In My Home This Week: Summer Daze

This week in my home...

 ...It was a quieter week than we've had in the week's just past.  The big news this week was getting the kitty out from under the back porch where she'd hidden herself for four days.  We got water and food bowls set up for her until we could concentrate on removing her to the pet crate.  This is one of Bess' cats that managed to escape last week when she picked them up from kennel.  Violet is now at home with the rest of the kitties.  They moved her there yesterday. 

Bittersweet.  That's what this past week has been and I expect this week will be also...It's the last week with the family here.

I'm torn, truly I am.  On Saturday the kids went down to spend time at the new home, albeit the empty home.  John and I whisked around and moved furniture and vacuumed deeply and cleared up toys and the house looked neat and pretty.  I realized I've missed the orderliness of my home, though it's hardly been a mess.  I suspect I shall also miss the clutter and the cars on the kitchen counter (Josh can just reach them now and is constantly pushing cars up on them).  I shall relish the peace and quiet and miss the mayhem and noise.  I'll enjoy being alone and miss having ready company. 

It's always so isn't it?  Can't have this without losing that, can't have that without losing this...One more week...

...we plan meals:             

I think most of all, I shall miss the dual meal planning sessions.  New ideas and recipes have been a constant inspiration for me.  I'm just sorry as can be that the crock broke this past week.  I'm thinking this week's meals shall have to be cooked in the much underused electric frying pan, to keep from heating the house up with the oven.  It's mighty warm outdoors and I am most certainly not planning to heat up the indoors.

Sliders, Southwestern Bean Salad, Whole Grain Corn Chips with Flax Seeds

Meatloaf, Squash Casserole, Pink Eye Peas, Salad, Peach Cobbler

Chicken Parmigiana, Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce, Salad, Garlic Bread

Open Faced Meatloaf Sandwiches, French Fries, Tomato and Lettuce Salad

Beef Shish Kebabs,  Roasted Vegetables, Rice, Salad

Whole Roasted Chicken with Potatoes, Carrots, Onions and Apples, Steamed Green Peas, Rolls

Pizza, Salad

...I plan my work week:

Oh the plans I can make...and the distractions and other things that make them all for naught.  Last week, Bess sort of precipitated the little freezer clearing out so I spent a day sorting out the big freezer in order to accommodate the things she'd moved.  I did a sort of mini inventory while I was digging about and got a better idea of what I had and what needed to be used or tossed.  I made a good start on the long promised compost heap...

So this week's tasks include many of last week's list:

Mop the kitchen. 

Begin work on third quarter budget sheet.

Create pantry and freezer restock lists and determine how I'll go about managing funds for both.

Plan a new wardrobe list.  Some of the shirts I'd purchased in Spring (the least expensive additions to my wardrobe) never fit me as well as I'd hoped.  They were much too snug.  They happen to fit Bess just fine, so I passed them on to her.  This leaves me with a dearth of tops for summer use.  I also need shorts or lightweight pants for home wear.  Jeans are far too hot.  And new nighties. Not a long list perhaps but it helps to plan so I can piece out purchases over a period of time.

Make it a point to save water to use to water plants.  Yes, it's a pain.  No, it's not drought conditions but why pay to run water when I might save half on these long hot days by using up gray water from indoors?  Watering is a necessity just now due to the continuous warm dry breeze.  We haven't even had dew in the mornings of late.

If I can find a moment this week to run into town, I mean to bring home my first lot of things from the store.  I want to clear off a small shelf unit that the store owner had loaned to me, and bring home an item that Bess expressed interest in having for her kitchen.  Much better to give to her now so they can take it with them than store it until I happen to see her after they move.

...I plan my leisure:

No big plans for relaxation this week, but I do mean to keep cool and look nice.  I'm so over the whole schlumping about the house in ratty things look.  I find it very disheartening.  To that end, I mean to take time this week to make myself pretty.  Granted it's hot and work can make me hotter, but a cool shower, a touch of make up, a fresh top, a pair of earrings can do a great deal towards lifting spirits and making me feel I'm at ease.

Read.  There's a review book to be read...but I think I'm going to bring out an old friend book to visit with.  John's input on Friday was that I need to make time to read once again, real enjoyable reading as I used to do.  It's a nice way to 'get lost', you know?

