March Pantry Freezer Challenge

We've done very well here for the first two months of the year.  I stocked up on meats the first week of January at the meat and grocery markets, we've built up our pantries.  I've got enough meat to just about carry us through the month of March...and a little extra money to restock the freezer would come in handy in April.  I think it's time to have my first Pantry/Freezer Challenge for 2013. 

I'll likely buy dairy and produce during this month but will try to keep other purchases to absolute necessities and save all I can for purchases in April.

Anyone want to join in?


a8383 said...

Hi Terri, I will be joining you beginning today! I wrote bills today and looked ahead to March- taxes, car insurance, a trip to NC to see son and his family, DD and her husband moving back to GA from Colo and will be staying with us until they find a place to live (increased food, water, electricity, etc), Easter and St Patrick's Day , 2 doctor's visits, and a few other things. March is looking VERY expensive indeed! I too have a fairly well stocked pantry and freezer- not overly abundant but good so I am starting TODAY! Angela

Anonymous said...


I really enjoy reading your blog!!

I was just reading that groceries are supposed to take a hike again in April due to the drought, which we are still in. I'm wondering why you do the freezer challenge instead of constantly stocking up? I've read of other gals who rotate their stock and keep stocking all 12 months of the year. It just seems to me that it would be smarter to keep stocking up while prices are as low as they are instead of waiting for them to climb higher.

Just wondering,

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