Questions, Answers, Comments, Oh My! February Edition

I worked on this rather late last night and may have confused my positioning of posts but the comments under each link should be in the right place so hopefully this won't be too confusing to anyone.  I just wanted to thank you all for making comments, whether or nor you asked a question or made a suggestion.  There were several who simply stopped by to thank me for writing, or to say they appreciated my writing.  I so appreciate that and I thank you sincerely for taking the time to comment.

My very first post of the month was a coffee chat, Geese and Groundhogs, Pam I did figure out the sour cream and Splenda idea.  I had noted that things tended to be drier when using it to bake, fat alone didn't increase the I tried sour cream which had a greater moisture content.  It worked!  I'll take my bows and move on.  It's likely someone else thought of it at the same time and I just happen to publish it...

Geese continued to fly over most all of the month.  In the past week it's decreased to a few small squadrons, late leave takers I guess, headed home at last.  I love hearing them honking overhead.  Now I shall wait to hear them in October when those snowbirds return back our way.  And it seems they and the ground hog are exactly right: spring appears to be arriving just on time.

How the Wind Did Blow  several shared their simple Valentine's Day celebrations.  I was home alone and that suited me just fine.  John and I shared Valentine Peanut M&Ms and I got flowers at the grocery on Friday before.  It suited me just fine.

In last month's Q&A I shared our sad news.  Bess is doing well health wise and she is fighting hard to keep her spirits up.  It's a time to go through things and no other way for it as you know.  Thank you for all your kindness during that loss.

And in the last chat, Fair or Foul  Judy My porch is on the north end and never seems to dry out if we have several days of fog or rain, hence the mildew.  The bleach/water works fine but it was just so damp this fall.

Lana I shall look at my Aldi for Tofu.

April I am praying for another dog.  I'd love a Beagle but knowing how stubborn Blossom could be about coming when called (especially if she was busy on a trail) I don't know.  I mean to do as I've done with all the other dogs I've had: let God bring me the right one for me.

Sarah  I don't know if Chopped is on Netflix.  I am sure you can likely watch some episodes online at FoodTV.

 Lana   said: What about having a post for us all to just link up some favorite recipes so that we can all get some new ideas? It would be a great help to us all. Tried and true is great to hear about. 
I think this is a  great idea.  I would like to do a first such post this month.  I even had a cute name in my mind at the time I addressed this but doggone if I can remember it at the moment.  Of course it is now 10:45pm and it's been a long long day with another long one ahead bear with me y'all.

Gramma D I do have a table top for the piano stool but wanted a larger one.  I think I just need to use what I have.

Kathy I've put you and your husband's job situation on my prayer list.

In the first Assigning Value post Lana it was indeed Daisy sour cream that had spoiled...I don't typically buy Daisy but purchased it locally.

Christine related this which I didn't know:  Our electricity was out for four days and I lost most of what was in my freezer. I had a large box of dry milk in the freezer. I find that putting it in the freezer helps it not become rancid in the heat and humidity we seem to have in the South. I thought it would be fine since dry milk will keep at room temperatures. Well, I was going to use some and discovered not only was it molded but also had bugs in it. Yuck!! So when I bought more today, I emptied it into glass jars to put in the freezer. I hope this will prevent any future problems.

Pam  The person who took my application said that we should try to avoid earning more and not taking any overtime when I applied. I don't know if there is a fine for under earning.  At any rate, we've decided that since we must have the insurance we're just going to keep right on trusting God.  If overtime comes, then John will take it and we'll return any funds we have to.  We didn't lose anything but money.  I will say I was unaware that the state returned a portion of what we'd paid out of pocket so that was a small consolation.

Susie had this to say about the moldy sour cream.  I only wish I'd thought of this!  Truth is I assumed it was a problem from being at the local store but since Lana had the same problem with the same brand I wonder if that is fact!  Here's what Susie had to say:
When I read about the sour cream that was moldy when you opened it, I wondered if you called and notified the manufacturer. There is a toll free phone number on most products, and I don't hesitate to call. I have called various manufacturers when there was a problem with the product. Everything from truly bad tasting potato chips, dairy products that were moldy or had some other problem, even a meal replacement shake that was spoiled tasting. In the cases of all of those items, there was nothing that I had done wrong in the storage of them. When I phoned the manufacturers they have always gone out of their way to be polite and helpful. They take your phone number and address and in my case they have mailed me coupons that more than made up for the money I spent for the problem product. 

