Weekly Menu and Plans List

Well!  We've had an interesting week...That 'Winter Non-Event' snowed on us around 10pm Monday night.  We stayed home and looked at all the pretty snow Tuesday and Wednesday and did our best to keep the house and bodies warm.  Fortunately we never lost electricity, the gas man came last week just before this whole business was news and all was well.  John went out on Thursday to class, I didn't budge until Friday when I had to leave home to pick up groceries for the weekend company that came in.  Daniel was pleased to find we had plenty of snow on the back deck and trekked up and down and up and down and packed it in really good.  By the time we'd returned home from synagogue Saturday afternoon, there was no remaining bit of ice or snow.

Since I worked menus for the week before we had plans worked out for the week a few things were changed.  I'll start with Saturday's menu which Lori planned and cooked and served.  Really good new recipe she brought up and I think I want to incorporate that recipe into my menus in future.  We had a number of leftovers this weekend, all sweets, so I put them in the freezer.  We can piece them out over the next few weeks.

Unsloppy Joes, Chips, Green Salad, Key Lime Cookies
I looked online for recipes, and there are all sorts.  Lori's meat contained a little ketchup and osme BBQ sauce.  She did use cheese and Grands biscuits.  They were very good and much enjoyed.  The cookies were from a mix and were frosted, but weren't super tart the way citrus cookies can sometimes be.  A very nice meal overall.

Leftovers, Tangelos, Cookies
We do have plenty of leftovers so that is our dinner today.  We're going to have finger foods tonight for our supper and wanted to have a light lunch.

Roast Beef Hash, English Peas, Tossed Salad, Rolls
We had roast Friday night for supper and there was a little leftover.  I'll make our second favorite leftover dish from the remains.

Fancy Pants Burgers, Rice, Fried Okra, Green Beans
Another old favorite recipe, from one of the vintage magazines.  These are thin patties, sandwiched together with cheese in the middle and a tomato sauce served over them.  It's really nice this time of year and since we should be headed back into seasonably cold weather will be enjoyed.

Split Pea Soup, Cheese Toast Rounds, Tangelos
I'll won't use ham in our split pea soup, but will add a few drops of liquid smoke and a seasoning of smoked sausage, just enough to give the peas flavor.

Chicken Pakistani, Yellow Rice (leftover), Tomatoes, Peppers and Onion Rings
I didn't make this dish last week.  I found I didn't have two key ingredients on hand, onions and almonds.  The salad is a lovely thing: a bowl of sliced sweet onion rings, red tomato (or yellow if you can afford one) and red or yellow bell pepper sliced into rings. All in a vinaigrette dressing with fresh parsley.  I had that dish at Oneg this past weekend, and it was awesome.  Not too tart, not too sweet, just lovely especially when the vegetables were layered on a cream cheese bagel.

Chili Rellenos Casserole, Green Salad wedges with Pico De Gallo and Ranch Dressing, Oven Fries, Key Lime Cookies
I'll try to cut this recipe in half.  I don't think we need a big huge pan of it, but it sure sounded good when I saw it on Pioneer Woman the other day.  I thought it would make a great meatless meal.  I'm trying to find and incorporate more of those into our weekly menus just to help stretch the dollars.

Last week's plans:

For the flea market:
Get all the new items washed up for flea market booth.
Tag items for placement in booth this week.
Work out which items I mean to bring home or markdown.  It's time to freshen up the displays and remove items that have been sitting for a few months now. 

Make a decision and begin a shop on Etsy or Ebay and get a few items listed. No and no excuses why I didn't

In my home:
I have my usual routines I work when home, so it's deeper cleaning projects I'll list under this heading.

Tackle the bathroom cabinets.  Clear them all out, declutter, wipe down and determine what storage pieces are needed to organize them better.

Go through my dresser drawers and dump badly stained house clothes, sort out sweaters and costume jewelry.  Put aside the latter two items that are too nice to remove but aren't being worn as sales items for Etsy or Ebay.

Inventory kitchen freezers and cabinets.

For the blog:

Get a new Modern Home Economics post up. (working on this one)

Have a coffee chat.

Try to work ahead on another post or two.

Yard:  nope we had SNOW and extreme cold.  I stayed indoors and off the frozen back deck.
Pick up sticks.

Plant the bulbs that are sprouting.

Trim back the roses.

Hobby: No...I looked up some searches and added new information
Scan another batch of family photos to add to family tree.

Get the next blocks sewn to quilt.  Plan placement and cut the next round of blocks.

Fill out more of the family tree information gathered.
This week's plans:
Home:  Food inventory for kitchen cupboards
             Grocery shopping
             Clear out those bathroom cabinets and dresser drawers

Flea Market:  Decide upon next items to be tagged and make out a list of items to be removed from the booth.  I don't have to go in this week except to check on if I owe any rent money.  I was very very close to having earned that this month as of last week.

Blog:  Monthly Replies Post
           Home Ec Post
           Frugal Friday post and link to others

Yard:  Plant those bulbs before next cold spell hits.
           Pick up branches around house.
           Trim Roses

Hobby:  Spend one full afternoon entering info into tree from research already done and proven
               Quilt work now that sewing table is moved to window for better light.


Rhonda said...

your menus sound good, especially the sloppy joes and fancy pants burgers.

Hope you get lots done this week. We are supposed to have bad weather for about 10 more days so I will be staying home.

Glenda said...

Hi Terri,

What a wonderful blog. I just found you this past week and have spent the past two hours reading your past posts.

I, too, love genealogy and have spent the past 38 years researching all lines of my family. Isn't it truly exciting and interesting?!

Have a wonderful week and thank you for all your gracious sharing.

Anonymous said...

If you have a little left over cheerizo or sausage you need to use up you can add that to the chili rellenos casserole. I am planning to make this for the next pot luck I am going to. We have used this recipe for years. Yummm! Don't ya just love how she describes her recipes!! What a hoot! :) I got some marked down boneless pork chops. One is enough for a meal for two of us. One way we like it is to put any pork chop or pieces of pork roast in the crock pot and cover with spaghetti sauce and on low for hours. The meat gets so tender it fells apart. Served over rice or noodles and is so good. You can anything you want extra in the sauce as an alternative. With any left over sauce from the crock pot I make spaghetti or use it for a sauce over stuffed bell peppers. I haven't made sloppy joes for ages...they do sound good!
Actually any left over sauce might work in them too!! :) Sarah

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