This Week's Menu Plan

I'm getting an early start on this task this week.  I have company coming tomorrow and I want to have my mind free of what I should be doing.  Cold weather continues here with plenty of frosty nights (good for peach production) and cool days, perfect for hearty bone warming meals.  I love to cook this time of year when I can make long slow simmering dishes.

I'm looking forward to my company tomorrow.  Then Tuesday we begin the month of birthdays in our family.  I look forward to these special days. We've never made it a huge production, nor expensive, but we've always made it special with a favorite meal, cake/pie/dessert of choice and token gifts.  China and a prettily set table, a card and singing "Happy Birthday" always seemed to be just the right touch of festivity for us.

I haven't done much of anything today.  I ought to be busy but I'm feeling the usual weariness that comes on me as the work week dwindles down.  I'll do light work today but tomorrow morning, before my company arrives, I'll do my routine Monday work and have the house spic and span.  I hope to serve dinner to my guest as well, so here I am planning meals.  It seemed a nice quiet bit of work to attend to and gives me plenty of time to thaw foods as needed.

Rosemary Roasted Chicken, Wild Rice, Green Peas, Easy dinner rolls, Tossed Salad
 I have been craving roasted chicken for a week now.  I bought whole birds last pay period during a special sale.  I like to put an onion and lemon or apple in the cavity before I bake.  It keeps the bird moist and imparts a bit of added flavor.  I found the dinner rolls recipe in my file.  I'll see how it turns out if I have time to make it up as planned.

Cheeseburgers, Fries, Baked Beans, Coleslaw, Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting
The chosen meal of our first birthday of the month.  The menu never varies nor does the cake. Nor do the rules: no fuss, no singing and no mention of the birthday at the meal.  However, all well wishers are welcome to call or post accordingly.

Meatloaf, Twice Baked Potato, Green Beans, Corn Muffins, Coconut Cream Pie
I've been just longing for meatloaf and I'll use today as my excuse to make it.  I will attempt the pie from scratch. I've never made one before but I have a feeling it will taste a good bit better than a store bought pie and  those are pretty good...

Chicken Pot Pie, Peach Salad
While I'm making a pastry crust for the coconut cream pie, I may as well make up pastry for a pot pie as well.  Leftover chicken, mixed vegetables, broth based sauce will make a hearty pie filling.  I'll put the carcass in the freezer for a future broth making session.

Kitchen Sink Vegetable Soup, Corn bread, Applesauce
I have plenty of vegetables in the house, will no doubt have a bit of ground beef left from the two previous meals this week, just enough to season the broth and make it taste rich.  I haven't made vegetable soup since autumn!  I want to buy myself a cornstick pan.  I could just shake myself good and hard for not taking one of Grandmama's when I cleared up her house.  She must've had three or four of them.  I'll find one in a thrift shop one of these days soon.

Chicken Fried Rice, Snow peas, Egg Rolls
This will likely be the last meal from the leftover chicken for this round.  I love a good pan of chicken fried rice!  It's spicy, full of lovely vegetables and stretches a little meat a long way.  In fact, not cooking too much is the hardest part these days.  I don't often buy snow peas but a little goes a long way for just two.  If they are too pricey or don't look as fresh as I'd like, I'll substitute Bok Choy.

Spaghetti with Marinara, Steamed Broccoli, Lettuce Wedges with Blue Cheese, Breadsticks
I had a salad the other day while I was out with Mama.  It was simple and to the point: icy cold iceberg wedge, creamy dressing, sprinkled with blue cheese crumbles.  It was so good!  I wanted to make a meal this week that would showcase this beautiful salad.  

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