Weekly Meal Plan - Summer/Fall

It's been a lovely weekend, a sad weekend and a busy weekend all rolled up in one.  I'll tell all in my morning coffee chat this week.  I had many plans for this evening, but the electricity went out.  And that too is a story of sorts that I'll share because I decided to just enjoy the dark and the quiet.

The week ahead isn't planned to be any busier than usual.  John's working this holiday, his regular work hours, and I'm going along just as regular as always.  Harvest Morning, errands, grocery list, grocery shopping, weekend preparations, etc, etc.  The only thing I am doing differently is taking time to check on my booth before we head off to do the grocery shopping.

I sat this evening, looking out of the window at the leaves scattered over the lawn, the golden rod tipped with lime green buds just waiting to burst into bloom, the grass still short despite several rains and thunderstorms... It looks like autumn but I assure you that the heat is most un-autumnlike.  Heavy, humid air.  When I look through the windows I'm just certain there is a cool refreshing breeze outdoors but gracious goodness, just open the door and discover how mistaken you are!

It means planning meals that are a little bit heartier than those we ate all summer, but not too hearty or we'll suffer all through the long hot afternoons, lol.  Balancing act.  It seems I am forever trying to find some sort of balance in some area or another of my life.

Pan fried Sirloin Steak, Cheesy Mashed Potatoes, Tossed Salad
The last portion of steak from our meat purchase in June.  I was shocked to discover we were out of lettuce.  Fortunately I had a portion from our salad yesterday leftover.  I added sliced tomatoes, broccoli florets and found I had a bowful of salad for each of us, after all.

John is working and I shall be eating the few leftovers in the fridge as my dinner.

Deviled Chicken Legs, Backs and Wings with Rice, Three Bean Salad, Corn Muffins
I bought chicken this past weekend.  Not the cooked chicken I'd meant to buy but fresh chicken, cut up, that I fried.  It happened that I found 'country style' chickens which is well liked in this area.  It includes the meaty portion of the back, as well as the wishbone.  I packaged up the legs, wings and backs from the two packs of chicken to use for this dish.  It's really simple but good.  From my favorite cookbook, paprika, salt, pepper, ground mustard and oil are combined and rubbed over the chicken pieces, which are baked under a layer of soft bread crumbs that crisp nicely over the chicken.  You can cheat a little and just use a bottled french dressing on the chicken pieces, too.  My old recipe book suggests lima beans as a side dish and a coleslaw and mashed potatoes, but that is too heavy for our temperatures.  I think we'll appreciate lighter sides.

Creamed Hamburger over Toast, Green Beans, Pear Salad
Such a simple meal but I confess it's one of my favorites.  We haven't had it in ages.

Spaghetti Diable, Green Salad, Garlic Toast, Boston Cream Cupcakes
Any leftover chicken will do well in this dish of mushrooms, tomatoes, onion, spaghetti.  This too is from my old favorite cookbook.

Fish Fillets, Tartar Sauce, Fries, Coleslaw, Hushpuppies
As with many things, my household prefers frozen breaded fish filets.  So be it.  I'll comply there but the rest of the meal will be homemade from the tartar sauce to the hushpuppy.

Meatball Heroes, Salad
I never did make meatball heroes as planned a couple of weeks ago. This will be perfect to come home, heat in the microwave and eat.

And there's a plan for the week's meals. I am off to bed.  These mornings seem to come awfully early lately! 



susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I just now found your site. I enjoyed seeing your menu plan for the week. Good inspiration for my weekly menu plan. It's always amazing to me when someone says they don't make a menu plan; they just "wing it" at the grocery store. I am your newest follower.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...
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a8383 said...

OK I am curious- what is your favorite cookbook? It must be good! Angela

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