Sunday Evening, A Day of Quiet Rest

It was a difficult sort of week just behind us and I must say I was much pleased when the last part of the week took a turn and I found things much easier going.  It was a blessed relief, I assure you.  The week however was not without casualties...Like those lovely mixing bowls I bought at the estate sale.  There were three.  Now there are not. I have the largest one yet only because it was in a different location than the two smaller ones and I am doubly to blame for the breaking of the two.  Why?  Because I'd been storing them on top of the refrigerator.  Earlier this week I'd noted that they slid a little too easily on top of the fridge.  I thought then "I really should move these," but looking about couldn't find a single spot where they might sit, so I decided to leave them where they were.

Friday John and I were looking for a roll of duct tape (I KNOW we bought a new roll!) in the top of the broom cupboard.  Frustrated, when he couldn't find it, I got the step stool and went over to see if could find it, counting on the old family motto that a second pair of eyes is always just what is needed.  I took out a couple of cans of bug spray, set them on the top of the fridge, one can tilted, I grabbed for it and everything on top of the fridge slid to the opposite side...and the bowls hit the counter and then the floor.  I could've wept.  John took one look and said "Gee I hope those weren't family heirlooms."  And I said "No, nor even really old but I sure did like them!"  Oh well.  I won't cry over things that get broken.

Well, as I said, the week at that point was a lot easier than it had been at the start.  I was given the gift of a little block of time on Thursday afternoon, all my own.  John was off to practice and I opted to stay at home.  I planned to work ahead and get housework done for the next day.  I mopped and vacuumed and dusted and cleaned and was weary as could be when he returned.  Well worth the extra tiredness however, when we took off to run an errand the next morning a little distance away.

John treated me to breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  It hadn't been exactly cool outdoors but it was cozy near the fire where we were sitting. One of the waitresses stopped to poke the embers and add a new log and the fire crackled and flared up.  Lovely thing!  Pancakes and coffee tasted doubly good with the fire crackling happily nearby.

We left there to run our errand and then went by CVS.  John had mentioned needing deodorant.  Well I knew he'd need it soon and had put off buying it last pay period.  I also needed to buy foundation make up.  True confession here.  I'd as soon shop for bras or bathing suits as I had foundation!

Here's the trouble.  Make up is pricey.  I am inclined to look for what is on sale, or what I have coupons for...I've long since given up being brand loyal/item loyal.  Invariably by the time I use up a bottle or tube of foundation, it's no longer available (makeup is a great deal like electronics, it's already passe by the time we buy it), so I must seek a new item anyway.  Color names mean little. One must sample.  But only after you've determined if you want anti-aging, moisturizing, dry skin formula, matte, gloss, normal, oil control, sensitive, mousse, pancake, tinted moisturizer, powder, gel...Well you see the range of choices is wide and then there are about a dozen color tints in each type.  Once you find the type you want you must find your color and ten times out of nine (and yep I know that is backwards!) the color I require isn't available in that particular line and so the search begins anew in the next brand.  Sigh.  And lest you think it's just me I claim this as evidence.  A woman stood in the aisle looking at lipsticks sighing deeply.  We struck up a conversation and yes, she was stuck too!

Well I finally settled upon a bottle of foundation, got a lipstick for half price too, bought the deodorant and went out to the car.  John asked what took so long...

We headed home and we decided after our big late breakfast we'd skip dinner altogether.  John did eat half a peanut butter sandwich just before he left home to help a friend with some moving.  And I had another lovely bit of time alone.  I meant to spend the time relaxing but there were little things here and there that needed doing and I wanted to set pizza dough to rise, get the toppings prepped ahead...I worked right up until John returned with this and that.  When he reminded me I had yet to type up the Power Point for Saturday's service, I could've wept for real! I was tired, overly hungry and ready for the day to be at an end at that point.

Well it got done eventually and in record time as well.  And after a busy day yesterday it was nice to relax our pace a bit and enjoy being 'at home' today with nothing really planned and just household basics to tend to. I won't be cooking tomorrow as we've more than enough leftovers for all three meals!  I don't often have that many leftovers but it worked out that way this time.  I even have things set in the freezer for my dinners this next week.

I finally finished reading the only book I read all through the month of November and December,

  I didn't take six weeks to read this book because it was boring.  No indeed!  It is well worth the reading, just that loaded with stories.  It's well over 500 pages and fifty chapters.  It is about the settling of the Nebraska territory.  Sod houses, blizzards, hardships, cowboys, quilts, and adventures.  It's all in there and then some and every bit as interesting as Laura Ingalls Wilder's work.

The only other book read has been this:
This book took less than a week to read, and that long only because I chose to read one chapter a day. It's a powerful read and I highly recommend it.

The only other reading this month was taking time to flip through the vintage homemaking magazines for December.  I pulled out the January copies and realized I have very few for this month.  I foresee a little ebay shopping in my future...

I watched two movies:
The King's Speech with Colin Firth.  This was a good film.  I enjoyed it.  There was some bad language but it had a purpose, it wasn't just random cursing.  Once more watching this film (just as in The Other Boleyn, and Victoria and Albert and The Young Victoria, I was struck by the agony these royals had in trusting others.  Sad and heartening, this film deals with King George's speech defect and the man who helped him to overcome the worst of it.

Shopaholic was a repeat viewing.  I enjoyed that as a light comedy/romance and laughed out loud just as I did the first time I saw it.  No relation to the book by the same name though, even though it is based on teh books...Just sayin'.

I don't know just what will get done this next week.  I've not started Christmas baking, have no meal plans, and certainly no holiday meals planned nor yet even clear cut family plans.  I haven't wrapped presents, haven't done any more decorating...I have been busy as could be and have absolutely nothing to show for it!  Everytime I realize that Christmas is this coming weekend I feel a great deal as though I just remembered a final or surgery looming ahead and I am  totally unprepared.  This has been the oddest season I've ever had with little of the enjoyment I normally get from it.  I have yet to capture that 'spirit' so important to the full enjoyment of this time.

Oh one last thing before I close tonight.  Friday, while he was 'moving' stuff, somehow my husband and his friend ended up at the pawn shop.  I'm so glad he went in.  One night a couple of weeks ago, John mentioned again that he wanted one of those antique replica radios with the phonograph, CD player and radio.  I made mental note and had already planned to go find one this week as my big present to him.  Well he called home all excited to say he'd found one at the pawn shop for 45% off a price that was ridiculously low to begin with.  I told him to go on and buy it and explained that as I'd meant to get it for his Christmas present I'd pay for it from my account funds.

It's a lovely thing, and we listened to it Friday and Saturday evenings rather than have the TV on endlessly.  It's been wonderful!  We played some of the older albums and tried out the CD player too.  Oh we've already gotten our money's worth in entertainment and I can just see it will suit us perfectly these long dreary winter days ahead.

And now I shall end for the evening.  Tomorrow is another day...

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