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July Goals

Hello all.  I've been doing a world of thinking these last two weeks and with May and June pretty much having flown past and very little accomplished over the last 8 weeks, I thought I'd try and make July count HARD.  I have three social/visits already on the calendar for July, too. I'd love to think that all of life is summer and like the photo above but I need to do a lot of work about here.  It might well prove to be a busy month.  There are nevertheless things I MUST do this month and I thought I'd like to add another thing or two just because, you know, I might not have enough to do...

#1.  Frugal Boot Camp started last week of June.  Why?  Because I need it just now.  I have this feeling I need to refresh my knowledge, find new ways and means to save.  Typically July is always a sticky sort of month and I don't mean because of the heat, which by the way is meant to be in the 100f range.  It always feels as though we have a slow down in the income, an increas…

In My Home This Week: Summer Daze

This week in my home...
 ...It was a quieter week than we've had in the week's just past.  The big news this week was getting the kitty out from under the back porch where she'd hidden herself for four days.  We got water and food bowls set up for her until we could concentrate on removing her to the pet crate.  This is one of Bess' cats that managed to escape last week when she picked them up from kennel.  Violet is now at home with the rest of the kitties.  They moved her there yesterday. 

Bittersweet.  That's what this past week has been and I expect this week will be also...It's the last week with the family here.

I'm torn, truly I am.  On Saturday the kids went down to spend time at the new home, albeit the empty home.  John and I whisked around and moved furniture and vacuumed deeply and cleared up toys and the house looked neat and pretty.  I realized I've missed the orderliness of my home, though it's hardly been a mess.  I suspect I shall …

Iced Tea Chat: The Eyes of the Beholder

So come on in, but please be very quiet...It seems every one but myself is taking a nap.  And that's just fine by me because it means I have a few moments to be myself and not 'Gah' or "Mama" or homemaker, housekeeper, cook and chief bottle washer.  I think, really, I've almost forgotten who 'Terri' is these past few weeks. 
Just ignore the state of the house.  Despite all the tags I wear I don't keep up so very well these days and my back is giving me a little trouble at the moment so I'm further behind than usual.  I've gotten very philosophical about housework in the past seven weeks, lol.  A two year old is good for that sort of thing!
No sweets, dear, but mint or lime for tea...Doesn't that sound refreshing on this hot afternoon?  We had a brief break in the heat over the weekend and the week started out with cooler weather.  Tuesday morning after I saw John off to work and felt the sweet cool morning air, I came indoors and op…

Frugal Friday: Proceed With Caution

Saturday:  I was certain I didn't have anything to make a big breakfast for John as he came in from work today but I went to the freezer and looked anyway.  Sure enough I found some sausage I'd forgotten about purchasing two weeks ago.  I had just enough eggs to fry and made toast.  Good enough!
I planned a steak dinner for today, using the last of the steak from the freezer.  I also used lettuce, previously sliced tomatoes, red cabbage, a carrot to make a salad to go along with the meal.
I had to go into town.  I knew I'd need eggs, was out of milk, wanted to treat John to a russet Baked Potato, something I haven't made in over a year. I also wanted to provide birthday pie for my two youngest who have birthdays just six days apart.   Katie was visiting today and I won't likely get a chance to see her again until her birthday is long past.  I spent about $30 today.  I realized I've spent about $80 the past week on groceries and still I need things.  I've ca…

In My Home This Week: Sweeter and Sweeter

In my home this week:   Another week behind, another week ahead.  On Friday this past week, I went down with Bess and Sam to see the new house.  It's a lovely place.  I admit to a wee small bit of home envy, which has taken root in me of late anyway courtesy the foolishness of having spent an entire afternoon viewing a bloggers' summer tour of homes that contained lovely things I have no way of possessing myself at the moment.  Not deep rooted envy, just a little moment and  I did quickly uproot it and put it aside. My family is so happy to have their home in their possession.  There's a bit of reno work to be done first, nothing too earth shattering and only delaying them about ten days before they can move in for good.

