This Week In My Home: Ugh

This week in my home...

...I've been enjoying being at home once more.  I didn't do much of anything on Saturday which is pretty much normal, except I didn't type this post up then either, which is very normal.  Instead I went to bed and took a nice nap with the warm sun shining upon me.   It was lovely.

I don't do a load of housework on Sunday as a rule, unless John is gone off to work.  I did simple easy tasks today. I made breakfast and made the bed and fed the pets.   We went to church and then over to the grocery to pick up the free items, not one of which I could find, ugh. I wanted flowers but the only well priced ones were bouquets of fully blooming astromeria.  Nice enough but too well into bloom to last any length of time. John got a haircut. My blood sugar dropped a little too much.  Ugh.

We stopped at Sonic and ordered hot dogs.  I was disappointed that it wasn't hot.  I'm one of those sorts that wants my food HOT when it comes to me and I wait upon it to cool, not just warm and rapidly cooling before I'm done.  Ugh.  On our way home, we passed a peach orchard with the first blooms peeking out.  It's too early for them to bloom and I mean it, but they are as wooed by sun and warmth as any of the rest of us.  

At home once more, John did a load of laundry and I emptied the dishwasher.  I went to put away my church clothes and discovered the closet smelled like perfume...too much perfume.  A bottle I'd found in a basket this morning apparently fell and broke upon the floor.  No glass, but the oil pretty much saturated the area.  Had I really liked the perfume it would have been fine.  I don't.  Hence it was in the closet because I'd meant to donate it.  Now the house smells like perfume because I had to put the broken bottle in the trash.  Ugh.

The day has not been spoiled despite my 'ugh' moments.  Just not necessarily the way I'd have had my day go if I could have chosen.  But all that doesn't detract from the cool air, the sunshine, the awesome church service, the site of those lovely bulbs blooming in the pots outdoors, the comfort of a sweat shirt in a chilly house, the fun of seeing new baby pictures, or contemplating all the busyness Katie is posting as she does a mini makeover on the upstairs part of her house which makes me itch to do something in my own home.

So here I am at the beginning of new week in my home.  I haven't even started getting my plans together, but I know I must.  Now's as good a time as any.

...I plan my work week:
It's Harvest week: bills, groceries, errands. 

I plan to do some stocking up on cleaning supplies and paper products over the next few weeks so I mean to get the CASH in my pocket because I want to be sure I say within my imposed budget.  I'll look over sales sheets from stores (alas NONE in my Sunday paper, UGH) to determine where I might shop and what I might buy.  And if nothing looks good this week I'll wait.  Just because I mean to stock up is no cause to spend full price on anything I might save upon!

We've a pretty full week planned overall with Mama coming here for John to do her taxes.  I offered to make her dinner, which is a treat to her, as it is to any of us, to have someone else cook and serve.

Plan my next challenge menu and shopping.

Paint the frames of some pictures I have in the living room.   I really like the pictures but they do not go with my living room in the frames or in the arrangement in which I now have them.  I'll remedy that this week.

Get John to take down a café curtain rod in the master bath so I can put a fresh coat of paint on it.  It looks shabby in a not chic sort of way.  Time to refurbish that!

Clear up the guest room.  I put it on hold after the carpet was done as I tried to remember where I'd stashed some of the things.  Well I've found them all now and they are just stacked here and there about the room.  Time to get it set up for guests once more.

Move some things out to the shed.

Look for a folding cot for Josh and Taylor to use when visiting.  The baby will obviously need to have the pack n play if the family should come to stay.  This is something I've had on my mental list which obviously isn't nearly as pressing as my written list of things to do.

Clear up the back porch.  I want to remove the metal cabinet which has become just an ugly eye sore.  The porch could do with a good cleaning and I want to paint the tables and chairs fresh.  I might not get to the painting this week but I can THINK about it.

Plan my next challenge.

I could plan so many more things, but John is to be home all week long and it's never worth my while to plan too much or he'll just throw me off track with his plans which he seldom shares ahead (if indeed he's even planned them out ahead). 

...I plan meals:
Since I haven't quite yet got my whole challenge ready to go this week's meals will be served pretty much as written.  I don't expect us to have any but just Mama for company this week.  I don't think we'll be eating out either, but I never really know on these long spells off that John has now and then.  More of that spontaneous factor of his.

Roast Beef Hash, Green Beans, Bread and butter (no salad on hand this day), Orange wedges

Chicken Enchiladas, Mexican corn, Green Salad, Pineapple Cobbler
(this will likely be my meal for the day Mama comes)

Cheese Omelets, Roasted Italian Vegetables, Green Salad

BBQ chicken legs, Southern style cream corn, Coleslaw, Corn Muffins

Pan Fried Hamburger Steaks, Crispy Roasted Potatoes, Asparagus

Chili Cheese Dogs, Tater Tots, Coleslaw (leftover)

Pizza, Salad

...I plan my leisure:
I listened to the radio on my way down to watch over Josh and on my way back home again.  I used to do that a lot, especially at home.  I decided that here we are with this wonderful radio in our home and nobody ever listens to it.  So this week, for at least one hour each afternoon (or evening when tv programs have palled) I'll be listening to the radio again. 

I have a small stack of March vintage magazines to read and enjoy.  So far they've got me just itching do some planting (Better Homes and Gardens 1930's magazines!). 

Cookies.  I want cookies.  I think I'll make some and put a few rolls of dough into the freezer for future days.

Leisure too is utterly dependent upon John's spontaneous plans so I won't plan more.  But I'm sure to have time for at least this much.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your posts and wondered where you find the vintage magazines?

beckyathome said...

Sounds like a great week ahead. I always love putzing around my home when I get the chance. I do love the flowers in the pots.

Dawn said...

