was I was really hungry as well as really sleepy.  And hunger won because I've never yet managed to sleep if my tummy was growling.  So I went out on the front porch to feed the dogs and cat while I ate my peanut butter and sliced peach toast (Yep, it's an odd combo but it was recommended in Weight Watchers and it's really good!), sipped my cup of coffee and listened to the birds calling.

We had rain yesterday afternoon before I returned home from synagogue and everything looked dewy and fresh and green.  A slight misty haze arose amongst the trees as the sun began to warm the cool damp spots and suddenly I felt that rending of the heart that comes with beauty that can't be created by man.  The world was silent save the call of the birds (since the cat and dogs had finished eating and were not longer crunch crunch crunching their dry food).  The sun touched the lawn and shone through the leaves of the faith tree and I thought, "The world must have looked like this when it was new."   Then I was reminded of the passage in Lamentations 3 "His mercies are renewed every morning."

Now there's a thought to take your breath away.  Whatever I was yesterday, however I might have failed, his mercy is new to me this morning.  It is moments like that when my eyes fill with tears.  Then I remembered a passage from Job 29 "My power will be fresh every day."  Looking out over that new day, I felt my power, my energy rising.  Needless to say I didn't feel the need of more sleep any more.  I felt the need to begin this day.

I've had a lovely day thus far.  My home is neat and clean.  I've tackled a small project that will help me accomplish a bigger project. I've been to town to get dog food, bread and milk and the specials at the local store.  Made pizza for dinner and calzone for the freezer.  Washed the sheets and towels (and oh yes, they do need to go on the line, oops!).  I had the pleasure of speaking to a deacon from the church on the opposite hill, just a mile up the highway from here and told him what a joy it is to see the landscaping and improvements they've made.  He was such a nice nice man.  I've listened to at least three sermons this morning, the best of which you can find here:


This is an awesome testimony of a former atheist, lawyer and investigative reporter who set out to prove Jesus was not the son of God and instead found himself convinced he did live, die and arose from his grave.  Just awesome!

It's a new day, even yet, in mid afternoon...And I am off to hang out those clothes and then take a quick nap before I tackle the vacuuming.

It's a new day and it's been just grand thus far!

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MotherHen said...

Oh My - I really enjoyed this post, thank you so much. Now every morning I will begin with "A New Day" mentality!!!!! How refreshing :-)

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