This Week's Meal and Job Plans

Chicken Biscuits
Bananas, Peanut Butter Crackers, Cheese Cubes
Steak, Corn on cob, Tossed Salad, Birthday Cake
Chicken biscuits are what we enjoy at least one morning of any roadtrip.  This was our morning.  They tasted really good, too.

Eggs, Hash-browns, Toast
Chicken Tortellini Salad
BLTs, Chips

Blueberry Muffins with Cream Cheese, Cantaloupe Cubes
Macaroni and Cheese, Pan Roasted Vegetables, Green Salad
Quick Burger Scramble, Pickles, Chips

Biscuits with Sausage Gravy, Cantaloupe Wedges
Fried Chicken, Squash Casserole,  Green Beans, Cabbage Salad
Pimento Cheese Sandwiches, Tomato Soup

Western Omelets, Sliced Peaches, Toast
Black Bean Enchiladas, Pico de Gallo,  Green Salad
Chicken and Smoked Swiss on Bagels, Ice cream cones

Cereal with Berries, Banana Bread
Turkey Florentine Meatball over Pasta, Three Pepper Salad, Italian Bread
Cheese Quesadillas with leftover Pico de Gallo

Leftovers Day

Last week:
Finish the month long menu plan.
Grocery/birthday shopping.
Tag and take a few items into booth.
Get guest room straightened up once more.
Finish decorating the back porch and get new photos up.
Summer wreaths or hangings for both doors. We had very heavy rains that made my shed door swell so I couldn't get it open.  John got it open Saturday morning and put in the items I'd meant to go in from the house, but no time to get out the items I wanted.

This Week:
I have only a couple of items in mind to do this week. It is another week of events/appointments, etc. so I'm just going to try to keep up with housework.

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Anonymous said...

I did managed to use up several cans of things and some frozen stuff that needed used. :) Several down..more to go! :-) Hubby also found some new recipes but they used stuff we already had here so that was a win win situation. We too are enjoying this summer's produce! Yummy! I was afraid the prices on them would go way up too but most are still reasonable this year. It is expected that some crops are more plentiful than other thus some are higher. Yet with the gasoline increases and water levels etc I wondered if the prices would jump. I hope this rain in the East will help the farmers. Sarah

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