In My Home This Week: Count It All As Joy

In my home this week:  I look for joy...

We're just in from a visit to Katie.  I realized after I got home that I never once took a photo of that dear baby of hers who has changed and grown since last I saw her.  It was so sweet to listen to her chatter and talk and plainly at one point, she looked at her Mama and said "Katie"!  I promise it was not just me who thought it.  Her other grandmother was visiting at the time and she heard it, too!

It was a lovely day...Gray and overcast and not at all the spring warmth promised.  It rained and that not forecast for days.  The traffic was heavier than it was the last time we were out...but it was a lovely day.  I enjoyed the time with my girl and her girl and her husband.  I enjoyed the company of my grandchild's Mimi and the big silly German Shepherd who would randomly come to me, nudge me gently and then grin when I turned to see what she wanted.  I enjoyed the conversation with my husband while we traveled.   

I anticipated coming home and finding my pets all waiting upon us. Blossom has wandered and she wasn't waiting.  She's been absent for 24 hours.  It's amazing how empty the space about this house feels without her barking to fill the air. I have stood on the porch and listened for her beagle voice.  Not a peep.  I've contacted my niece and my brother.  Their pronouncement that they hadn't seen or 'heard her' testifies to her unique beagle-y sort of bark.  And feels a bit ominous as well. There are hundreds of acres here between roadways upon which she might have wandered while chasing down rabbit trails and deer trails.  I hope her instincts will lead her back here.  I've scanned the roadsides hard and looked deep into yards trying to see her short little self within five miles of home.   Once upon a time the animal shelter called this little dog "Joy".  That's what she's brought to us and I want her home!  Prayers will be appreciated for the dog and I mean that just as deeply and sincerely as I ever mean it when I ask for prayer.  

Regardless of wandering beagles and rosy cheeked blue eyed grand daughters who chatter away at me, I must plan my week ahead.  Life goes on  and home is my job. My husband has been utterly shocked with me twice today when he asked what was for breakfast and later, what I had planned for dinner.  When I answered each time that I hadn't gotten that far in my thinking today, he was genuinely shocked...Well he might be.  After all this is my job and I'd be pretty shocked if he showed up as a medic without a plan for my care more or less formulated.  

...I plan meals:

A short week of meals at that.  John works two days and we're having dinner out with friends one day.  I'll be out with Mama one of the work days as well.  

Leftover Fried Chicken, Tater Tots, Salad (after church today)

out with Mama

Chicken Pakistani, Wild Rice, Steamed Broccoli, Cara Cara Oranges

Meatloaf with Mushroom Sauce, Green Beans, Carrots

out with friends

leftovers for me

Homemade Pizza, Salad

... I plan my work week

We know there are always dishes, don't we? How pretty to do them in a decorative enamel dishpan!

I got a lot more done this past week than I'd thought I might.  It's supposed to rain this week.  I hope to get the area just around the Faith tree cleaned up.  The dogs have laid upon the plants there and so I don't think I can expect any Muscari or Daffodils nor iris to do much of anything there.  I thought I'd lay some rocks about the plants I can identify and hope that deters the laying upon them.  If it's dry enough to do anything there.

Plan outfits for a week or two ahead.  With the new pieces it's time to look at how I can make them work with my accessories, as well.  

Clear out the chiffarobe  It's a bit of a mess on the dishes side and the 'junk side' really does need to be put to better use.  It's a good storage area and I'm not making the most of it.

Work on putting up pictures in my room and arranging them on the walls.

If it's going to rain then I might as well plan future work/purchases.  I'll work on March goals and calendar.  I'll make out lists of needed items for jobs, etc.  I'll stay busy.

Lab work.

...I plan my fun

If the weather clears up as promised towards end of week, I'd like to plan a thrift store run.  I've planned to do this three weeks running but haven't made it, yet.  Maybe I can manage it this Friday.

I've vintage March magazines next to my chair.  It would be nice to get a chance to read through them.

Finish my current library book.


Anonymous said...

I will pray the Blossom returns soon. I know the worry of a missing animal. Many people told me that theirs returned even months later but that did not stop me worrying when ours would disappear for a short time. Do you have neighbors to call to see if they will keep a lookout? Or listen for her and report back?
Terri , the last diabetes class the dietitian told us that cinnamon usage for a help does not last and at some point will not do any good. Have you ever heard this? So would it then be better to not use it at first? We use cinnamon on foods and two capsules each day of True Nature's CInSulin. We would at least keep the cinnamon on the oatmeal. She did suggest that cactus that you can get it in glass jars at the grocery store, is another thing that works. About 1 oz of it. I guess you could naturally also use the fresh cactus too. Is this one new to you? We have for years put some in scrambled eggs. Now if we use it we will think of other ways to use it. I am following Hubbies diet but not as strict as he does.
It is amazing how fast children change and grow isn't it. We have babies or grandchildren and turn around and they are toddlers already. Sarah

Kathy in Illinois said...

I hope Blossom gets home soon. Praying she will.
God bless, Kathy in Illinois

Anonymous said...

I pray that Blossom returns safe and sound from her adventures. I wonder if there is anywhere in your community that you post online for missing dogs.