Angela I wish I'd stuck with the homemade and used that.  I'm afraid the red enchilada sauce was not very good.  I won't buy that brand again and I will use Rhonda's recipe for Red Enchilada Sauce from now on.

Patsy L  I did say in my post that I was very grateful I'd had the insurance. I cannot lie and pretend that I'd have had insurance without it because the only policy available to us was through John's work and would take a full two weeks pay to cover each month.   Not only did we pay for all the premiums, we managed to pay a LOT of medical fees out of pocket and continue our usual giving.   It was a wonderful example to us though of how faithful God is.

As for John's overtime over that period, remember that it wasn't a couple of typical 8 hour work days. John's work days are 24 hours and he ended up working three holidays which pay at a much higher rate of double time and a half.  That's what tossed the monkey wrench in our projected income for the year. We increased our income level with and we'll manage the higher premium amounts, too.

Mabel Hastings shared that she'd read and had followed for years the advice to store cottage cheese, yogurt and sour cream upside down.  I thought of that after I opened the sour cream and found it moldy...Too late!

Mid-February post  Judy I found that 'recipe' in one of the older cookbooks and it is simple and tasty.

Lana I've found in using primer that I use a lot less foundation.  I like to mix the two for a sheer coverage.

Debbie Your dinner and hot tub for Valentine's sounds lovely to me.

Jayne M  I hear that a lot.  And I guess if you're in a sinking ship you do need a second bucket to help bail you out, but if the problem appears to be one of instant gratification vs. wait and save and buy a little later most people are not willing to even consider the stay at home option.  I personally think I add value to our household by being home and fortunately so does my husband!

Tammy I think flowers in the bathroom are pretty classy myself.  Silas and I have something in common there!

Pam I've done the cheese stuffed bacon wrapped hot dogs in the past when we ate pork.  I am however, not a fan of Velveeta...John thinks that makes me weird.

You reminded me about Mama's lost engagement ring.  She'd gone with Daddy to attend a funeral for his grandfather and took off her rings and put in her purse.  She found her wedding band later but not the engagement ring and how she did hate that.  Years and years and years later she was clearing stuff out of her closet, came across the purse and reached inside...and there was her engagement ring!

In Sweet Savings  Kathy  I agree, $10 for a pan of lasagna and that is if the ingredients are all full priced!  I can't fathom $39.99 for a pan of lasagna!

Lana  I'll venture your nephews have either been to Troys which is downtown Montezuma or, if they've been out near Ft. Benning in Columbus while cross training they've gone to Four Winds.  Those are the two most notable places for burgers that I know of...and if not, let me know where so we can go have a try.

Anonymous/A friend  I'd heaps rather you stood behind your comment than leave it anonymously.  My pets are not always fed strictly according to what some pet lovers think is right but then that varies from person to person too doesn't it?  However, they are healthy and that's what counts.  So thanks for the advice and next time, sign your name.

Judy  I try really hard to enjoy my meals out...but if it's mediocre, my mind will certainly start to tot up al I might have bought to make that meal (and often several more) on the same amount of money.

Pam and Gramma D  I have enjoyed the walks, but I'm not going every day.  I do go about 3-4 times a week though which is 3-4 times more often than I'd normally have done it.

In Brrr!  Sarah I do envy you your violets (assuming they are not African but real native violets).  I also understand your thinking it's time to let go of books you'd meant to keep a lifetime.  I have many authors whose works I happily read over and over again.  I can't find their books in the libraries any longer as they weed out older books (and why?!).  However, there are books I realize are not favorites by some of these authors and perhaps it's time to let them go.  It's in the thinking phase at the moment.  I'm not yet committed!

Judy I bought store brand Splenda from Publix and I can't tell the difference except in the price which was almost $3 less.

Pam  I tend to donate clothes to a church thrift store that uses their funds to help in community interests.  One year their funds bought school supplies for indigent children.  However, when I realized that I no longer needed my too large for me coat and John had boots that he'd never worn, I did deliver them to a shelter drop off point.  I felt those things were best put to use where they were needed immediately.

Rhonda,  Isn't it funny how you sort out one area but create a mess in two or three others?  I've had that fruit basket effect here this past month.

Lana I think it's because February tends to be dead winter for us that I love to make turkey and dressing.  It's a lot tastier when the world outdoors is cold and blustery.

