A Day in My Life

Much amused by the hoohaw surrounding stay at home wife/mom not working a day in their life, I decided to track a day in my life.  Just one day.  And this wasn't a FULL day, doesn't include blogging, writing, phone calls, creating shopping lists, etc.

Here's my day as it transpired on Tuesday:
When John left I made cinnamon rolls.  The recipe calls for buttermilk.  My carton was only 1/3 full when I made this recipe, so I added as much milk to the carton and set it on the counter for 24 hours.  Wednesday morning, I had buttermilk.
The cinnamon rolls, waiting to go in the oven.  I went outside to finish clearing up the limbs, weeds, etc.
My second wheelbarrow load of limbs...I had two more to go after this.

All winter I've watched a red cockaded woodpecker pick up pecans and come to the Sweet Gum tree with it.  I suspected he was finding a handy place to lodge the nuts and crack them.  Proof that my suspicions were right...He was on the security light pole pecking away when I came out this morning...

Worked my way around the house to the front porch,where I put out food for the pets

 and sat down to cool off and do Bible reading for the morning. 
Then indoors to slip the cinnamon rolls in the oven and off to shower.

Ate breakfast while I talked to Amie.  Then I faced the kitchen:
Loaded into dishwasher and handwashed what wouldn't fit.  Ignore the chicken on the counter.  She typically sits on the window shelf.

All done.

Started milk heating in the crock pot for yogurt.  Then I went to strip the bed.  Only I did more than strip the bed. I removed the old dust ruffle to wash and cleaned under the bed frame.  The room looked pretty disastrous.

I started the first of two loads of laundry, put spaghetti sauce on to cook, and began sterilizing jars for yogurt.  Then back to the bedroom:
 Removed the box spring, vacuumed, repaired frame and put the box spring back on the bed.  Honestly that was the biggest struggle this day!  I could handle the big heavy mattress far more easily.

I was beyond tired...and in the struggle with the bedroom the kitchen had exploded, and the dining room too...

Temptation was to quit right here...

But I couldn't do that.  Too many tasks ahead of me yet.  Like finishing up the spaghetti sauce, making croutons from sour dough bread for salad,
 making and eating lunch, incubating yogurt, clearing up the kitchen
the dining room,
and most especially the bedroom.

I cleaned out a dresser drawer that was overflowing.  Toss, donate, re-purpose.  Two pairs of long pants that will soon be short pants for summer.

And then I stretched out on the bed to rest.  It was 2pm and I'd been going full blast since 5:30am.  I read a few pages of a book I found on my shelf.  Then I got up and made myself an afternoon treat:
 And sat in my chair where I proceeded to write a bit in my newsletter.

Not the end of the day but the end of the pictures.  I still had to put away yogurt, fold two loads of laundry, clear the clothes out of the bedroom, work on the grocery list, feed the pets, have supper and clear the dishes from that...My day finally ended about 8pm when John came in from work.  Just a day in my life...


Rhonda said...

So fun to follow you around and enjoy your pretty home

Deanna said...

It's been awhile since I blogged "a day in my life". You've inspired me to do it again soon. I enjoyed the glimpse into your day.

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