This Week: Menu and Job Plans

  The windows have been open each day and there is something about open windows that just connects one with nature.  Here in the South this time of year, there is a soft continuous trill that goes on all afternoon long, so the day is never truly quiet.  It's an aliveness of the air, perhaps a cricket or some insect that sings, but it's just part and parcel of Fall.  A week of lovely autumn weather just behind me and frankly I am loathsome to see warm days return.  But it is indeed returning, at least for a few days and then we'll go right back to being cool.  I'll go back to AC on in the afternoons and grateful for it.

The freezer challenge continues.  I've some breathing room after this past week.  Some of the space will fill right back up when we shop for groceries this week.  I'm thinking this whole freezer thing could go on quite a bit longer and I mean that sincerely.  I've barely made a dint.

I've decided, in my retirement remedy planning that I need to do a Pantry Freezer challenge at least one week per month.  So you'll see my little lady above at least once a month in the coming year.  In the meantime, we've one more week of this freezer challenge so we'll see how well I can do.

Breakfasts:  Eggs and Toast (X2)
                      Butterscotch Oatmeal
                      Sausage Gravy with Biscuits
                      Cheese and Cinnamon Toasts, Grits
                      Egg Breads, Fried Apples
                      Hash Brown Casserole, Toasted Biscuits

Suppers:  leftovers (X2)
                 Cream of Potato Soup
                 Chicken Salad sandwiches
                 Egg Salad Sandwiches
                 Mini Pizzas

Dinners:  Cream of chicken and rice soup, PBJ
                 Red Beans and Rice, Coleslaw, Corn Bread, Baked Apples
                 Creamed Hamburger over Toast, Mashed potatoes, Green Beans
                 BBQ Chicken, Cheesy Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts
                 Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches, Chips, Pickles
                 Leftovers on my own
                 Takeout on my own

Jobs This Week:
last week:
Get the pictures, sconces hung in guest room.

Take a load of stuff to the shed.

Tag and Sort items for booth.

Get Christmas stuff for booth gathered and tag it  so it's ready to place in November.

Plant Daffodil bulbs and iris.

Finish clearing empty pots off back porch.        

This week:

Defrost big freezer in kitchen

Mop the floors

Tag Christmas stuff

Tag a few new items for the booth.

Plant Daffodil and iris

Buy a picture hanging kit

Finish guest room as near as I can and start the next big project.


Anonymous said...

I sure do know what you mean about how slow it is taking to use up the freezer contents. It makes me realize I stock up too much on meats. I want to change over to less meat and more ready to use meals and room for more flour, nuts and such in the freezer. Also using it that way it will be easier for me to defrost. Less to worry about being out when I defrost it. The freezer is in the garage and with it being hot so much here this will help. I am having minor surgery soon and so am making sure I use up any excess fresh veggies and fruits and anything that will not last till I can cook again. The ideas you have given me for freezer meals have been put in the freezer {thus partially filling it agin! :) } I am happy to have them though as they will soon be eaten and allow us to stay home and me to recuperate and have good food to eat!! Thank you Terri! It is not that I have not cooked ahead before but some of our favorite meals I did not know could be frozen and now I do!! :) I have been dehydrating things like celery, potatoes and such that are good now but won't last till I feel good again. That is my solution to saving them for now. Because I am not buying much now just using up things our grocery bill is really low! :-)It has also given me a push to get some repotting and such garden things done. Some things I have been meaning to do for months have finally gotten done!! That is such a good feeling!!! Sarah

a8383 said...

Hi Terri, I too am working on my guest/ craft/ sewing room but am at a standstill for lack of storage. That closet is "mine" so I desperately need something (armoire?) for craft/ gift supplies. Have been searching Craigslist but no luck yet. What is your next big project?I too am loathe to have the return of this heat! Though we spent a lovely weekend in NC visiting grandbaby. Your son and his family are darlin'! He looks so much like you! Angela

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