Bits and Pieces That Make Up My History

I was so pleased when Granny gave me this cat and two kittens...I'd considered them 'mine' for as long as I can remember...

I don't know the history of these three little pieces, nor how old they are.  Labels were once upon their bottom sides but only glue remains.  The ear of the kitten on the left is chipped badly and the Mama cat's legs have been broken and glued back on.  I am afraid I was responsible for each of those breaks.

Granny kept these cats on the mantel for as long as I can recall.  When we'd stay overnight, she'd make up an army cot for one of my brothers, a folding bed for me (which was, by the way, wonderfully comfortable.  The old mattress was of the same sort of rolled cotton used in quilts and quite thickly stuffed), and another bed on the sofa for my other brother.  We almost always slept in the living room in those early days visits.  No doubt because it was the warmest in the house in winter and right near Granny's bedroom.

I always begged to sleep with the cats.  I was, as a rule, very careful of them, but after I'd gone to sleep I tended to lose them.  Hence the broken legs and chipped ear.  I suspect these came from the five and dime store.   They appear to be made of a sort of soft plaster material.  The eyes have quite a bit of slant painted on the perhaps made in Japan or Occupied Japan?  I can only guess they were a gift as Granny was never fond of cats in life or form.  She disliked them mightily and was very unhappy around them.

The cat and kittens was one of the first items Granny gave me after we moved here.  I still smile when I handle them, remembering the great joy of spending time with Granny when I was a child.

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Tracy said...

One of my most treasured possessions is a little jewelry box my Mama had. I loved to look at it as a child and an glad to have it today. :)

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