The Modern Home Economist - Altering Winter Coats

I found this feature in a September 1951 Woman's Day.  The title was "If You Can't Make Your Old Coat Do, Make It Over"...Sound familiar?  Right out of our favorite homily: Make It Do or Do Without.  This feature made it clear that you could indeed make your old coat do very well.  I hope when these images are opened they will be larger than they appear here.   I loved this feature which was labeled "Found Money" and appeared in many years of the Woman's Day magazines.  I've another feature where a man's suit clothes are used to outfit a little boy that I mean to share as well.  And there will be other such features to share with you all as I read through these lovely old magazines with so many helpful articles pertaining to the art of homemaking.

I think what I love best about these magazines isn't just the old ads or the wonderful fiction but the purpose truly seemed to be to TEACH women the art of homemaking and budgeting and making the everyday beautiful.  I've found several wonderful items to share with you all in the coming weeks.  (Just be patient with me as I start out on this new venture as it's taking a bit of time, but will share all that shortly.)  Here's this feature about making an old coat DO for another season or two.



Kathy said...

Wow! I wish I could sew well enough to do that...what cool make overs.

Anonymous said...

I used to make a lot of the kids's things from men's larger clothes I was given. Also redid many shirts etc to fit me. That was what seemed like 100 years ago!! I was sure smart and inventive then!! :-) Boy did I sew so many pretty things. Knowing I used to do such I know I can relearn. I just have to get in there and do It! Women's skirts and dresses used to contain so much yardage that you could find lots of material by taking the seams out and laying the material flat to use. Now so many are tight or gored and have seams to interfere with the pattern. Also the cost of used dresses is way too high at our second hand stores! Still sheets and other things can be used if you need material for some things. Also like you did cloth napkins can be used for smaller projects. I have made slip covers for our sofa throw pillows for the seasons using the napkins. Thanks you also for telling us about Rebecca's blog. She sure cans a lot too!! Lots of ideas there too. I was reading a new magazine article on how to feed your family very cheaply. One suggestion was to save time and buy already cut up bell peppers and that is saving ?? I was disappointed in many of their remarks. Now if you had written that magazine I am sure we would have learned a lot!! Sarah

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