In My Home This Week: What Will I Do?

Here's another Armstrong kitchen by my favorite designer.  This kitchen is bright and sunny but I was puzzled by why so little space even by the 1930s or early 1940s standard.  Well in the enlarged picture I can see that the window's view is a city scape with skyscrapers.  Obviously this must be a city apartment kitchen but how cleverly done with that glass brick wall!  And then again...Is it safe?!

Well it's most certainly filled this tiny kitchen with light and I love natural light in any room but most especially my kitchen work space.  Of course, you know the yellow kitchen drew my attention easily, especially combined with that orange toned wood cabinet and trim.  

The fridge sits to the front left of this photo and then we have our breakfast area and perhaps our only dining space in this apartment.   The delicate chrome chairs and table seem to float in front of that window wall and appear to visually take up no space at all.  I love that the designer chose to use a different seat cover on each of those two chairs.  The nearest appears to be a tawny gold color and the one backed against the wall is a rich persimmon red.   That color is very effective against that yellow lino wall.  

By the way, the floor, the walls, the ceiling and the decorative chickens on the stove wall are all linoleum.   I think the countertop is too, but I do recall reading the ad copy and those chickens are off cut pieces of linoleum that are inlaid in the wall covering.   I think they are very well done and ad a great deal to the room overall, and they most certainly set the color theme used.  

Note the little stand next to the stove to store trays and baking sheets...and incidentally serving as a telephone stand as well.   I adore that stove, the sheer size of it, the cover on top of the burners giving a flat work surface make it an asset even in such a small kitchen.

To the right I think we have our sink cabinet though I cannot see the sink even in the enlargement of the photo.  That counter is so crowded with appliances that I can't tell if a sink is there or not but the bar height chair appears to indicate that it's the sink area.   Remember that often chairs were placed near the sink for the ease of the homemaker in washing dishes or prepping produce at a sink.   And the dish towels hanging off the end of that cabinet also seem to indicate that the sink is in that space.

I like this kitchen.  I will warrant that the storage space is small and the work area snug but the bright cheery colors, the natural light and the overall country sophisticate look make me smile.  

In my home this week:   

I'll be busy.   Caleb will be with me for some part of everyday except Monday this week.   Katie's job is finally starting her in training.   I'm glad of it.

Our weekend has been busy with various activities, family visits and such.  I think this is going to be one of those weeks where we come to Monday and take a day off or at least are tempted to do so.

I know that Caleb and I will fall back into a routine easily enough.  I think he's trying to give up that daily nap, but I feel all children need a quiet space to rest in every day whether or not they sleep.   So I'm going to continue to put him down for at least an hour and a half after lunch every day.   That's my plan...Hope he cooperates!

I videoed John's performance at the Coffee House ministry the other night and my phone protested the storage load.  I figured out how to download the videos to my computer but now my computer is complaining of being overloaded...So I've been going through 15 years worth of pictures and such that I've saved in files and deleting all the too dark, fuzzy, over lighted, extra copies etc in an effort to free storage space.  This is a long overdue task and that's truth.  I also have family history files and images to print out and then I can delete those...So in all my spare moments this week I shall be working on this somewhat mammoth sized task.  Perhaps I will make headway.


John insisted on moving all the living and dining room furnishings Friday while I was vacuuming so that room has had a nice deep vacuum.  No need to tell him it wasn't the planned work zone, he was hefting the chairs and moving the tables and I just went ahead and vacuumed.  I feel I've given the house a fair start towards autumn cleaning and other than airing blankets and winter bedcovers (it's been raining at some point every day), I'm going to call that good enough.

I had thought I might go out to shop for more fall decor items but so far I haven't and now that I'm keeping Caleb I likely won't.  So I'll call that done, too.   

If I get any time at all to work, I'm going to head out to my shed and try to get it orderly and clean once again.  I shifted things back in Spring when we moved the dryer out there and I've not really put things in place properly since then.  In fact, stuff is pretty much just shoved the shed just needs a tidy and a good blowing out with the blower.  Done thank goodness!  And I found my wreaths that I've used the past two or three years.  They'll do another year...

I have paint to paint the stars I had on the door of my shed.  If it's not raining, perhaps I can get that little job done and rehang them.  I liked looking out to see the stars on my door and would like to rehang them.

I'd still like to work on cleaning the front porch railings and certainly could take time to clean the outside of the back porch rails but that depends on what hours I have Caleb at the beginning of the week.  Thursday and Friday will be fulltime days for keeping him, so anything extra I do will truly be bonus tasks.  

