Weekly Meal and Work Plan

Another new week.  We greeted it with April showers.  In our case the flowers have already come along...the world outside my windows already transformed into tender green leaves, grass that must soon be mown and pollen. It hasn't been as tough as in some years but there is a film of yellow powder on everything.  Welcome to Spring.

I find, as we're getting more and more accustomed to the new work schedule that for the most part, I need to plan only about 4-5 meals per week.  I tend to eat leftovers or am going out to dinner with Mama on John's work days, so I've started planning 5 meals most weeks instead of 7.  It just makes more sense.

This week I am focused on using as many of the products we have in house with yeast, powdered yeast or yeast extract in them.  I've been especially careful not to stock up on those foods over the last few months.  I can buy 'kosher' foods that are yeast free but they are so pricey that it seems to me wiser to just buy limited quantities of foods that might have yeast in them.  I have started a list which I'm keeping on my desk of foods that I know I shall have to use or throw away.  It has helped tremendously with menu planning this week.

I had two sleeves of saltines left.  One went into John's lunch to crumble over his salad.  He enjoys them as a replacement for croutons.  I used the second sleeve to make up a batch of Sweet 'n' Saltines to eat as cookies this week.  I sampled them yesterday and they are so good, simple to make and the perfect balance of sweet and salty.  While I was looking up the recipe in my files, I sorted out the recipe notebook, pulled a few recipes to try this week.  Tried and True items are pretty much all that is left in my old notebook since I've begun clearing out regularly.  I have a one year rule on new recipes:  if I haven't tried it in one year I toss it.  I don't want to store 'someday' recipes anymore, just recipes that we really like.

Sunday:  Leftovers from the week (Meat Loaf, Au Gratin potatoes, Black Eyed Peas) Sweet n Satltines

Monday:  Roast beef Hash, Garden Peas, Carrot Raisin Salad
I cooked potatoes Friday for the hash.  The roast beef is a leftover from a couple of weeks ago.  I'm thinking this is a good opportunity to use a packet of brown gravy mix that I bought for a recipe I never tried.

Tuesday:  Chicken Kiev, Roasted Asparagus, Salad with strawberries, Navel oranges and Almonds
The Kiev is not hard to make and is very tasty.  I've tried homemade and I've bought it frozen and prefer the homemade.  I think fruit and lettuce salads are quite delicious.  They may be dressed with a fruity vinaigrette or a blue cheese/gorgonzola type dressing. 

Wednesday:  Leftovers if I have them 

Thursday:  Mexican Lasagna, Yellow Rice, Green Salad with Salsa Fresca, Mocha Chili Pudding
 Black beans, corn, sauteed zucchini will be my lasagna filling, mixed with Enchilada sauce. I will crumble cream cheese, shred Monterrey Jack cheese for the cheese along with flour tortillas.  Instant coffee and ancho chili powder season the instant chocolate pudding.

Friday:  Brazilian Burgers, Zucchini au Gratin, Oven Fried Potatoes
One of my favorite burgers, full of flavor.  It is as good as a steak meal when prepared in this way with finely minced garlic, onion, sherry, bread crumbs, soy sauce. 

Saturday: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Green Salad, Cheesy Garlic Bread
I have spaghetti sauce in the freezer, convenient to thaw and reheat.

Last Week:
Home:  Really.  Sew Valances for bathroom. Spent my sewing time making a top for my youngest granddaughter.  It took longer than I'd imagined it might.
Work on master bedroom closet.  Kind of....
Get kitchen food cupboard and baking cupboard in order.  All of my time has gone to routing out yeast products in the freezer, pantry and cupboards.

Yard: Clean up front porch. Sort of....

Booth:  Tag and set new items in booth.  Done

Extra: Vacation plans.  I've done nothing towards that at all. Tentative plans made...

This Week:

Home:  Sew bathroom valances. Fabric is washed and dried and ready. 
Get Baking and food cupboard arranged.
Now that closet is straightened up, clean floor, sort out clothes, etc.

Yard:  Finish cleaning front porch.
Bring out umbrella and cushions for chairs on patio.

Booth:  Sort inventory and tag 10 new items for booth.

Extra:  Send out various items in post office.  Get out of house and look for new inventory.  There's a festival end of month and we've been asked to amp up contents of booths.
Finalize vacation plans.  Or scrap them and start all over again.


Rhonda said...

Hi Terri
We have company coming soon and I am so glad you reminded me about this's yummy saltine cookie candies. Those will be an easy thing to whip up

Karla Neese said...

Oh it's so good to drop in. It's been far too long since I've had the time to stop by and see how you are doing. I love the new porch photo! Looks like a lovely place to spend some time meditating on God's love.

My to do list has gotten longer and my time to get it done has gotten shorter so things are rather a big mrs around my home right now. Crazy!

Your menu this weeks looks delicious and frugal as always. Blessings!

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