In My Home This Week: Sweet Days

In My Home This Week:

...I sent out sweet memories...
We always call February the 'Sweet Month' in our family.  With four birthdays and Valentines (and once upon a time three more birthdays of Grandparents), it seemed to be the month of perpetually eating something sweet.  Our home seemed to always smell of sugar and butter in this month.  These days, not so much and it's not just due to the change in diets.  No it's as much to do with two of our birthday children being a great long distance away.

I sent Amie a package last week, wanting to make sure she received it in time.  And she did.  I got a very sweet message from her telling me that I'd 'made her cry'.  Well then.  That made me cry.  What did I send her?  A vintage replica Strawberry Shortcake doll that I found in the toy department at Target.  A bag of her favorite candy, Lemon Sours (Sourheads).  A handmade card that espoused our love of her.  And a big envelope that was proved to be the tear worthy part of the gift.  That envelope contained a variety of things I'd saved through her growing years: grade sheets, her first poem, class pictures, Girl Scout badges, a letter to Santa, the first picture she drew, handmade Christmas items from elementary years and a variety of other such things. You know, the stuff that Mamas save and cherish.

As I was clearing out the closet in our bedroom I had this big box full of stuff.  And in that stuff was such things as I sent Amie.  It occurred to me that if anything happened to me those things would go right to the trash and these children of mine would never understand how much I'd cherished those years behind us, how I'd smiled reading that two line poem of Amie's, or chuckled over a handmade Mother's Day card declaring me beautiful.  So yes, I sent to her the stuff that a Mama keeps and I'm glad that she understood what it represented that I'd kept it all these years.

Yes, February here is a Sweet Month, indeed.  Sweet with memories.  Sweet with love.

 ...I plan meals:

on my own x2

Leftover Turkey and Dressing, Asparagus, Gravy, Cranberry Sauce and Flat Brownies

Chili Mac, Green Salad, Corn Bread, Pineapple 

John wants to go out 

Creamed Turkey in Patty Shells, Peas with Mushrooms, Salad with Apples, Walnuts and Goat Cheese

Sloppy Joes, Cream of Potato Soup, Clementines

...I plan work:

Mopping is on the agenda...

And a good cleaning up of the fridge.

I never did declutter in the living/dining/entry last week.  Instead I worked in the guest room and kitchen areas.  So this will remain on my list for this week.

Harvest Week, so Bills, Errands, Banking, Grocery Lists, Grocery Shopping.

...I have fun:

I didn't get into town any of the days the library was open.  I hope to go in this week and get a new book or two to read.

I thought I'd take the remainder of my allowance portion and see if I can't visit a thrift store.  I feel I want to go on a treasure hunt.

Catch up on Downton Abby.  I missed it last week due to the Super Bowl party.


Anonymous said...

I made my 3 kids scrapbooks a few years ago with stuff that I had aaved, and pictures of their ancestoes, their dad and I, things like hospital i.d. beacelets, a bit of hair, school pictures, other photos, ect, They were all thrilled to have them so I know Amis was thrilled to, especially with her being so far away. GOOD JOB MAMA, Gramma D

Anonymous said...

Amie, sorry about that.

Tammy said...

What a wonderfully sweet birthday package your girl got from you!
When I was a little girl, my maternal grandmother would call my mom and ask her to send either me or my sister to her house to comb her hair. Grandma used those gray metal alligator clips to put waves in her hair and always let us use those to fix her soft white locks in whatever outrageous design we could imagine. Last weekend, one of my cousins gave me a package that had some genealogy information, and five of those gray alligator clips that had been Grandma's. Those are more precious to me than any of the paperwork she'd included. I immediately texted my sister, and will send a couple of those clips to her.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

What a special birthday present for your daughter.[you made her cry/she made you cry/ and this post almost made me].Very thoughtful mama.
Hope you have a good week.
I have been de-cluttering my sewing room/bed room closets. Making lots of donations and reducing our clothes.. So much easier to pick out clothes. This coming week I want to work on organizing my pantry .

Anonymous said...

Those sort of present boxes mean more to your special people than anything you could ever buy. On scale of 1 to 10 they are a 12. ..Ask me how I know !! :-)
We went to our first living with diabetes class. Three more of this group to follow. We also signed up for another one session class on further meal planning. I can't say we don't still have some questions but we will list them and get answers later. We did learn a ton. Understand things now I always wondered about too! :-) His numbers have been very very good now for a long time. He has lost weight too. What an adventure !!
I have a question of anyone who frequents libraries. Are our libraries quiet like they used to be when we were young? The ones I have been to lately are very noisy. Kids running all over and phones ringing and much talk and noise. When a friend asked the employees they said they are not allowed to ask people to be quiet! The person asked then to speak to the supervisor and they too said the same thing. Why? Most of the people around us are from other countries and perhaps they have never had quiet libraries in their countries of origin ?? It is very hard to concentrate with all the loud noise and activity around the libraries now. Sarah

Kathy said...

What a great gift! you have inspired me to sort through my children's mementos so that I can give them something to remember some day. They are teens, so probably wouldn't appreciate it much now. :D
Happy Valentine's day!

Lana said...

Good job, Mom! My husband has a scrap book his Mom made for him and he wanted to throw it out when we cleaned off the bookshelves back in the fall. I was shocked and made him keep it. It means more to me than him I guess. ???

I have kitchen curtains to make this week and then our kitchen will be pretty much finished.

Menus include-one pan goulash x2
mac n cheese
chili-eat once freeze for 4 more meals
chicken and noodles
oven fried chicken wings
homemade pizza

For fun I hope to weedle two little grandchildren out of their parents for the day on Saturday.

Lana said...

I hope you see this if you are going to Publix this week. Starkist 4 pack 5 ounce cans of tuna are BOGO, save up to $3.83 which means 8 cans for that price which is less than 50 cents a can! I hope you can restock!

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