If I can slip away this week I might make a run over to the discount grocery for two reasons: mums galore and curiosity over what might be in the reduced price produce section.  But mostly because of the mums.  I'd like to put a few pots of mums around the porches.   The plants are all lovely still but mums would just be a touch of fall for outdoors.


This week I want to go through one set of my cupboards to see if there are any things I might pull out to incorporate into our food supply for the week.  If I find a substantial amount it will be a Gathering Fragments post but it may prove to be like last week and there be nothing much...So we shall see.  It's good to keep a clear idea of what you have.

I have freezer room now, so I think I'll try and make Bagels in the early part of the week.  I won't have Caleb until later in the day on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I should be able to get bagels made and baked without him underfoot during the first three days.

I've been thinking about meals all through the weekend.  What we'd like to eat, what I need to use, etc.  I really do look forward to cooking this time of year!

Menus:  Pizza

Gramma's Fried Chicken, Green Bean Casserole, Mashed Potatoes

Sausage and Rice Stuffed Acorn Squash, Brussels Sprouts, Waldorf Salad

Leftover Roast Chicken with Vegetables, Stuffing, Peach Salad

Cauliflower Au Gratin, Peas with Mushrooms, Green Salad with Pears, Dried Cranberries and Walnuts

Red Beans and Rice, Cornbread, Slaw 

Chicken Pot Pie, Salad

Leisure and Personal:

It's unlikely I'll get time to do genealogy but my plans are to read and read and read.  I have my October vintage magazines out, and I've plenty of books and interest enough in reading at present to forge ahead in reading.

Go over my wardrobe and set up a few outfits.  I've yet to do this for September because it's such a transitional month for us.  Indoors is often chilly in most places, outdoors is too warm.  I've loved wearing a monochromatic khaki/loden green combination, but I need to have more outfits at the ready with accessories and all.  

Try to put on a minimal makeup look each day.  I don't want to go all the way with makeup every day but I'm so weary of looking in the mirror and seeing a tired face peering back at me.  I can surely do something to make me appear at least pleasant looking.   It will be a good time too to play about with the makeup I have and see if I can come up with a new fresh look suited to autumn.


Anne said...

I always read the cooking portions of your blog with such envy. I do have some talents, but imagination in cooking isn't one of them. But, between you and the world situation I have made a huge effort to not waste food and have been pretty successful at it. But the results have not been anything to rave about. This past week I used the leftover ham slice in burritos, chopped into small bits, of course. I mixed it with potatoes, which we often do with sausage, but the ham did not come through with the flavor the way sausage does. In fact you could hardly taste the ham at all. We ate them, but it was nothing special.

Another night I made tacos but substituted chicken because my husband eats way too much beef. They also came out kind of tasteless. Again, we ate them, but I won't try it again.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

You always give me such good inspiration with your menu plans. Unfortunately, my inspiration often just seems to disappear by dinner time and we end up eating some dumb store-bought frozen dinners.

I really like the kitchen you show today but I'm back and forth about those big thick glass window tiles. I hadn't wondered about the safety of it, until you wondered. Those tiles must have been set on some sort of beam beneath them for support, I would think. I loved those delicate chairs and the cute clear table placed in front of the glass bricks. I wonder how hot the glass bricks were in summer and how cold they made that side of the room in winter.

You will be a very busy lady with Caleb there on so many days. But I know you will have fun with him. I hope you can get some photos of him, so you can go back and see how he changes through the years.

Have a good week with your Caleb and try to get plenty of rest when you can.

Donna said...

So happy to hear that Katie is starting her job! Probably no more so than she, tho. I agree with Miss Susie: get plenty of rest when you can. It's been so many years since I cared for a toddler, I'm not sure I could do it at seventy-four.

Love the big stove in the kitchen. I found a pretty kitchen on Pinterest. Here is the link

Sometimes I feel like I need an extra Sabbath during the week. An extra nap or rest time with my feet up always helps. I am rereading the last of the Jan Karon Mitford series and also a Charley Stanley book so that will be my time to read.

It's still hot here, 90 today, so switching around summer to fall/winter clothes will wait a while. Although pretty soon as it's frustrating to get up some morning to very cool temps and nothing but short sleeves, capris and sandals. ha!

Good for John moving furniture around so you could vacuum, even tho you hadn't planned on it. It's amazing how many "dead men" and "dust bunnies' accumulate. Ugh...

We are canning ground beef and will can dried beans later this week. Our local Meijer store still has pint Ball jars so we'll head there in a bit to buy extras.

