July $25 Grocery Challenge Week III

Week III July 16-22
Monday:  peach pancakes/sausage*
lunch: Submarine sandwich, john's treat we were out doing errands chips, ice cream*
supper: Cheese omelet, sliced tomatoes, grits (leftovers t and g) toast, turkey bacon
all ingredients except turkey bacon on last weeks cost line-up.  Turkey bacon purchased end of  May and stored in freezer.

Tuesday: breakfast: cereal with peaches, toast
dinner: Broiled sirloin, corn on cob, salad
supper: Turkey sandwich wrap, chips
,turkey deli sandwich meat leftovers, steak purchased last month and frozen,

Wednesday:  breakfast: me: raisin bread and cheese toast

John: 2 eggs, toast
lunch: John: turkey sandwich wrap (same as last night), chips, granola bar, nuts, cookies
me:  out with Mama (turkey salad plates with black berry cobbler)
*paid for out of my allowance
snack: Frozen Cherry Lemonade
supper:  leftover sub sandwich, chips/queso dip leftovers

Thursday:  breakfast:  John: Peanut  butter toast
Me: ??I think I forgot to eat this particular morning
Dinner: Basil-Peach Chicken/Rice
John's lunch/supper: fruit cocktail and cottage cheese, coleslaw, hot dogs
Snack: peanut M&Ms*
Supper: me: nachos, Frozen Cherry Lemonade

Chicken bought last month and frozen, peaches leftover from last week, leftover hotdogs used in John's lunch.

Friday: breakfast: John and I had the same thing: Eggs, leftover steak, toast, coffee
dinner: me: meatloaf, green beans with potatoes, mac and cheese
peanut butter and jelly on raisin bread
                               Chicken Tomato Pesto sandwiches (breast cooked from packet on Thursday)
                               Plum  peanut M&Ms
snack: ice cream

Ground beef purchased and frozen last month, canned beans from pantry stock, potatoes/mac and cheese from pantry.  Plum left from last week's purchase.

Saturday: breakfast: toast with strawberry cream cheese
dinner: Me: meatloaf, green beans with potatoes, sliced tomato
John: cheeseburgers, mac and cheese, peanut butter crackers, cookies, 

Strawberry cream cheese from previous week purchase, my meal all leftovers and John's burgers made up of 1/2 pound ground beef.  I used 1/2 pound to make meatloaf.

Sunday:  breakfast: John - fried eggs*/toast
me: yogurt and cereal with peaches
dinner:  me- chicken leg*, cream cheese stuffed celery, whole grain bread*
John work lunch - Turkey and lettuce wraps, chips, fig bars
supper: chicken liver dinner from KFC<
 Peaches left from last week's purchase, the last two. 
Sausage $.99
Fig Bars $1.79
Deli roast chicken $7.99
Eggs $6 (3 dozen FRESH brown eggs)John got these from a man who raises chickens.
Italian bread $2.89
 ice cream$3.00 
Liver Dinner $6.59
corn: $.20/ear xs 2
pepper jack cheese $2.50
raisin bread $1.29
M&Ms $1.89
bread $1.29
milk $1.00
coffee $4.99

Not looking good is it?  The truth is I splurged on that liver dinner.  Won't next time.  I realized after getting the meal that I could easily buy a pound of livers for $1.69!  I'll make my own next time I have a craving.  I even have a plan to buy them, divide into bags and thaw as wanted.  Ditto with the deli chicken.  I went to the grocery store hungry...that's all I can say and all I shall.  We've had three servings from that so far, have enough meat to make a generous salad dish (and possibly one more dish) and the carcass in the freezer for use later.  Not such a big splurge as the livers...I went to the grocery today to stock up on some exceptional sales (Kraft mayo was $1.79 with sale/coupon) and restock my pantry, so did not include all those costs in this week's total.  The sales were truly too good to pass up.  Between guests and my stocking up my 'vacation savings' was depleted entirely.  Oh well. 

John met a guy selling fresh brown eggs.  Grocery store eggs have no relation to homegrown ones.  I asked for 3 doz and he complied.  I've got eggs coming out of my ears at the moment since I still had two dozen in the fridge but they will be used up over time.

A big 'THANKS!" to Dawn for stopping by to read and letting me know that she did a breakdown of last week's meals and I averaged $1.19 per serving with company here.  She figured my breakdown put me right at the $25 mark for the two of us.  

I thought you might be interested in this blog/web I visited last week thanks to Tracy.  http://groceryshrink.com/first-steps

Be sure to click on the link for the 'new budget' recommendations included in that first article. 

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Kathy said...

I still think you have done an amazing job this month!

My challenge did not go well at all. :-( We were without electricity due to the storms, from June 29-July 7 so we lost the food in the freezer and fridge. We ended up eating out a couple of times, staying in a hotel one night since the temps had been 100 for days. I also bought food day to day which was expensive. But we and our house are ok, and it was a learning experience in being better prepared next time.

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