In My Home This Week: Time Is On My Side

In my home this week, I...
am trying to find an appreciation for the in between season.   The trees in the swamp have only just begun blooming.  Granny called all the red bloomed ones maples, but I don't know if they are all maples or not.  There are gold and reds and rusty reds and beige blooms on the trees.   There is a reason for these colorings. The peach trees are only just beginning to show a bloom here and there. It is not spring... This is late winter.  Not a sign yet of the pines blooming.  The distant trees have a softened appearance, not as stark as they were a couple of weeks ago.  Buds are forming, but not yet ready to yield the soft greens.  The muscari which is the usually quick to bloom has only just come up and budded.

But what is this season really, this twixt and between that isn't winter nor is it spring?  And what do I do during it?  Too early to plant but golly things look dull about me.  I've been playing about indoors but I'm longing for out.  Too cold to paint (or too wet when it's warmer).   And it's even worse in the kitchen.  Pot roast when I am ready for  Pasta salad.

I've been between seasons within myself as well.  Where do I go from here?  What is the next season of my life to be?   Yet the signs of a coming change are before me.  There's the 'new' look in my home.  Calm and peaceful within and brighter and bolder without.  That certainly seems to be an accurate reflection of myself.  But what season is it?

Enough puzzling my head.

...plan meals

Pot Roast with Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, 24 hour Layered Salad, Rolls, Smore Pudding Parfaits

on my own x 3
Yes three times this week.  John is working an extra 12 hour shift and Mama changed our day out to next week.  I'll likely end up cooking for myself because we've eaten all our leftovers this past week.

Chicken Curry In A Hurry, Rice, Middle Eastern Seasoned  Cabbage Salad

Roast Beef Hash,  Salad with Beets and oranges, Rolls

Tuna Pasta Salad, Crackers, Oranges (if the great warm up predicted is truth)

...plan my work week:

I still haven't taken the time to go to Lowes to purchase blinds for our bedroom.  I'll get mulch while I'm there, as well.

Spread mulch.

Start clearing out the files.

Declutter the filing cabinet (see above) and the dresser in the front entry area.

Clear off the back porch of unnecessary items.

Finish one unfinished project.

Mop floors.

Wash off porch floors if weather is nice enough.

Ordered printer ink this past week. The black ink was back ordered until end of the month.  I'll buy ink, instead.  Then  I can tag items for the booth and take them into the store.

...plan my fun:

Peaches to Beaches is this weekend.  I'm sure John won't want to come along but I'm at least going to hit up one town.  I'll bribe him with a fried chicken dinner.

With three days to myself this week, I know I'll work hard, so I'm going to make a conscious effort to try and finish the book I've just renewed at the library and return it this week. I'm not sure this counts as fun as it is the sort of book that both irritates and is full of knowledge and makes you think...

I'm going to plan one day to spend time in creative pursuits.  Perhaps I'll make cards or a new picture.


Anonymous said...

Even this far north, we have trees starting to bud. I saw 5 eagles just south of my house yesterday rising on the wind currents and then a gaggle of geese flew over in their V formation honking. What a lovely sound! I was out walking and threw up my arms and welcomed them. It's in the 70s here today. I hung out two loads of clothes and turned heaters off and opened windows. Lovely but too warm for this early in March. Pam

Lana said...

I saw bluebirds one day last week and now the robins are here. I am seeing some trees starting to bloom here and there and my daffodils are full on right now. It is still very bleak and brown.

We will head to the lake house on Wednesday and stay until Sunday. This is the first visit this year. It has been so cold and windy here that we have not wanted to go since that house is drafty and cold in the winter. We have signed up to volunteer for the concert at the civic auditorium in town on Saturday night. In exchange we get to enjoy a free concert and save $66 on tickets.

I have curtains to finish for the new kitchen and packing to do. Keeping my eyes on the prize of sleeping late for a few mornings and enjoying the company of my husband.

Karla Neese said...

We have our yearly family group of Cardinals back now with lots of mating dances and protective males watching over their ladies. Last year we had babies learning to fly in our yard so hopefully it will be another repeat this year.

The Bradford pear trees are in full white bloom right now but most of the other trees around have not started to bud yet. Our grass is mostly green in the backyard where the dogs do their business, but then it stays mostly green much of the year due to the lack of long, hard freezes and the extra fertilizer it gets. It's already past time to mow the yard.

I am working (ever so slowly) in the extra room. I have taken all of our files and big mess of papers in there. I have just finished sorting old family photos into piles that I want to start scanning. Those are still in piles. That room is such a mess and I mean to clean up good, get things re-filed, thrown away and sorted as quickly as I can because Brad wants to put a desk in there to start using it as a home office. Right now it's a pretty little "lady sanctuary" that I admittedly rarely use. I had high hopes for that room but when I go in there to just lollygag I get "scolded" for not spending time with the family in the living room. So I just rarely go in there.

Once we are out of the danger of frosts completely, I plan to drill holes in my grandpa's old wheelbarrow I have and use it to plant flowers. I debated it all year last year and that thing still sits there upside down, not being used because I've been "afraid" to make it my own. So that is my Spring project.

We've had the windows open a lot at our house lately and it's been lovely. The house just smells so stuffy and "icky" and it really needs a deep clean with some lovely scented cleaners. Since one of our girls is moving out this weekend I may end up renting a carpet shampooer to do the floors after she is out. It can't hurt anyway.

Hope you have a great productive week Terri!

Karla Neese said...

I forgot to say - how fun the Peaches to Beaches looks! That could be a really fun outing! Hope you get to do some hunting.

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