 I needed this weekend to remind me how very blessed I am.  I had a lovely day for the second time this month:  I had grandbabies in the house as well as my great nieces.   My niece is just a couple of years younger than Katie and Sam, Ashley and Katie a…


Confused by posts that have appeared and then disappeared today?  Wondering what on earth is going on?

It's me.  I've been doing some much needed work on another blog with blogger, a recipe blog.  I'm trying to make a companion blog to this one.  Between computer glitches, a two year old running about, breaks and such, I've gotten confused.  So posts have mysteriously been posted to this blog that ought to have gone elsewhere and some posts were posted well ahead of time here that are meant for later in the week. 

Pardon me while both sites are under light construction, won't you?  And please accept my apologies for any frustrations it might have caused you.

Frugal Friday: Freezing In the Heat

Saturday:  Nearly 100f today.  We pulled curtains closed on the sunny side of the house, ran fans to help circulate the air.

John washed a full load of clothes. He hung the bulk to dry.  I washed a full load of dishes.  This is not usual for us but it was necessary.
Samuel replaced the ceiling fan in John's music room.  That's a nice bit of home improvement done over these two weekends that should help keep the house a little cooler.
I cooked dinner entrĂ©e in the crock pot.  I made mashed potatoes from scratch but I think in future if it's this hot I'll use the instant potatoes.  I can boil water in the microwave and keep that heat down.  I decided to make cornbread, which used up the yolks from yesterday's birthday cake recipe.  I put a coffee cake in the oven to bake alongside.  I won't be using the oven again when it's this hot though.  It's just too hot and makes the AC work that much harder.
I mixed up frosting for Josh's birthday cupcakes.  Be…

Spring Projects: Indoor Projects/Retirement Remedies Decor

I worked hard and steadily in the yard this spring, but that wasn't all my work.  I did a few things in the house as well.  During a visit, Bess sort of inadvertently started things indoors when she had cuddled under the quilt one evening and folded it to put it back.  I'd always had it turned  to the cream backing fabric.  I was smitten with the colors of the quilt against the slipcover.  And since I'd purchased that bright old fashioned floral picture for the living room walls, the quilt was a nice balance on the other side of the room.  I'd bought inexpensive pillows from an online source in the winter, but the quality was lacking and I wasn't happy.  I found these brighter pillow covers for less than the two pillows cost, but they are so much nicer quality.  (see opening photo and the one just below).

The old fashioned floral picture that started the color wave in the living room

In My Home This Week: Two Big

In my home this week:

...on Sunday, Josh turns two.  He's learned so many things this past year: how to walk, how to talk, how to climb, how to fall...Ouch!  Life lessons can be hard, can't they?  And the life lessons we watch our children learn hurt us as badly as it hurts them.  It all starts with that first fall.  I've told my children these days are just training them to deal with the hurts their children will face when they are older.  Sad but true.
I've made cupcakes for Josh's celebration.  His real family party will occur in July when the family is settled in their new home.  This is just an acknowledgement of his actual day.  Next year perhaps it will be more important to him than to us.  Do you remember how anticipated birthdays were when you were young?  I do.  It wasn't a big deal in my childhood home, but it was still anticipated.
Saturday morning his Grampa got him out of bed.  Where he'd fuss and complain to me, "No! No!  Mama!",  n…

Frugal Friday: Trying To Make a Difference

My last project, using mostly what I already had on hand...I'm pretty pleased with it.

Saturday:  I went into town this morning to pay booth rent.  I made zip again this month for the third month in a row.  I talked it over with the owner and told her I'll be giving in my notice at the end of July. 
Went by the post office to mail off Josie and Rosalyn's birthday gifts, which I combined into one box. 
I went by the grocery and picked up extra large trash bags and ice cream.  John has mentioned ice cream multiple times in the past week.  It's a small indulgence.
Stopped off at two yard sales.  I spent $.75 at one on two books and $7 at the other.  I purchased another rectangular frame to do a second set of the seed packet prints for the living room wall and a purse.  I also got a large bottle of Goo Gone for a very good price.
Came home and made garlic butter spread for toast and a salad to go with the Crock Pot Lasagna Bess made.
I've been raising the AC…

The Front Porch Project - A Long Drawn Out Project

I've meant to focus on the front porch since summer 2014...but then we'd asked my brother to get us a quote on redoing one section of it and John suggested I wait.  He figured my brother could paint the whole porch at one time when the rebuilding was finished.  I agreed.  After all, why waste money on paint when you know it's going to be painted later?