Enjoy your week!

Lana said...

I need a light make up routine too but have yet to come up with anything. My foundation is up to $31 so if I put that on I might as well do it all. I refer to this face as the quarantine face. Pale and sickly looking or something not good. I do know it makes me feel old.

terricheney said...

Anne, I find chicken can be very bland in many dishes and that it requires a greater amount of seasoning. I haven't used ham in many years now so can't tell you how that might be better seasoned. I love to cook but I find tasting and tasting and tasting is necessary while I adjust seasoning.

Susie, I hadn't even thought of the hot/cold factor! Not sure how practical that space is at all, lol! Yes I shall be very busy with Caleb and I shall most likely be tired but that's to be expected.

Donna, I did a story on that kitchen a few months ago. It's called the "Fiesta Kitchen" and featured the colors of what was then one of the most popular dishes being manufactured. It spawned a separate post on Fiestaware.

Lana, that c-v face comment made me laugh. We need to get out more...

Liz from new uork said...

Lol at the idea of makeup for me at this point. I look hideous, but I’ve so gotten out of the habit of makeup, that when I do wear some I feel like a clown, and my kids look at me like I’m a stranger ! So for now, natural. I’m glad Katie finally started, nothing worse than waiting. Now that there is a pause up here in New York on vaccine mandates for nurses, I worked one day last week, and hoping for more days. I just want to get back to a normal life, for all of us! We’ve eaten down the leftovers here, so tonight I’m making hot dogs. I haven’t seen the beef prices come down at all, so trying to wait it out for a bit. Lots of chicken and pork, but I don’t eat pork anymore, but beef is untouchable right now.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Has anyone tried that makeup, or blush stick (I can't quite tell) called Boom stick? I have only seen ads on line, and I am curious about it, but it seems a bit more expensive compared to what I usually use. On the ads it looks like a brightening stick. Most days my face is now very one color and tending toward sallow. I think from not getting enough sun and fresh air plus a-g-e. The boom stick looks like something that might be what I need, it leaves a bit of glow too. I'd like to know what anyone else has to say about it before I spend the money to buy some.

Anne said...

Donna, you reminded me of something I have found amusing for years now. I live in Inland Southern California where it is quite warm a lot of the year, and even when it does cool, the temperature can change 30 degrees throughout the day. Because of this it's so difficult to move warm/cold weather clothes into or out of the closet. For weeks and weeks you need every variable that you own.

We lived in Oregon for five years and I was ridiculously happy to find that there was an actual time, more or less, to change out your clothes. One day summer, pretty much the next day fall, or so it seemed to me. I was thrilled.

Now, we're back in California and I have piles of all different types in the closet. Right now the temps are 80 one day and over 100 the next. Sigh. I do so want to have an autumn.

Sue said...

Chicken for tacos needs lots of spices. I add cumin, powdered garlic, powdered onion, salt, pepper, chili powder, and cayenne or chipotle pepper for heat.
You can also lightly saute your chicken, take it out of the pan and shred it, and then return it to the pan with packaged taco seasoning mix (I use the low-sodium one, and it's plenty salty) and the required water. Simmer for a few minutes to let the spices and chicken meld. Add a little chicken broth if it gets too dry. Your tacos should be very flavorful with either of those spice additions

Lana said...

Well ladies, I got up this morning and put concealer around my eyes and I look ten years younger and healthier and happier! That's all it took!

terricheney said...

Liz, I've worn makeup out of the house for years upon years and honestly don't feel myself without it. However, of late when I make up I have felt I was wearing far far too much. At home I'd definitely want to go for a more natural but less haggard look.

Lana, you made me laugh out loud with the concealer being a terrific help. I did not do makeup today. I was struggling with a minor thing this morning that grew in my head until I headed outdoors to work off the negative energy in the shed. I won't even mention what I look like NOW, lol. I need to shower, but it's far too late to worry about any makeup at all at this point of the day.

Sue, yes, a LOT Of seasoning is wanted in a chicken dish being used in something like tacos. Chicken can be very bland when it's served with salsa and such and come across as blah.

Susie, I've seen the boom stick stuff but no I haven't tried it.

Anne, my winter clothes would make Gramma D laugh in her NY state winters as it would probably be more late Spring early autumn wear for her, lol. We seldom need a real winter coat here but occasionally it's a cold winter and we're glad to have them.

Deanna said...

Hello from Kansas. I so enjoy popping in to see what you're up to. Always fun and I like the vintage images you share of houses and their interiors.

terricheney said...

Deanna from KS thank you!

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