Pins I Actually Tried in 2016

I was just trolling around Pinterest (and yes, I do that almost daily).  I saw a pin and thought, "Oh yes!  I tried that and it worked beautifully.  Which made me wonder what else I did in 2016 that worked well and saved us money or time or better organized us?  Well here are a few highlights.

These first pictures are not mine.  I picked them from Pinterest.  I can only credit the second photo and that goes to Sunny Simple Life

Number 1: 
 Storing lemons and limes in jars of water in the fridge.  I even went so far as to just store the fruit in a jar without water in the fridge.  I can say honestly that MONTHS later I have lemons and limes.  I will also share that the limes are a little bitter along about now but we've had them in the fridge for going on five months.  I can say truthfully that this method keeps them fresh and usable for a lot longer than letting them sit in the open on counter or on a fridge shelf.

Number 2:

I've used this trick more consistently this year.  It works beautifully for us.  I buy bananas that are green at the stem (not hard and green all over...that does NOT work well!) and bring them home.  I remove one or two and set them out to ripen and then close up the bag.  In a day or so I'll take out one or two more and close up the bag again.  Typically we can make bananas last up to 8 days. 

Number 3:

No washing the berries before hand.  Just remove from the plastic clamshell and store in a glass jar with a lid.  Berries typically last up to 10 days without noticeable change in flavor.  I've always had trouble with molding in the plastic clamshell.  Never in the glass jar.  I haven't tried with raspberries but it's been true for blueberries and strawberries both.

 Number 4:
I saw this pin on Pinterest and thought it clever.  Within two days I found myself sweeping up a bag of peas from the kitchen floor.  I'd just retrieved them from the freezer and the bottom of the bag burst just as I lifted them out.  Sigh.  I started then to save my milk jugs and I have put nearly all my loose frozen vegetables into the jugs.  I notice they have a jug of onions here which is a grand idea for buying in bulk as well...and peppers would do well, too.  I guess I'll be saving a few more milk jugs.  The ones at Aldi are very squared off and fit well in the freezer. 

psst:  this is not a Pin but simply my own statement here..Wax pencils or china markers.  I bought two at Home Depot for under $2.  I used them to write the contents of the milk jug on the sides.  I'm convinced my labels will freeze and fall off.  These don't wash nor rub off easily but they can be removed with a little soap and elbow grease.

Number 5:

I followed another Pinterest tip and put up command hooks to hold the paddle, whip and dough hook for my Kitchenaid Mixer.  I chose to hang them on the wall above the mixer where they were both out of the way and handy.  I did indeed find this handy but I wanted something nicer looking.  I opted for white metal hooks and John mounted them to the wall.  Total cost was under $5.   I am never frustrated trying to find a spot to keep these items and can always find them when they are needed.

Number 6:

My African violets hadn't bloomed in nearly two years. Frankly I was about ready to toss them out but I confess, the plant rescuer in me wouldn't allow me to toss them.  I tried fertilizer sticks and watering more regularly.  They looked nice but still no blooms. I read and tried all sorts of tricks, including dusting the leaves.  Let me tell you it's not easy to tenderly dust a violet leaf...and it's tedious as well!

 That's when I stumbled upon a pin explaining that my violets actually wanted a bit more sunlight.   So I set them on the shelf in my kitchen window which gets morning sun and filtered light mid morning until noon. The blogger said that when they formed blooms buds to watch carefully.  As soon as the buds started to open, move them to INDIRECT sunlight then.  Ta Da!  It worked!  Here are my two plants and don't they look pretty?


Anonymous said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you. :-))) I don't use that size milk jugs but do see a juice we have used that is shaped like those and will save them from now on! The Kitchen Aid parts... I fumble to get them out of the bowl every time and now they will be out of the way and ready to be used! The rest of the hints I have learned from you before but love to 'see' them! I have not joined Pinterest yet. I look till the screen blacks to get a peek only so far!
I tried before a hint another had of putting the lemons in a jar with water on the counter. They got got soft etc. Uck! Now I know why!! :) I will do it right this time. Our lemons are ripe right now too! Perfect timing! Sarah

Lana said...

I have both a lemon and a lime leftover from Christmas. Time to find a jar!

Tammy said...

I use command hooks inside the cupboard doors for all kinds of things. One door has the Kitchen Aid parts, another has a wire basket on the hooks to hold sink things (dish brush, soap, sink plug). Another has three hooks we use to keep charging cords on.Keeps them neat and off the counter, and we always know where they are.
I tried limes in a jar of water, but they got mushy. Maybe I'll try just a jar. I did use that trick for strawberries and blueberries last summer and was very happy with how well it worked.
I see Pinterest now has a "tried it" button. I'm thinking I'll go through my boards and clean out pins, and mark which ones I've tried. Sounds like a good winter project.
Thanks for sending me pins when you see something you think I'd like. You know me well! :)

Kathy said...

Thanks for the tips. I'm going to try several of them. I wonder if instead of lemons, it would work for halos mandarins? I bought a box but they are starting to go bad on me. Do you also freeze oranges?

Karla Neese said...

What fabulous tips! Our freezer is too small to hold the milk jugs but I will definitely move the veggies to a more permanent solution. And the lemons/limes and the berries tips are definitely keepers!

Thank you!

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