Weekly Menu and Job Plans

I feel under the weather.  Not a thing I can put my finger on, but I've decided to take it easy until I start to feel more energetic.  There's plenty I want to do and plenty more than needs to be done, but I have learned the hard way that pushing often leads to a lingering illness rather than a day or two of just not feeling well.  Fortunately the house has held up very well over the last few days and requires only minute attention.

This week's menus will start with the meal we had today, Monday.  I will be shopping for groceries on Thursday and not a day too soon.  I am still struggling with this short pay period at the end of each month and the reduced grocery funds.  I am so grateful for my pantry as that has helped a good bit, and it surely a good indicator that  a pantry's important in a household.

Turkey Fricassee, Salad, Broccoli rice Casserole, Biscuits
When I cooked the turkey breast Saturday, I put a whole apple and whole onion in the cavity of the breast, then poured over about 1 cup of apple juice.  It adds a different taste to the turkey  meat and a rich color to the broth and is a nice change.  I used some of the broth to make the gravy today.

Leftovers for me

Beans and Sausage,  Green Salad, Crusty Bread
I will not use as much hot pepper as this recipe calls for as we like things with a little noticeable heat but not hot.  I don't have the fresh cherry tomatoes but will used canned ones for this once.

Pasta Alfredo, Three bean Salad, Crusty bread
I'll make this ahead and reheat as a casserole dish.  It will be a handy meal to have when we come in from grocery shopping and can heat while I put away groceries.

Pigs in Blankets, Waldorf salad, Chips
This should be an easy meal to prepare and have for the grands and their parents when they come in this evening.

Take out Fried Chicken, Corn on Cob, Green Beans with potatoes, Corn Bread, Millionaire's Dessert
It is my great hopes that all my in state children will be at my home this day.  I'd like to celebrate mother's day a little early since none of them will be here Mother's Day weekend.  I can get the produce at Aldi on Thursday.  I'll make the Millionaire's (layers of cream cheese, pudding, whipped topping, with a shortbread crust) on Friday.  It can stay in the fridge overnight and will be even more tasty.

leftovers on my own 

Jobs this week:

#1 Find and book vacation.  I spent 7 hours researching yesterday evening.  7!  It was more than enough to help us determine that we could not even begin to afford our planned destination or anywhere within 100 miles of it.  On to plan 'B'.

#2  You already know what this one is don't  you?  Yeah, you do.  Sew valances.

#3  Get guest room ready for company this weekend.

#4 Sit down and plan out grocery purchases.  Must plan better for the short pay period.

#5  Rest until I can find my way to feeling better.  Best done first part of this week...


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Hope you feel better soon!

So not looking forward to the stormy days ahead. I need to go to Costco but won't go until it all clears out of here which looks like thursday.

a8383 said...

Girl I am gonna come sew those valences for you! Hahaha! Angela

Anonymous said...

I am worn out. I have always worked to exhaustion and with age that is not a good thing. Probably never was. Plus older age adds other aches and pains. :) It is hard to find time at home anymore with hubby's retirement he likes to give little notice that he wants to take off and go somewhere. When I get back home the work is still there waiting and gets piled up if I don't work double time. Believe me I am not a perfect housekeeper. I am only talking about the washing and ironing and general house care and cooking and such. Just getting the general things done is becoming a chore and to get the gardening and mending and all the other needed things done. { and later canning , drying and such!! :) } Whew!! :-) Hubby is not a helper about the home. That is how it has always been and so I don't expect it to change. :) You are right we need to just rest and recover some days. When I can I have done that at times only doing the very minimum. Sometimes your body gives you no choice! LOL Also I too at times get short tempered and so head to the yard to talk it over with the plants!! LOL I know when your body is weary it is harder to be calm. Your mind is running full time even when you are supposed to be resting. I wish I could fall asleep in a chair as easily as others can! LOL Each of us has different schedules and errands and responsibilities...yet the same 24 hours a day. All we can do is give it our best effort. One of these days i too will get my kitchen curtains sewn and up!!! :-) Or one of these years!!!! LOL Sarah

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