I got Sunshine...

 For months now I've been complaining about my camera's date...Just realized it is set just fine, merely in European format and not the more usual American MM/DD/YYYY format.  Huh.  I am easily confused by things like that.

I was not feeling well the day I took this first photo.  The sunlight coming into the window was dazzling and the violets look so healthy and pretty.  I just love the way the window blind creates a shadow and sunlight mix upon the plants.

My real sunshine... Samuel planted easily 100 bulbs in the Fall.  Perhaps a dozen or so have actually come up.  This was the first to bloom.  Isn't it lovely?  Mama gave me the tiny little ones behind and believe it or not I waited two years to plant after she'd dug them up. They had no problem putting on a good and early show, blooming in early February.

I love Daffodils.  They make me smile, no matter how bad my day is.  They are so bright and cheerful.  Many years ago we lived in an older home with old fashioned plantings.  The yard was just full of daffodils that had multiplied.  I gathered multiple bouquets each year even though Mama adamantly disliked flowers in the house. 

Here in Georgia, jonquils grow wild at roadside and at many old homesites, even if the homes have long gone.  It's lovely to see the wide swatches of yellow and deep green.  The daffodils however are less often seen at roadside.  This past year, Ft. Valley planted big patches of the King Alfred Daffodil along Highway 49.  They had only just begun to bloom last week. I hope I have reason to go along that highway again soon before they stop blooming.

 Trudy was eager for attention, right up until I turned the camera on her.  Note the 'circles' in the grass behind her?  I'm not sure what caused that, but was wondering if perhaps it might be moles or voles?  The grass in those areas is actually more green than the rest of the lawn.  It's interesting to see the pattern from the vantage point of the porch.

 Maddie looks as though she meant to say something doesn't she?  I don't normally get a photo of her with her tongue out...
It must have just been the day for it?  lol  Misu doesn't normally show her tongue either.  I think these two silly girls made me smile as much as the daffodils did.

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Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing! Love the pictures! I love daffodils too!

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