Choosing Our Way

 Recently we took a short trip.  I was surprised to find my attention caught by signage all along the way.  It made me think about a portion of our life at present where we are questioning and seeking answers.
 Here's one.  This sign makes it plain that a time of choice is ahead.  Go this way or go that.  It seems  safe enough choice knowing that it is an acceptable place to turn or go straight ahead doesn't it?
 And another, which makes the choosing a bit harder.  Choices...Oh they do rule our lives!
 This is plain enough.  WRONG WAY.  I could have used a few of those signs along the pathways of my life.  Oh the troubles it would have saved!
 I encounter this one all too often.  It helps tremendously  to understand that this is just a sign to protect me and keep me safe.  It's not really a sign that I should stop and go no further.  It is a suggestion that I stop and carefully consider what is choice I make before I move ahead.

Sometimes signs are confusing.  There are a lot of messages in this set of signs.  It is very difficult sometimes to read all the signs at once, mind the traffic and stay aware of all that is going on in and out of the vehicle isn't it?   
 Clearly all of these signs are giving me immediate directions based upon any number of decisions I might make.  Some are meant to give me direction, to help me find my way.  Others are meant as severe warnings.  Failure to pay attention means I am literally taking my life (and others) in my hands or missing the opportunity to go the way I'd meant to.  Backtracking can be difficult at some points in our life if we miss our way...
 This sign says that this is no place to stop and find your bearings...And that's the way it is with life at times.  There simply is no place to pull over and get your bearings.  You must keep going a little further ahead before that opportunity presents itself.
 Another cautionary sign.  Watch out for what might be coming at you...
 And some signage simply eliminates the matter of choosing altogether.  It's plain that the way in which you are going is the ONLY way to go at present. 
A few signs warn about slowing down...Not a bad thing.  I think we all tend to go too fast at times.  We make quick decisions that we regret.  We get too busy and discover we've missed an opportunity we might have taken instead.  Or we miss a turn we really wanted to take.  Slowing down is a time to reflect.

We are facing a few choices at the moment.  How much easier it would be if we had road signs to warn us, guide us, tell us what to do!

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