Well here we were this past summer (2015) and the back porch still looked fairly fresh and new and the front porch looked terribly shabby.  I'd added to the shabbiness over the year as this porch became my studio for spray painting since it was going to be painted afresh anyway.   Looking at medical expenses and judging my brother's new job and his very busy schedule for carpentry work, I realized we weren't likely to see this rebuild any time soon.  I couldn't bear having the porch look so bad.  It got worse.

You see mid-way of cleaning railings, I decided to paint the iron chairs with a fresh coat of red. …

An Iced Tea Chat: This Sweet Season

Hello and do come in!  It's been a little more difficult of late to have a chat or write a post but that is to be expected.  It does seem, even the sweetest little almost two year old boy is true master of the household and when he's fussy, the world falls at his feet in an attempt to make his world right once more.  Josh is pretty well behaved overall and not the messiest of children but there's enough extra to do to keep one hopping.  When he feels off then we all try our very best to soothe him. 
He calls John and I "Gah".  He's very fond of John who didn't woo or cajole him but simply was himself and let Josh decide on his own that Grampa was A-okay.  They now have a special handshake that is all their own.  It begins with a conventional handshake, a fist bump, a high five and then they snap their fingers and point at one another.  Josh can't snap but he twiddles his fingers and points, just to imitate Grampa.  It's all ended with a kiss.  I…

This Week In My Home: Happy Days

In my home this week:

...I had a week full of grandchildren this past week and this grandmother's heart is happy.   Of the nine grandchildren, I talked to one via text, and visited with 5 others.  All in all, a rare week and a very happy one.  This week will be a happy one as well.  Those of you who shared with me how very much you've enjoyed having your grandchild or grandchildren living with you.  Well I'm finding Josh just such a joy in my life.  Daily he does something to amuse me or tug at my heart strings in some way.   Oh how I wish I had this opportunity with all, but just possibly not all at the same time!

My oldest son confessed his concern that a home task might keep him from visiting this past week.  And we weren't just certain if all three children would come with him, since in the past he felt overwhelmed with all three.  Happily my son finished his task enough to leave it behind and came with all three children.  The house exploded.  Honestly, it's …

My Frugal Week: Beginning A Summer of Savings

Putting a fresh coat of paint or a new fabric seat upon a chair can be very inexpensive, and a good way to extend the life of a perfectly good piece of furniture once it begins to look shabby.

Saturday: We traveled up to see Katie and celebrate Taylor's first birthday. Mama was going with us and insisted we use her car.
I carried along a bag of things I'd been meaning to send to Katie.
On our way home, we stopped at a local grocery in the area and purchased supper from the deli and produce section.
Katie had tucked a zippered bag of coke points in my purse. 
She also gifted me with a bouquet of hydrangea.  I recalled reading that the stems needed to be seared to seal off the sap that prevented them taking in water.  I held the ends to the gas flame of the stove.  They perked up beautifully when I put them back in water.

Questions, Answers and Comments, Oh My!

If the comments from myself this month seem a bit sketchy it's because I am literally skimming and answering only those that asked a question or required a quick update.  I'm starting this late in the evening and I'd like to finish it just in case time flies away from me once again.

From last month's Q&AJulie Baker  I hope all goes well with your granddaughter.  It's certainly been a change of pace to have an almost 2 year old in the house, lol.  He's apparently determined that he really might not need a daily nap, but boy does his mama and I need him to take one, lol.

May I?Sarah  I crumpled aluminum foil and made ring of it a little smaller than the width of the chicken.  It didn't take as much as you'd expect it might to make the foil ring.  I then put the chicken on top of the foil, so it was lifted up from the bottom of the crock pot.  I find that chicken really does require more salt than most meats, but the Mrs. Dash seasonings are good salt …