Week II Challenge Week/Company Meals

Week II of my $25/per person challenge was uninspired and strained my imagination a wee bit  having guests.  I don't really know how to count the overage.  I know I'm in budget with the number of people we had through the weekend but I don't really know how to figure it other than in breaking down the costs overall.  Friday afternoon I had four adult guests, 1 toddler and two infants in the house and fed six adults and 1 toddler supper.  Breakfast the next morning totaled the same number of people fed, but dinner was for ten adults, 1 toddler.  Supper that evening was leftovers from the noon meal and consisted of feeding 5 adults and 1 toddler.  Sunday morning breakfast was for 5 adults and 1 toddler.

I confess that the week was super busy, the weekend was super busy times three and Sunday at noon when we sat down to lunch it was grab as can and then melt into nearest easy chair repeated for supper.  I've included Sunday in this week's lineup even though it makes 8 days total, only because I didn't want to split the company meals between weeks. 

Monday's meals may look rather slight.  I had unexpected company and didn't take time to eat properly that day and Katie never ate at all. I did not include the cost of the restaurant meal John provided on Wednesday.  The money for that meal came out of some entertainment money we had set aside for use this week.  We'd meant to see a movie and have dinner out. We managed the meal out last week but were too busy to go to the movie.  An asterisk next to an item means that the dish included items purchased during this week.

Sunday: breakfast: John fried egg and toast
Me: toasted cheese biscuits
dinner: ranch chicken*, ranch potatoes*, oriental green beans, molten lava cakes (me and Katie)
John:  Roast beef sandwiches. chips, peanuts, banana pound cake, peanut butter jelly and lettuce sandwich, pineapple and cottage cheese 
supper:  leftover Philly Cheese steak Pizza
The biscuits were made last week and were leftovers I wanted to use up.
The chicken was purchased last month and frozen.  The green beans were frozen, purchased several months ago (glad I used those up) and potatoes left from two weeks ago.  I did use a purchased packet of dry Ranch dressing mix.
The rest of the meals components were left from last week's purchases.

Monday: breakfast: Peanut butter and peach toast : me
John: cold cereal and peanut butter toast
lunch: 1/2 slice of pizza, french fries (frozen baked)
John: turkey sandwiches, chips, cookies and crackers with cheese
supper: 1/2 leftover roast beef sandwich from John's lunch day before, milk
Leftovers from last weeks meals except the french fries purchased early last month and frozen

Tuesdaybreakfast: me cereal with yogurt
John: sausage biscuits
lunch:me: tuna salad plate (made for John's lunch day before)
John: cheese sandwich, pbj sandwich, nuts, canned fruit/cottage cheese
supper:Peach/cottage cheese
More pantry freezer items and a few leftovers from last week.

Wednesdaybreakfast: eggs and toast
lunch: John took me out for wings and fries
supper:  John: leftover pizza
me:  egg salad sandwich

Thursday:  breakfast:  pop tart and cheese
lunch: meatball heroes*, chips, peaches
supper:  turkey and Swiss* sandwich, fig newtons*, plums*
The meatballs were made up of ground turkey, frozen bread end pieces crumbled, parmesan cheese and half a bag of baby spinach purchased two weeks ago which I steamed, drained, squeezed dry and mixed with the ground turkey. I've had that ground turkey on hand for about six months, frozen of course.  Glad to use it up this go round. 

Friday: breakfast: pop-tart for me
egg and toast for John
lunch: John: cheese sandwich, egg salad sandwich, wheat crackers, plums*
me: hometown burgers/fries (paid for with my allowance)
supper: marinated sandwiches*, nacho chips* with chili cheese dip*

Marinated sandwiches used Swiss or cheddar cheese, turkey sandwich meat, a mix of butter/mustard/onion and hot dog buns.  The Chili cheese dip used a pint of homemade chili I thawed and stirred into con queso dip  that I purchased.

Saturdaybreakfast for a crowd: grits, toast, eggs* your way
dinner: hometown fried chicken*, homemade coleslaw*, potato casserole*, sliced tomatoes*
supper: leftovers

We bought the chicken in town from the local diner, I made coleslaw (bought cabbage), potato casserole (potatoes were this week's purchase).

Sunday:  breakfast: peanut butter toast/bagels* w/ cream cheese*
lunch:  hot dogs on loaf bread, nacho chips and chili cheese dip 
supper:  leftover chicken, plums, fig cookies
Hot dogs were bought last pay period and frozen. I need to include the cost of them in this week's food list.

Groceries/Food bought:
peaches $5
tomatoes $3(used 2 of the 4 purchased)
bread $1.29xs2
milk $1.99
Italian 5 grain mini loaves $1.89 (2 in package we used 1)
Parmesan cheese $1.99
chips $1.79
nacho chips $3.99
queso dip $2.99
cabbage $1(used 1/2 head)
potatoes $1.99
chicken $31 (for 24 pcs)
burgers/fries $3.00
eggs $.99 xs 2
Ranch dressing mix packet $.69
chicken $2.50
Swiss Cheese $2.29
Cheddar slices $2.29
hot dog buns $1.79 
turkey luncheon meat $3.49
bagels $1
cream cheese $1.20
plums $1.29
hot dogs $3.50
ice cream $3.00
fig newton cookies $1.79

Total spent for week(8 days): $79.56
(not including the meal John paid for out of separate funds or the burger I bought at local diner and paid for from my allowance)

And there's last week.  I'm trying to be more careful about planning and preparing meals this next week.  I don't foresee any problems with it.

Of the $100 I had planned to spend for two weeks, you can see that I spent most of it.  I did manage to put aside $20 towards vacation and am desperately trying to stay away from stores until next pay day.  Wish me luck...

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Dawn said...

I figure the $25/person a week averages out to $1.19 per meal. By that amount you should have spent $33.32 just on the weekend meals for your company. I think you did great by spending under $80 for 8 days. Most people would not consider $1.19 enough when feeding guests, but you have proven it is more than possible.

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