One Step Towards a Dream

The call came today. The space is ready for me to put up my shelving and stock with my things...

Pardon me while I shiver with anticipation...I am so looking forward to this new venture and very excited over it.  Even though I've been steadily thinking about how I want things to work, I didn't decide upon an inventory number system until this afternoon when I sat there looking at the little, oh so little!, pile of stuff I had before me and was contemplating wrapping it all up and packing it to move. 

The things in the photo above are from an especially good thrift store trip.  None of those items are going into the booth but I do have some nice things I think.  I so hope people like them!  As I sorted through what I had there were two items I kept looking at with hard regret.  I finally decided that those two items were probably not wise choices to put up for sell at this time.  I put them back with my own personal things and felt a lot happier about it.  I just got caught up in the fever of selling there for a moment, lol.

I've warred with myself all week long.  I want to get out and hunt!  I have no money! I have to wait until this next allowance comes in before I can even think of going out to hunt again.  By that point I'll know if anything at all sold this weekend...If I can just earn back the cost of the shelves this weekend I'll be ecstatic.  I'll be starting at $0 all over again and that will make me very happy.

Poor John is discovering how eager I am to go out and look.  If he dares mention a city he's visited recently, or one where a class is being held, or mentions a music store in another I tell him "Oh let's go!  I can look through a few of the shops there..." lol.  Poor man.  He's thinking I'll keep him on the road all the time.

I am restraining myself.  I've invested my allowance and all but two items I'm putting up for sale are from my own things that I no longer want/use/enjoy.  The two items I bought are 'investment' pieces that I felt were worth the cost and with a little tweaking would sell for a much better price than I paid for them. How about a small preview?

I've been busy this evening since John left home.  I've packed my things up and moved them to the breakfast area for easier loading.  I've made my Challah for Shabat, prepped breakfast, have a plan for dinner.  Except for going into town and doing the set up, I'm pretty much done.  Tomorrow...gosh I hope I can sleep tonight.

Wish me luck!


Congratulations on realizing a dream of yours, Terri! You sound so excited and I'm happy for you. God bless you in your endeavor. It sounds right up your alley!
God bless, Kathy in Illinois
Anonymous said…
Oh, what an exciting new venture or should I say adventure?! May God of all grace bless your little booth. I'll pray He does. Keep us posted on how it goes.

I really enjoyed the coffee chat this week. I love sitting down with you and chatting.

doe853 said…
I am thinking of you now and hoping that your dream proves to be as fun and profitable as you have imagined. Wish I could come and visit your booth. Have a great time tomorrow and good luck. Dale
Yay for new adventures! So happy for you. Keep us posted on how it's going. It's something I've always wanted to do.
gramma D said…
How I wish I could fill your trunk with freebies from stuff in my basement and closets that I am looking at with a very critical eye as I am thinking I need to condense down in because probably in a few years we will move to a smaller place because our age will catch up with us sometime! I even have a set of China in my closet that belonged to my mother that I gave her 55years ago and she never used it and neither have I. Will hang onto it for a few more years and see if anyone in the family wants it, so you can see I am a packrat! Gramma D
gramma D said…
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Melanie said…
I'll be thinking of you, Terri and wishing you lots of luck! It's much more work than you think, though it's fun work. My mom and I did this for a little while.
Anonymous said…
Many of us too probably have thought of having a little booth too some day. We will all share your adventure. :) Right now I am just giving our extras away as I said earlier and praying God will show me where other things should to go. It is amazing how much we have accumulated even since the last child left home. I sure see thing you showed us for your booth that I would have bought. I am happy for you that you are going ahead on your dream. :-) Sarah
Stephanie said…
I am in LOVE with the rooster tray and clock. I have thought about them many times since you originally posted this. Wish you were closer to NC!

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