Weekly Menu Plan

Sigh...lol.  Some weeks I look back at the previous week's menus and wonder why I even bother to plan.  I used two meals from that week's menu.  Oh well.  Most of that food is still on hand and will eventually make it into rotation of meals once more.  Thankfully I used the items most likely to spoil (or froze) so no waste there.

The week ahead isn't too busy so meals should work out rather well this week.  We bought an 8pc fried chicken this past week at the grocery.  My only excuse is that we were shopping rather late, we were hungry and tired and wanted to be done and home and still had another store to go.  It was not a good way to shop and in future we'll skip it and wait as I'd thought I'd do in the first place.  I should have listened to myself!

We ate chicken for dinner that night, and today for dinner as well.  I have a huge chicken breast leftover and plan to make a meal from that for Monday.  I didn't get all the foods I'd planned last week.  Remember I said we were hungry and tired?  Well the second store was Aldi, where I do the bulk of my shopping and we grabbed lettuce, milk, eggs and headed home.  I had a long list for the day but we'll call it savings for now and I'll try hard to stay out of the store until next cycle.

Sunday:  Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, Green Peas, Corn Muffins with Honey
We had dark meat pieces today for our dinner and saved a very large breast to use for tomorrow's meal.  I made potato salad, cooking all the potatoes I had after finding one with a soft spot.  I'd rather USE than LOSE and have potatoes go to waste.  I have a plan for the remaining cooked potatoes.

Monday:  Chicken Parmigiana over Pasta, Pan Roasted Eggplant, Tossed Salad
I'll use the remaining chicken breast sliced, layer over cooked pasta with sauce and bake while the eggplant roasts in the oven.  I'm pretty sure after today John will be ready to see some beef on the table, lol, but I want to be sure we EAT the food we buy.  I expect there may be some leftover eggplant, but I have an idea how to use it.

Tuesday:  Pan Broiled Steak, Armenian Potatoes and Eggplant, Lettuce Wedges with Bleu Cheese dressing
I bought Chuck Eye steak and had it marinated and vacuum sealed at the meat market.  I was promised this would help further tenderize the meat.  Normally the potatoes cook in the oven with tomatoes and garlic but I think it will do just as well to reheat the vegetables in the tomato garlic seasoning.

Wednesday:  BBQ'd Shredded Chicken on Buns, Chips, Pickles, Cabbage Slaw with Nectarines
More of my leftovers.  I cooked BBQ chicken last week instead of oven frying as planned.  I had two large breasts, cut them both in half.  Homemade BBQ sauce was poured over the shredded cooked meat that was leftover and put in the freezer. It's a perfect meal to pull out today when I'll have less time to cook and a meal I can easily leave for John to have on his own, while I eat later.

ThursdayRed Beans and Rice, Carrot and Raisin Salad with Pineapple, Cornbread
I have a piece of beef chorizo I will use to season the red beans. Leftover rice will reheat in the microwave.  Leftover pineapple slices will be diced and used in the salad.

Friday:  Stuffed Peppers, Whole Kernel Corn, Peach Salad, Leftover Cornbread
I bought green bell peppers pretty inexpensively last week at our local grocery.  I usually stuff with rice/ground beef mixture (just as I'd use to make porcupine meatballs) and then top with tomato soup and cheese.  My recipe makes enough to stuff four good sized peppers, so this will be a make one/freeze one dish.  I like having an entree I could simply pull from the freezer and bake and serve.

Saturday:  Marinated Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes with sour cream and chives, Green Beans, Sliced Tomatoes
I hope to go to an estate sale on this morning and since John will be at home, hopefully sleeping, I will try to prepare the meat the day before.  I'll prepare the vegetables (using instant potatoes since I'm out of fresh) when I return from my morning out. 

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