This Week In My Home: Pressing On

I did very well last week sticking to my menu plan.  I only deviated slightly and so the week balanced the previous week rather well and hopefully I am now back in frugal mode.  It feels rather nice.

I figure warmer weather for us is just around the corner.  I base that on temperatures last week which warranted running air conditioning two afternoons.  That will mean switching over to spring/summer menus and away from the cooler weather ones I've been enjoying.  I thought I'd try to squeeze in as many of the favorites as I can while the weather warrants it.  Like Chili simmering on the stove as I type...

Chili, Rice, Cheese Toast, Applesauce, Grahams
I found one of John's favorite seasonings in the local store.  It's a packet of chili seasoning his mom used in his childhood years and that made me think of chili obviously.  So here we are.  I always double the beans and tomatoes and add a bit of onion.  The packet is a bit hot for my taste so I used my old standby rice to tone it down a bit.  I used Challah bread from Shabat last night for cheese toast. Plenty of rice and chili leftover.

On my own

Teriyaki Chicken, Fried Rice, Garlic Green Beans, Pineapple
I'll use the rice for the fried rice dish.  Any leftovers will go into the freezer.  The pineapple is fresh.

Tamale Pie, Buttered Corn, Tossed Salad, Ambrosia
Leftover Chili will be the base of my Tamale Pie.  I'll use pineapple and oranges to make the ambrosia.

Out With Mama

Ground Sirloin Steaks, Noodles Alfredo, 24 hour layered Salad, Rolls
Burgers nice enough for a fancy dinner.

Roast Chicken, Peas with mushrooms, Baked Potatoes, Banana Poundcake
I expect we'll have leftovers, enough to make a pot pie from, so I'm going to go ahead and make pie crusts and just prepare it ahead for tomorrow's dinner.

Jobs This Week:

Same list as last week.  I did more work than this with housework and meals and shopping and such. Pretty much the same routine this week.  I hope to spend at least one good day working on the rooms.

Clean under sink.
Clean out tall cupboard.*partially done
Sort linens and toiletries.
Clean walls and dust room well.
Freshen decorations.

Clean bedroom windows.
Dust blinds.
Sort out linens in trunk.
Cull books on bookshelves.
Clean out house clothes drawer.
Go over sweater drawer.
Straighten and organize costume jewelry.
Dust room, clean and polish furniture.

Clean closet.
Organize and cull clothes.
Sort out pictures I want to send to Amie.

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