Sorry to hear about the perfume. It is interesting since my children/youth Bible class tonight was studying Jesus' anointing by Mary. When I explained that Mary use the entire jar, one girl said she would not have wanted to be sitting too close to Jesus as it would have been very strong. Another boy was concerned about Jesus' hair. I never know what their comments will be.

Lana said...

Ugh! I hope the perfume did not spill on new carpet!

We had an ugh morning. We got up and dressed and I actually had thought through an outfit that looked great and felt great about wearing to church. And it included black jeans that have been too small but fit me now. We went to our favorite Greek restaurant for breakfast and came out to a dead battery. It has been giving us trouble off and on for a few weeks but there always seemed to be a reason. A nice man on the parking lot jumped us and we went right up the road to the auto parts store and had to get a new battery. So much for church as it is too late by then. No problem we can run home and catch the sermon live streaming on TV. Get home and the live streaming is down. BOO! This is the second battery in two weeks as we just replaced the one in Hubby's car. Batteries are much more than last time we bought them. It was $250 for the two of them.

But, my menus are planned for the week, I have been grocery shopping, I baked bread today and washed all the salad greens. My lists are made for chores and appointments and such for the week so I am ready to go in the morning. This is new budget month week so all the categories get reloaded on Tuesday which is good since we have been dollared to death in February and all the accounts are pretty much depleted. I will make muffins in the morning with too ripe bananas and bake cookies from a tub of dough that was in the freezer. We are good to go.

We can do it!

Delorise said...

We were in South Ga. over the weekend and saw azaleas blooming and green grass popping up. We also saw the first pollen on vehicles--here comes allergy weather. There is a large peach orchard next door to us but haven't seen blooms yet (we are Mid Ga area). I don't think the peach crop is going to be as good as last year and I understand last years crop was off by 25%. So my hubby isn't the only man that doesn't plan ahead-- just roll with the flow- a lot less stressful and not worth the arguments. Unfortunately it took me years to realize that. Hoping for some rain this week-- we aren't dry here- just afraid after the wet winter that it is going to stop raining and turn dry. Could not believe Publix had strawberries for $2.00 BOGO-- what a great deal. Hope to pick some up and freeze for smoothies. Love those smoothies. Hope you have a great week. Enjoy this wonderful weather.

Deanna said...

I am exactly the same way about wanting my food served hot! We went out to dinner Saturday night with our daughter and son-in-law. I ordered the special and was so impressed. It was crab-stuffed tilapia over risotto with asparagus. The fish was well-seasoned and cooked to the point where the edges were just the slightest bit crispy (the way I like it). The risotto was perfectly cooked, too. And the best part? The dish was brought to me steaming hot. My family teases me sometimes about this temperature preference. I also like my tea and coffee very hot - are you the same way?

Anonymous said...

Hope you've used up all of your ugh moments!
After reading and being inspired by your earlier posts this morning, I went to work decluttering and deep cleaning the kitchen counters. I then whipped up a double batch of marinara to have for dinner (I like to make enough extra for Mike to take for lunch and also to have a batch to add to our freezer meals). I then made the salads and garlic bread to serve as sides and now I am relaxing with a nice cup of peppermint tea for half an hour. After that I'll pull out the vacuum and give some attention to our downstairs floors! Thank you for the always inspiring blog!

Terri Cheney said...

Tracey, I just made a double batch of Chicken Verde Enchiladas, one for now, one for later. I like to have a few meals tucked away in the freezer, too!

Delorise, I too live near Middle Georgia area and there ARE peach trees blooming here. We passed an orchard just inside Macon county line this afternoon. I noted Confederate Jasmine and pine trees were ready to burst these past two weeks in South Georgia, but suddenly we seem to be coming up right along the South Georgia folks for pollen counts. Ugh, lol. All AC and no line drying of clothes until the yellow season is done.

Deanna, we are true kindred souls. I want my coffee HOT enough that when I put in my milk or cream it's still a tad too hot to sip. I have a microwave just so that I can pop my coffee cup in and heat up my coffee after I've just poured it. Not necessary with boiling water in my tea.

Dawn, Now you mention the aroma of a full jar of perfume, I think I'm in total agreement with your student! That's just what I had in my closet but mine was just about 1 ounce. And I've often wondered about the oily hair since anointing is mentioned so often as starting at the head. Kids minds do make you stop and think!

Lana, We just replaced a battery in our car last month.

Anonymous, I find most of my vintage magazines on eBay. I used to pay about $2 an issue(!) but now it's more often $10 which is still not much considering I read them for years upon and a few new ones go for $12-$18 at the store these days. Now and then I stumble upon a seller who apparently just wants to get rid of them or is selling estate sale items and doesn't really care about value. I collect mostly 1930-1958 issues. I find after that 1958 date the 'modern' edge is creeping in.

Terri Cheney said...

P.S. Lana, NO carpet involved. So glad we told the guys we'd just as soon keep the tile floor in our closet, lol.

Debby in KS said...

My upcoming week isn't exactly "ugh", but it definitely has potential for the simple reason that there is too much going on! Why is it that there are months that I can go with NOTHING and then it seems like I'm doing something! I'm a homebody and I absolutely need my home time to feel good. I'm definitely not the kind that overcommits. I've done that and I'm too old and too cranky to jump on that crazy train again. However, it seems like I have the shortness of February cramming commitments into one week instead of two! Add in Ash Wednesday and a once a year thing I do into the same week and it's chaos! 10 places to be in one week.....oy vey.

I told myself just to do what I can and relax. To pretend I'm not OCD about things, just for a week. And that most of my activities are things I enjoy. I most certainly enjoyed my luncheon today as I didn't have to make it, clean up afterwards, & enjoyed a delicious piece of homemade lemon meringue pie for dessert!!

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