My First Estate Sale

I started housework extra early yesterday morning and took the local paper onto the porch with my coffee when I was feeding the animals.  I like our little local paper.  Mostly it's a page of local news, a page of editorials and a page of sports with a mixed page tossed in of births, first birthdays, the occasional milestone anniversary (usually 50 years and up) and obituaries, then legal ads and general advertising.  It's a homey sort of newspaper.  I don't think it will ever win any journalism awards but it's our local paper and it does at least keep us aware of local mandates, businesses and the occasional human interest story.  Reading it generally takes a bit over five minutes...

I happen to like to read the ads in the back, not the legals, but the real estate, help wanted and then the yard sale notices and most importantly the local antiques and flea markets stores.  This week I found a notice for an estate sale.  I noticed the name of the main road was one which I'd seen earlier in the week while I was out and since the housework was pretty much done, I promised myself I'd make it my goal to go to this estate sale while I was out running errands.  I'd never before been to an estate sale and I was excited to see what it was all about.

Well now I know.  It's essentially an opportunity to walk through a home and choose what you want from what is for sale.  First of all, I have to say I thought it was a little sad to be walking through a home purchasing the treasures someone else collected.  Then I must say that I am just nosy enough that I enjoyed it, lol.  These are photos of what I bought (not including the peaches and tomatoes.  Those came from the local packing shed). 
 Loved these jars.  They are 2 quart sized.  They have standard lids on them which is what sold me.  I plan to use them as storage pieces for my pantry.  And just two of a set of 8 glasses.  Now I've got plenty of glasses, I really do, but this set was just so appealing.  The moment I saw them I pictured them with pink lemonade in them, which does not show to its best advantage in my brown or green glasses.  They have an old fashioned appeal I thought will work well with my older plates.

 Light bulbs...I can always use a few more of those. There are all different watts from nightlight to 3-way bulbs in this bag. 
 A full size set of sheets...I thought 'set' meant pillowcases included but apparently not.  I can always buy a pair of white pillowcases...I cannot however buy a set of nice cotton sheets for $5 anywhere!
I loved these nesting mixing bowls the moment I saw them.  They reminded me of the antique stoneware bowls.  They are NEW pieces but they look old don't they?  See those luscious peaches in the background?  I'm going to really enjoy them.  They may well be the last ones I get this year.  The girl at the stand told me they were closing this coming Friday.

I enjoyed this 'first'.  I think I've done well at being more adventuresome.  I can't wait to see what else I can do with the rest of this year!

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Rhonda said...

looks like fun - I have a few 2 quart jars and they are so useful, they hold a lot. You will love them.

Your new bowls look old. I like them too.

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