I am so happy that you have a precious blue eyed baby girl granddaughter. They grow so fast! Take lots of pictures and video clips each time you see her, and I may I suggest that you get pictures of the two of you together?

Hugs and may Good bless you!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Terri, sending prayers for BLossom..Hope she gets home soon.
Proud you got to go visit Katie and her family.. Nothing like getting to see them sweet grandkids.
Hope you have a good week, and accomplish your goals.

Terri Cheney said...

Sarah, Cinnamon is a natural rememdy (as is the cactus) and there are studies which prove it quite effective and studies which say it's inconclusive and studies which say it does nothing at all. So as with all natural remedies of the sort go with your instincts and use it if you choose. There are NO studies proving it harmful which is one of the benefits of natural remedies. Berberine is supposed to be highly effective as well (another natural remedy) and Mulberry Leaf Extract. I suspect that natural remedies are like medications of any sort: some are more effective for some individuals than others. For me the cinnamon and Grape Root Extract (which is the first processing of the natural remedy Berberine that is contained in the Root) have proven very effective. However, diet and exercise are THE MOST EFFECTIVE OF ALL TREATMENTS with increased fiber as another healthful benefit and really those cost no more money than any healthy diet. The purpose of the cinnamon, Berberine and Mulberry Leaf Extract is to decrease inflammation which is believed to be a leading cause of Diabetes II, although your doctor might well dispute that. And for that purpose alone, it might be worth a try. Again, go by your personal instinct as much as by what your doctor says.

Terri Cheney said...

Ginny, I have asked my brother and niece to look out and listen for her as well, which is pretty much my neighborhood here. We've ridden the roads within five miles of home and there was no sign of her in ditches anywhere which is a good thing. The lack of beagle barking though makes me most concerned. She's not likely to have gotten in a car with anyone and if she were in the area we'd certainly hear her bark. I have heard coyotes here quite near several times and I'm most concerned about those as a predator for a small dog as Blossom had quite taken to country life and roamed rabbit and deer trails freely. It is now moving on towards the fourth day of not seeing/hearing her.

Rhonda said...

I'm sorry about Blossom. I'm praying today will be the day she finds her way home.

I'm glad you got to see Katie and Tot and her other grandmother. It is a special bond with those other grandparents, as we all love the some wee special children,

Hope you have a good week friend.

Kathy said...

Oh I'm sorry. Praying that your Blossom/Joy returns soon.
Glad that you were able to visit with your grand daughter. She sounds precious.
Hope you have a great week and some good news.

Lana said...

Oh, my heart hurts for you and Blossom. Praying she returns soon. Have you called the animal shelter to see if she ended up there?

How wonderful to visit Katie and family. I forget to take pictures, too. I get so busy just enjoying their company that pictures are the last thing on my mind.

I don't know if you somehow see hits to your blog but my silly Android phone that I have only had for about 7 weeks, just likes your blog. The internet on there goes to your site every time I open it up and then keeps going back there after looking at anything else. I have no idea why as my phone seems to be smarter than I am. All that to say that if you are seeing that, I don't seem to be able to fix it.

I start out this Monday behind on everything. I badly twisted my knee over the weekend and have been hobbling around in pain so everything has gone out the window. I was fortunate to have many leftovers in the fridge that needed to be eaten over the weekend. It is quite a bit better this morning so I need to start getting my act together!

Lana said...

Another tuna deal that starts with the new Publix ad later this week-

Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna in Water, 4 pk, 5 oz cans, BOGO $4.09

About 51 cents a can.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about your beagle but ours ran very very fast and if it would run into you it would knock you down when running so. That is a bonus. That is good in her situation. Also that loud distinctive bark they have. We will all keep praying for her safe return. Could a lost dog picture be posted on the way to town?
At the animal shelter nearest you?
Hubbies numbers still remain good and he even had a little desert last night! Desert is new for him. :) We are still going to classes. We notice that different teachers sometimes contradict each other on diet and so on. Not biggies but some. We know this is ours to completely figure out and are determined to live the life style best of our health. There are always new wrinkles in life and we will iron this one out!! {with your help too! :-) } lol Sarah

Anonymous said...

My step-daughter's dog wants to stay outside as long as possible and ignore any calls. The dog is so afraid of storms however, that she finally bought some bottle rockets. She set one off the other night and the dog came running so fast into the house he just about knocked down another dog. She lives in the country so not a lot of trees but mostly road and fields. Pray your dog comes home soon.

JoAnn Baker said...

Praying for the safe and fast return of Blossom. So glad you got to see your granddaughter this weekend... I had one of mine for the weekend; but am so missing the other 5 that live out of state.

Lana said...

Please post if Blossom comes home! I just keep wondering about her. Maddie must be missing her, too. ANd your kitty cat.

Kathy said...

I keep checking too, hoping for some good news.

Karla Neese said...

Please let us know when/if Blossom returns! I came by to check status but sad to see no update. :(

Also saw this interesting idea for freezing buttermilk:

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Just hopped over to check on Blossom.. Praying for a safe return home...real soon. Hugs.

Precious People Preschool said...

Been praying for Blossom and you.
Patti Bulish

Living on Less Money Blog said...

Praying for Blossom's safe return and peace for your family as you wait. Our pets truly feel like our children.

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