Susan in MS   I posted this after I read your comment but just in case you didn't see my reply:

Susan in MS, I'll post this again next month when I do a Q&A post but here's the information so you can read now if you happen to check back:

And thank you to all for the Happy Birthday wishes.  

In Sweet Days  Gramma D I never thought about the hospital ID bracelets...and other little trinkets I've kept that the children have given me.  Perhaps I'll put those in envelopes with their names on them for later on down the road.

Tammy I have Grandmama's powder bowl.  It's just a plastic thing from Avon and has a couple of burn marks on the side from her cigarettes but that bowl was just so much a part of her that I can't imagine not having it.  I understand about your alligator clips.

Sarah I couldn't help but think of you and the not quiet libraries when I happened to be in our local libray the other day and a man began watching videos on his phone.  He must have been hard of hearing he had it turned up so loud and then he began to laugh out loud at the videos as well.  No libraries nor hospitals are neither one as quiet as they were once upon a time.

Lana  I did get the Chicken of the Sea and the Bumble Bee tuna Bogo at Publix too.  Now I've got 16 cans of tuna on hand.  I'll watch for several more of these deals and build a nice stockpile of tuna.

A Corsage  Lana How smart to have the stoves for spare parts!

Charis You too are on my prayer list.  I am praying that you'll be pain free and will heal quickly.  And if you haven't read comments please see what Mabel Hastings had to say to you in the section.

Karla I think when a compliment is unexpected it's especially lovely.

Count it Joy  Thank you all for your prayers about Blossom...I sure miss that old girl.  I've heard nothing about her.  The roads have been ridden and thankfully are clear.  I was priviledged to watch her transform into a proper country dog and see the pure joy she took in living here.

Springing Into March Lana I have added you and your parents to my prayer list as well.

I Wonder  Karla I love the whole CD of songs by Kathi Wilson.  John had some contact with her during his worship leader days and asked permission to use that song which she gave him.    Interesting about the tsunami visions.  I love how God gives us visuals sometimes that will speak to us.

Beans  Judy  shared this:  My mom use to fix a recipe close to the bean sausage recipe.. It was delicious.
it was:
pinto beans [mashed up]-drained of juice
egg yolk
small amount of flour [to make it hold together]
chopped onions
shredded cheddar cheese [if she had it/if not -- no cheese]
Fry them.
then if she had sour cream, she would put a spoon on top 
she also put a spoon of picante sauce/if she had it.

These were delicious , and we never complained about not having meat.
It was a very filling recipe for our family of 6.

And that's it dears for this past month.  Thank you for taking time to share your inspirations, your frugal savings, your ideas and your suggestions.  I can't wait to see what March produces from all of you!


Lana said...

Thank you for praying. Mom will likely go home from the hospital tomorrow and we just don't know what will happen at this point. Mom and Dad did not eat for two days before she went into the hospital because Mom could not get up to make anything and Dad just can't seem to motivate himself to do anything but sleep. She finally called me crying on the phone. I called my sister who is 40 miles away. Their house has become horrible and bug infested. We did not know. It is a hard situation. My sister talked to the patient advocate at the hospital and they will be a big help. Mom is not able to be on her feet at all and will likely end up in rehab. We may be bringing their black lab home to live with us. She is a sweet girl but we have not had a dog for 30 plus years. There are hard things ahead for many of us and on top of that realizing that I cannot ever go home again to Mom cooking favorite foods and all the stuff Moms do ever again.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

I am so sorry about your parents.. Will add them to my prayer list.

Terri, I enjoyed the Q&A. Hope you have a good week.

Debbie said...

Lana, I too am so sorry to hear about your parents' struggles. I too will be praying for them. Terri, I am very impressed and touched that you took the time to write our replies to everyone. I'm sure it took a large chunk of time to do so. :) Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

I just ran across a post from Thanksgiving 2011. Wow! A lot of water under that old bridge since that time. Got me to thinking about the changes in my life since then and I know you have had a lot also, How grateful I am to God that he doesn't let us see but one day at a time! Really enjoy reading about your life and I am positive if I lived closer I would be calling to say "come on over, I have an idea and wonder what you think". Have enjoyed your clothing posts about making a little do a lot, and I am so impressed at how you handled having diabetes and the way you work hard to control it. It is so worth the work. It has so many consequences if you dont take care. Keep up the good work! Gramma D

Lana said...

Thank you all. It means so much.

Kathy said...

Thank you for your prayers on my husband's job situation.
It really means a lot.

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