My Frugal Week: 15 - 21

Saturday:  Wanted to add a few items I'd forgotten from last week:  I picked up a dollar bill I found on the ground.  I do pick up coins anytime I see them, but was surprised to find this dollar bill and more than happy to pick it up!

When I made the pudding for the Boston Cream Cupcakes, I only used about 1/4 of the pudding, so I poured the rest of it up into individual containers.  I used saved containers from KFC meals side dishes.  We usually get KFC on vacations as a treat and those side dish containers are a bonus.

Finally earned enough Swagbucks to purchase another $5 Amazon gift card.

Cashed in points from Pinecone Research.  I have a $27 check coming to me.

I accepted a couple of boxes of items from a friend who was sorting out her kitchen.  Many of these items will go into  my flea market booth and are greatly appreciated for that fact.  A few that I could use were kept for myself with her approval: a pro biscuit cutter (I've been using a tomato sauce can with both ends removed which has worked fine but is a tiny bit smaller than we like for biscuits) and a fryer basket that hangs on the sides of a small Dutch oven.  This will be nice on the occasions when I deep fry and can be used to hold my chicken carcass and vegetable ends and tops when I'm making broth.  This saves the step of having to strain the broth.

I think that's all of last week's frugal stuff.  For today I:

Ordered two books from Amazon.  I chose to purchase used books and used my gift card balance earned this year to purchase the two.  Both are supposed to be good frugal cookbooks.

We decided to stay home from synagogue today.  We heard a powerful sermon yesterday at the Seed and Feed and since we'd used extra gasoline the previous week it's nice to have a little savings this week. 

Pulled out my March vintage magazines to read.  I read two stories today that I hadn't read before in one issue.

Sunday:  John off to work today.  I made him breakfast and packed him a lunch for work.

I went shopping today, after waffling for a bit about what I'd like to do.  The weather was beautiful and I hated to waste a good day when I have so many needs on my mental list that I should purchase.  I stopped at my favorite clothing store.  I was unimpressed with their selection for the coming season and clearance prices but did find two pieces that will work for me.  One will do well for summer/early fall, the other for late fall through early Spring.  I made a second stop to look for shoes (no luck), a new comforter/duvet cover/quilt for spring and summer use (third year of searching and no luck), covered baskets (no luck).  I did find two more tops (1 for the cooler part of the year, one that will work for warmer) and a much looked for metal table which is actually a really cute plant stand but will do find for drinks and magazines on the front porch and cost only $10.

Headed home, stopping for food on the way.  I really do need to think about my occasional want for ready prepared, convenient food. I paid for the food from my allowance, but this is an area I need to think over.

At home, I opened windows for a little and let the indoor temperature decrease.

Monday:  John in from work. I made sausage and biscuits for breakfast.  The biscuits were made from scratch.

Used leftover mashed potatoes, leftover garlic Parmesan spread and leftover green beans to make a fancy Shepherd's Pie for dinner.  I added a side of Pineapple Salad, using leftover sliced pineapple.

We went back down to John's work place to pick up his pay check and came home to Harvest.  It was a tight check this pay period.  So grateful we didn't have to make that loan payment!

Open windows all afternoon.

John washed a full load of clothes this morning and hung to dry.

Supper was egg salad and pimento cheese, both homemade.

Saved end pieces of bread from loaf in the freezer.

Chopped pickles to go in the egg salad since I was out of sweet pickle relish.

Tuesday:  Went out to run errands.  Posted bills, went by to do banking, stopped at grocery store to pick up bread on sale to last through the pay period.  While there I also bought soap, a bigger pack than the one on sale as it was twice as many bars for less than twice the price of the 3bar pack, a vitamin I was out of, and some flower bulbs.  The bulbs will bloom yearly and should multiply.  I flipped through the Dvds in envelopes and bought another one I enjoy for the historical appeal, $3 for a couple hour's entertainment.

Made a dinner plan while I was out.  I had company coming and needed a different meal plan, one that was child friendly.  I recalled I had a packet of good beef hot dogs in the freezer.  Little boy loved the meal of hot dogs, oven fries, slaw and cookies.

We had leftovers for supper: egg salad, turkey Spam.

Offered to my friend V the dill relish I don't like and picked up while not paying close enough attention when shopping, some yellow rice packets that were nearing expiration and a few other items that were overage and extra.  She took them with her.  It was a fair exchange as she brought just loads of cute things for grandson to be Joshua that were D's when he was born.

Another day of no heater running and open windows.

Wednesday:  Grocery shopping day.  I need to reconsider my grocery budget.  Lots of thinking to be done.  I have been having a little waste each week and a few too many impulse/convenience items.

Bought today's dinner from my allowance.  We ate dinner leftovers for supper.

Pulled the grapes from the back of the fridge. I wanted to finish them off rather than toss them.  When I explained to John that I didn't want to waste his time tossing them, he looked quizzical.  "You worked to earn the money that bought them.  I want to make sure we don't waste the time you spent working by tossing them.

We had the windows open all afternoon long but it warmed up a lot later in the day.  Between the heat and the stuffy nose I was getting it was not pleasant indoors.  I turned on the AC but only lowered the indoor temps by one degree.  I turned on the fans to circulate the air and let them carry the load of moving cool air about.

