July's Nothing Extra Spending Plan

June is always a birthday heavy month for us (and this year we've added two more in June, ack!) but we hit one of those little seasons where we also had to pay for repairs and maintenance and we purchased a wedding gift as well as baby gifts and birthday gifts.  We nearly emptied every sub account we have.  

Well I can't justify a no spend month at the moment.  We've still got a couple of birthdays and a planned trip to see grandchildren, and  a few needed maintenance items to tend to.  It will take months to build up our sub accounts once more.  What we can do this month though, is to stop and think and agree to spend Nothing Extra.

Officially this began July 1, but due to a family need I wasn't able to post about it.   What I propose is that we simply try hard to stick to our budgets and NOT spend those little extra amounts.  For instance, yesterday I started the new month by  making out  list of things I felt I had to buy this week: garlic, soda, , another loaf of bread, some hand lotion. 

Then I walked through my home and looked for substitutes.  I found garlic powder in my pantry that I'd forgotten I had.  Hotel lotions I'd brought home from previous trips.  I have a fizzy lemonade in the fridge that is bitter but mixed it with some pineapple juice from the pantry and I had a pleasant summery sort of fizzy drink.  I'll make a loaf of bread tomorrow morning.  Usually I'd mix up Challah and make three small loaves, but if I make one larger loaf it will do well for both Shabat and sandwich bread.  You see?  I've spent nothing extra!

Anyone care to join in?


Rhonda said...

I am in with you! The grocery sales that came out today were nothing we needed so I have stayed home all day, piddling with housework and starting a new scrap quilt.

Rhonda said...

PS your new header picture is especially pretty!

Anonymous said...

I have been eyeing a $10 item at the store since January. I Really want it. But do I need it? ..Not really. :( I still look hoping it is marked down drastically but it is the type of item that I have never seen on sale so.... One day i will look and it is gone and my life will still go on without it. In some ways I hope it is sold so i won't have to check on it when I am at that store! :) We are only there like one time a month and I am astonished that it was still there..today. :) :(
Ninety percent of our family birthdays happen in the 3 summer months. Most still to happen. When they are done I need to hurry and start on some Christmas fun. I stumbled on a few ideas for some presents that I think will be a big hit. Now to get them made!! ; ) I am bad about thinking I have plenty of time then zero hour is apron us!!! I think and rethink projects trying to make them the best when if I had just gotten them Done it would have been enough! LOL Our Walmart had closed its material and craft department years ago then reopened it a couple years back. Good thing. I am not a big Walmart fan but the only other craft store is too far away. What I cannot get at the small family owned one in town I get at Wally World if needed. Lots of the craft things I use including threads, etc come from the used stores. I wish their prices were a bit lower but if i watch I can still get small bags of odds and ends of raft or sewing things at a better price. Why do they charge so much when all of it is given to them free? I guess they have many expenses to meet too. Anyway most I needed for these newer projects were gotten at the used stores. Ribbon, thread, rick rack and such. So I gathered all I had found and found I had enough here to not have to go buy anything more. It will not be anything earth shaking but it will bring a smile and will be used. I did look around at Walmart and got sticker shock at the prices of just one package of rick rack or the ribbons. It is good to look around to make sure the prices you get on used things are not over priced. Also it makes you more grateful you have gotten some good buys. sometimes you don't realize how much you do save. It always helps when you plan your outings to rethink if things are really needed and also pray for help that you will do the right thing. Many times I have found things I never dreamed I would find. Something I really wanted and or needed I never thought we could get and there it was! Oh..better stop cause maybe this is too long already! !! Sarah

Karen Smith said...

hey there! i just started reading your blog and thought i'd comment on this one. i have also declared july to be a "restricted spending" month. we have a family gathering this weekend but other than that i am staying out of the stores as much as possible!

Stephanie said...

I'm in! June/the beginning of July are crazy expensive for us due to anniversary, our daughter's birthday, we had to buy a new fridge because ours died. I'm feeling the need to pinch my pennies extra tight this month. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri,

It was so good to catch up with all your blog postings. Our computer is going out, and I'm having to baby it tremendously until a new one can be acquired. Many days it will not access the Internet, no matter how much I try. Anyway, good to be here again. Love your writing and encouragement to keep on keeping on. Better scoot while the going is good. ; )


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