This Week In My Home: Spring Has Sprung

That's me...not sure if she's daydreaming, tired from Spring Cleaning, contemplating yet another house project, thinking of yard work that should be done, or the week ahead, but yeah...that's me.

We're just done with a hectic paced Shabat in which we both slept incredibly well Friday night and then rose early Saturday morning to drive to Athens to spend a whirl wind time with children and return home again just in time for going to bed and starting all over again.  We made it to church this morning, and I'm glad I went, but as I told John a little later, I'm done.  Today is going to have to be recovery day.

There was no meal at home yesterday save breakfast.  I made breakfast this morning and John picked up chicken in the grocery when he went in to buy bread.  And that's what we ate for 'dinner'.  Chicken and bread.  Supper is not looking too hopeful around here.  Tomorrow, I'll be back at it all over again, swinging away but today can be our nutritionally unbalanced, eat to live, sort of day.

Let's contemplate the possibilities of menus for the week ahead and the to do list.  Oy.

Hot Roast and Gravy over Toast, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Salad
The meat is cooked, from the freezer.  I've got potatoes soaking in water in the fridge right now.  Should be an easy meal.  I might add a cherry cobbler...I haven't made anything for John in over a week.

on my own
John's only work day this week.

Chicken Pakistani Style, Rice, Steamed Broccoli, Fresh Fruit Salad
I'm going to try this in the crock pot though it's meant to be baked.  I think we might be getting groceries this day and coming home to a meal ready to eat would be a huge bonus.  I'll buy the broccoli at the grocery and if for some reason we don't go...I'll figure it out.  Curve balls are standard issue these days.

Leftovers Day
I expect we'll have plenty of leftovers this week.  I want to clear the fridge before the weekend arrives.

Mushroom Swiss Burgers, Oven Fries, Salad
I'll cook fresh mushrooms with a pinch of garlic and a pinch of onion soup mix and add a slurry of cornstarch and water.  This makes an excellent mushroom sauce for steaks and burgers.  Salt and pepper to taste.

Picnic: Chicken Roll ups, Chips, Fresh Fruit, Cookies 
No clue where we might picnic, it may just end up being outdoors here at home.  I may make chicken salad.  I admit I'd kinda like a boiled dyed egg for my breakfast in the morning and if I make chicken salad I'll have boiled eggs on hand.

Jobs This Week

Last Week
Start making the kitchen curtains.  I don't have kitchen sink curtains, but the curtains are done for the rest of the area.  My sewing machine died.  It won't come back to life.
Get into town to the booth and put up some new stock.(tagged and ready to go)
Take a fun day for thrifting, library, necessary errands. Too much working on the booth no time for fun
Finish up the living room spring freshening.
Make a carrot cake and chocolate chip cookies.  I wish....
Yard work for 15-30 minutes most days.  Rain every single day this last week.
15-30 minutes in shed each day as well.  I did do this one day.  Not every day, just one day.

This Week

Passover begins Friday at sundown.  I will make sure to clear all the yeast from our freezer and cabinets.  I have a mere handful of items so this part will be no big deal.
Cleaning deeply, especially in the kitchen, vacuuming the seams and crevices of our chairs, and vacuuming our car.

Quarterly review.  

Pay bills.  

Grocery shopping.  

I have no idea what else I might do this week.  Too much pollen outdoors to work on porches or patio or in the yard or to paint anything.  I've spent all the money I can on this year's bit of refurbishing indoors.  Perhaps I'll go through my things and see what I might do to make the bedrooms look spring-like.  

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Alyssa Corley said...

Sorry about your sewing maching dying! That's not very helpful to someone so budget minded!

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