Washed a full load of dishes.

Washed zippered bags to reuse.

Refilled water bottles.

Thursday:  John worked.  I made him breakfast and packed his lunch for the day.

Washed a full load of clothes.

Hung towels and rags to dry.

Made breakfast for me this morning.  I sometimes skip if I get busy after John leaves but I knew I was going out with Mama this morning so I wanted to be sure to eat.

Took time to tag items for flea market and carried them with me.  Plans were to stop by this morning but unfortunately I had run a little later so went by this afternoon.  The new tags and the thin ribbon to tie them on with are soooo cute!    Fluffed booth while there this afternoon.  I think it's time to strip it down and dress it up a little.

Took off trash.

Picked up mail.

While out with Mama today, I used my grocery list to pick up a couple of the items I couldn't find at Aldi this week.  I bought corn meal, two jalapenos and some apples. 

I looked a good bit at things but wasn't tempted by anything except a cotton gown and robe to replace a pair of pajamas I couldn't wear and gave away.  The robe will be perfect for summer mornings here at home.

Mama and I went out to lunch.  It was my day to buy and I noticed this restaurant offered a meal 'deal' that was reasonably priced.  It was a good dinner and worth every penny.  I won't be eating supper tonight!

Mama gave me her gently read magazines, coupon inserts, a quart of strawberries and a container of Parmesan cheese.

When I came home, I made myself a single cup of coffee using the mug feature on my coffee pot.

John noted my friend and Mary Kay representative had a very good sale on her stock of supplies.  He asked if I needed to buy anything ahead while it was such a good sale.  I told him I'd loved to have purchased but we had spent all we had from the last pay check and there was nothing extra.  Bless him, he called me back and told me to order what I needed, it was covered.  It was like getting one product free.

Friday:  John came home from work and washed a full load of clothing.  He hung most of it to dry.  He timed the clothes he put in the dryer so they were just dry and not over dried.

I cleaned the bagless vacuum canister and filters today.  I do this about every 2-3 weeks to keep the vacuum in top condition.

I took two frozen entrees of leftovers from the freezer for today and tomorrow's meals.  Also got Challah out to thaw for Shabbat.

Handwashed my bras and allowed them to drip dry.

Waste:  1/2 cup lettuce, 1/2 loaf homemade Challah

I knew we'd want dessert this weekend, so took the half pound cake Mama made from the freezer and allowed it to thaw at room temperature.

Cut off the AC and opened windows slightly to allow house to cool off.

Received my check from a survey group.  I figured I made about $6/hour.  The surveys are few and far between and it took a few months to earn but it will  make a nice addition to the vacation fund.

 That's been my frugal week.  How was yours?


Anonymous said...

Don't forget any fruits like those grapes can be dehydrated if you cannot use them now. I know you do freeze them. When I run the dehydrator I look all over to make sure there is not something in the fridge..that little bit of something..that would be going bad if not dried now. Usually is a few grapes or a few stalks of celery or carrots that need used up but won't be in this weeks menus. that little bit leftover of fresh egg plant or whatever. If I am running the dehydrator might as well fill it as much as possible to use the electricity wisely. Sounds like you are really getting handle on stopping any waste. Good going!!! :-) We just did the usual of hanging out all clothes, watching water usage and such. I can't recall anything special done this week. I did buy the fullest looking herb plants I could find thus allowing me to divide one plant into 3. More frugal still would have been to grow them from seeds though!! LOL My neighbor saves all her newspapers for us. We can read them late and we also we use them as mulch in the garden. Shred some and put it in the compost piles. Course the comics make good wrapping paper. Also I send some of the comic pages to shut ins that do not get the paper to give them a laugh. :) Sarah

Rhonda said...

Except for medical procedures, our week was about as frugal as possible.
I stayed home. My sewing projects used supplies in hand and we ate all meals at home except for our gelato after the play we saw for a belated Valentines.
Your pimento cheese sounds so good, I have all the ingredients too.
Hope you have a nice weekend and get some rest

Rhonda said...

Except for medical procedures, our week was about as frugal as possible.
I stayed home. My sewing projects used supplies in hand and we ate all meals at home except for our gelato after the play we saw for a belated Valentines.
Your pimento cheese sounds so good, I have all the ingredients too.
Hope you have a nice weekend and get some rest

Courtney said...

I bet your husband appreciated what you said about the grapes. I often just think to myself, "Is this really worth the (hour, or whatever) that he had to work for to pay for it?" Most of the time, the answer is no.

Vicki in UT said...

I love those little side dish containers from KFC. At first my husband rolled his eyes at me for wanting to save them, but he has gotten used to it by now. I figure, we paid for them, we might as well reuse them. They are the perfect size for one serving of something or a dab of leftover veggies, etc.

Rebecca said...

"Wasting time when tossing the grapes": that is EXACTLY how I feel about food going bad in the fridge. Especially homegrown garden things. Wasted seed money, wasted HOURS of weeding, planting, harvesting...for what? GARBAGE. Too true.

I can't believe you earned $27.00 from Pinecone Research! I started that last month and then quit it the same month thinking it wouldn't be worth the time. But $27.00 is a nice little check!