Dream.  Plan. Because those things lift my creative spirit and feed it.  I need that just now, especially when it's hot and difficult to even imagine wanting to do anything that resembles work.   I have files filled with inspiration for home and yard and self.  I have magazines.  I have materials I could use.  I just need the plan and the inspiration.


Lana said...

Having the family there went so fast! Well, from my view out here. I leave toys that the grands left out where they left them until they come back sometimes. Right now there is a silver Corvette on my coffee table. :) I have also been known to leave whole sticky handprints on my glass doors. They make me happy. What a blessed time you have had!

Hubby accidentally took a huge pack of chicken thighs out of the freezer while looking for something else and left them out. Thankfully they were found before they were spoiled but I am working my way through 10 thighs for 2 people this week. Chicken anyone?

We are going to tie up the ends of some projects here this week so that we can get away to the lake for 8 days. My half bath renovation is complete except for picture hanging which we plan to do tonight. I am pinching myself every time I go in there at how well it turned out. It really cost very little but was mostly just labor. We also have 35 bags of mulch to spread. Our house is looking good. If the right house comes along for our downsize we are getting in good shape to sell this one. We still have a lot of new flooring to go but that could even be done after we move.

Have a good week soaking up that sweet boy!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

OH My Terri, It seems that the family being there, has went by so fast.. Know you will miss Bess's company and most definitely grandson..[We get so attached,when they are with us each day.ha]. I so understand the "good parts" /"bad parts" lol
Nice that your husband helped you clean , when they went to their new home.. Know they are excited and cant wait to get moved in.
It is really hot here too.. SO hard to accomplish any outside work.. We had to have a new septic tank put in, and we went and picked up sod and put down this past week..Oh my, it was 100 degrees.. We nearly had heat strokes. Proud its now...but we have to go back and get some more, as we run out. whew........... I dread it.
Your menu sounds so good. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

I do understand so very well. I so missed my sweet Becca when her and her mom moved after being with us for 2 years. We saw her first steps, learning to talk and it was so sweet a time and it formed a deep bond with her and her mom. I lost my cook! But then when Gramps and I could just go eat, have a sandwich or whatever without thinking about what someone else might want, that was nice to. It hit especially hard when I realized that we probably won't be traveling to NC again. I agree with Bess, 2 generations in a home doesn't have to be a bad thing. I have some friends that when their kids visit, they get out of the house as soon as they leave because they miss them so much. I takes a lot of give and take on both sides to make it work. I amso happy for you that your personalities meshed so well.
I understand about hot weather. It gets to be 80 here and I am hot. I know, 'Northerners", and i feel like I am in a cage when we have to run the air!
Hope it works out well closing your space. Hopefully something comes up so you can gain the money back that you have invested in your inventory. Too bad you don't have my big basement. You would have things to change around and redo for years😀 Gramma D

Debbie said...

I understand how you are feeling. I had so much fun when our Jaysn and Rachel stayed with us while they waited for the closing on their home. It also gave me a chance to get to know Rachel a lot more and we are now very close. I am so thankful for that special time we had, all four of us under one roof. :)

I was looking at your list of clothing items and wonder if you could not find some of them at thrift stores. Walmart in our area is already clearancing out some of their Summer clothing. I found a really nice lightweight shirt there today for $3.

Be blessed and try to stay as cool as possible!

Karla Neese said...

I know just what you mean about the conflict of heart! Now that our girls are grown and in and out of our home, it's difficult. I love the solitude it allows but I also miss them when they aren't here. Our youngest little birdie is back home but her wings want to be out of the nest entirely again - a momma bird can feel it. I don't expect her to be living here past next year but we shall see. It's that odd in-between stage where I'm still used to fixing food and plans for 4 people. And it's hard to not feel a little hurt when they don't wish to participate. But I know I was the same way at their age but busy with my own two little babies so my life was much different.

I too have found myself reading more intentionally. I found out our local library system is doing a summer reading program for adults too so I signed up and then one of my online groups is doing a book club as well this summer - one book per month. So, I'm finding quiet joy again.

I love your intention of dreaming! Can't wait to hear all about your ideas in the future.

Good luck on the clothes hunt! I always love the outfits you put together and share with us.

Lana said...

We feeling that here too. We had always thought our youngest might come home again at some point but she bought a house 3 monthS ago.

Lana said...
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