Weekly Meal Plan

There's a green world outside my windows and it's a lovely warm world as well.  Bees are buzzing, birds are chirping and the brief glimpses we caught of neighbors' homes between the trees can no longer be seen.  It's Spring, well and truly.  Now is the time for warmer weather menus.  I've been going through cookbooks looking for new recipes to tempt us.  I attempted one this past week.  I look forward to experimenting further.  John's just made a meal request which happily falls in with my menu planning.  I have a small challenge ahead of me this week as we observe the Feast of Unleavened Bread.  I'll be creative with breakfasts and suppers this week, more so than with dinners.  What a privilege it is to observe God's word even within my kitchen.

Sunday:  I'm on my own
I have to run to the grocery store this morning to pick up a few things to observe Passover tomorrow evening.  I'll grab something for my dinner from either deli or freezer case.  It is my plans to go out extra early and return home to work on cleaning my kitchen really, really well.

Monday:  Chicken Parmesan, Spaghetti, Roasted Italian Vegetables
I have two big boneless skinless breasts.  Friday evening last week I cut one into three nice fillets for sandwiches, so I expect to get two meals from these two breasts.  I won't bread my chicken but will use the yogurt and Parmesan cheese method for coating it.  Today I will also be preparing a meal for tomorrow.  In our observance of Passover we treat it as a Holy Day and do not work.  I'll serve the second breast over a salad one evening for supper.

Tuesday:   Roast Beef, New Potatoes with lemon butter, Green Peas, Tomato Salad
I have a portion of rump roast in the freezer that I plan to thaw and bake.  I'll steam the new potatoes and peas in the same oven.  I'm going to try an all tomato salad, with red and yellow grape tomatoes in a buttermilk dressing as salad.

Wednesday:  Beef Tacos, Refried beans and Spanish Rice
This is the meal John requested.  I will look for cornmeal tacos that have no yeast in them to make our taco shells.  Failing that we do have some flour tortillas with no yeast in them that I can use as a soft taco but I'm hoping to save those to make breakfast burritos one morning and dinner burritos another evening (dinner would use up any meat, beans, rice from our meal today) later in the week.

Thursday:  dinner to be determined by grocery day

Friday:  Cheese Souffle, Roasted Asparagus, Fruit Salad
There seems little point in telling you all how easily this may be made and not putting it on my own menu.  I will have to double check my recipe.  I'm pretty sure I can make this and stay within our dietary restriction this week.

Saturday:  Red, Black and Blue Salad, Molten Lava Cakes
I'll use leftover roast beef to go on this salad, and will be sure to set aside some tomatoes, as well.  If John seems especially hungry I may bake potatoes to serve along with the salads.

 Job Plan:

Home:  Sew bathroom valances. Fabric is washed and dried and ready. No...but the fabric is cut. 
Get Baking and food cupboard arranged. No
Now that closet is straightened up, clean floor, sort out clothes, etc.No

Yard:  Finish cleaning front porch. No
Bring out umbrella and cushions for chairs on patio.No

Booth:  Sort inventory and tag 10 new items for booth.  I sorted and pulled 15 items to tag but didn't tag them.

Extra:  Send out various items in post office.  Get out of house and look for new inventory.  There's a festival end of month and we've been asked to amp up contents of booths.
Finalize vacation plans.  Or scrap them and start all over again.

This week:

Home:  I will sew the valances.  I will. I will. I will....
Finish the cleaning of the yeast from the house (Sunday and early Monday is all the time I have to accomplish this).
Prepare for Passover (Sunday and Monday only).
Get Baking and food cupboard arranged.
Now that closet is straightened up, clean floor, sort out clothes, etc.

Yard: Clean front porch.
Bring out umbrella and chair cushions. 
DO something to back porch to make it attractive.

Booth:  Tag items for booth and deliver and place.

Extra: work on vacation plans.  I must find an interesting, new venue.


Lena said...

So what is red, black and blue salad!

Anonymous said...

You inspired me ... I bought some fabric to recover the backs of the four dining room chairs. It has been stashed in the office ever since I received it. Things have been a bit torn up around here, but I sewed them up on Saturday. They turned out really cute. I also made two 26" pillows for my daughter and fixed some pjs for the grandson. The machine is once again tucked away - just where hubby likes it, out of sight.

I dusted and washed windows this morning before the day could heat up - and that is not weather-wise but helping on the farm. I ended up running several errands for hubs throughout the day. Good thing I got so much done this morning!


Anonymous said...

I saw a sweet idea in a magazine on the newsstand today. They cut down a couple inches in of the edge of old floral hankies {theirs had a scalloped edge}and ran a gathering stitch and gathered it in a round. Then placed an antique button or earring in the center and put ask circle of fabric on the back for a pretty napkin holder. I liked the idea for a pin or to decorate a sweater or a robe or even use in your hair. So feminine and pretty! I think it was the magazine called Fresh Ideas. It was definitely Fresh something. This could be an easy sale item or present. I don't think there would be a copy right on it would there?
I am still trying to get the garden in. Slow progress. Yet some progress is better than none I guess. :-) I am itching to get at some creative project and so the hankie idea caught my eye. Sarah

Susan in SC said...

Hope you get your balances sewn this week! I hate to have projects hanging over me like that - and, I have many that are just waiting for me!!

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